Upcoming Agenda



February 12, 2015








On a motion by Bill Shields seconded by Ed Walsh, the agenda was approved as written.



On a motion by Bill Shields seconded by Ed Walsh, the minutes from January 22, 2015 were approved as written.



a.         Proposed Zoning Changes / Workshop is scheduled on Thursday February 19th at 6:30pm with the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board to discuss changes that the Board is                                     planning to put forward at the June Town Meeting.  This is a discussion only meeting between the Boards and will not be open to public comment.  A public hearing will be held at a later date where public comment will be welcomed.  Mr. Neal expressed his concerns with his situation that has occurred since the new zoning has passed.  Ted Kryzak recognized those concerns and encouraged him to attend the meeting next week to listen to the proposed  changes and to participate at the Public Hearing when that is held.

4.         NEW BUSINESS:


a.         On a motion by Bill Shields seconded by Ed Walsh, William Williams was appointed as an alternate member to the Warrant and Finance Committee with the term expiring June 30, 2015.


b.         The Board of Selectmen would like to thank the Road Commissioners an their crews for all the hard work they have been putting in throughout the numerous storms over the last month and want to commend them for a job well done.  Also, noting thanks to Andy Brazier, Bill Catanesye and Deputy Shaw for getting the emergency shelter set up at the Acton Elementary School.  In the event that there are power outages exceeding 24hour duration, the Acton  School will open up as emergency shelter.  If you are in need of shelter please contact Bill Catanyse our  Emergency Management Administrator at 207-608-9776.  The Selectmen are asking that if you have elderly neighbors to check on them, and if you or your neighbors are in need of assistance during a storm to please contact the Board and they will try to get you the help that you need.

c.         Quit Claim Deeds for Robin Ham at 94 Hams Camp Road and Dwight and Madeline Verrill at 365 Winchell Lane were signed on a motion by Bill Shields second by Ed Walsh.

d.         Proposed Solid Waste Ordinance Changes will be presented at the School Town Meeting in April to bring our outdated ordinances up to date with what is happening now in the Town. Copies of the proposed changes are on file at the Acton Town Hall.  A public hearing will be  held closer to the date of the meeting.

e.         Lawn Care Bid- The Town of Acton is soliciting bids for lawn care for the 2015 May-November season.  Mowing is to be done at the Acton Town Hall- (35 H Road), Acton Public Safety Building- (1725 Route 109), Mary Grant Nature Preserve-(420 Sam Page Road) and the Lincoln Schoolhouse – (8 Orchard Road) on an as needed basis.  Raking, fertilizing and spring and fall cleanup at the Town Hall site is also included.  Bids should include both a price per mow and a price per season quote as well as a list of three references.  All bids need to be submitted by 4pm on April 8, 2015 to Town of Acton, 35 H Road, Acton, Maine 04001.  Envelopes should have “Lawn Bid” clearly marked on the outside. Proof of liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance or a State exemption form, must be furnished before the bid can be awarded. Bids will be opened at the Selectman’s Meeting on April 9, 2014 at 7pm.  Interested parties may contact Michelle at 207-636- 3131 ext 404 with any questions.

5.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

6.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Theodore Kryzak Jr, William Shields, Edward Walsh

7.         ADJOURNMENT:   7:20pm

8.         OTHERS PRESENT: Michelle Rumney, Richard Neal, William Williams, Eric Dawalga