Upcoming Agenda



May 28, 2015





1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  On a motion by Bill, seconded by Ed, the agenda was approved as written.

2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: On a motion by Bill seconded by Ed, the minutes from May 14, 2015 were approved as written.

3.         OLD BUSINESS:


 a.         June Election / Absentee Ballots-Ted announced that the absentee ballots for the June 9 election are available in the Town Clerks Office.


b.         Annual Town Meeting - Town Hall Closed-Ted announced that the Town Hall will be closed Saturday June 13, 2015 for Town Meeting, which starts at 9am at the Acton School.

4.         NEW BUSINESS:

            a.         Open Sand/Salt Bids- Four bids were opened; no action was taken as the funds have to be approved at Town Meeting before the Selectmen can enter into a contract.  Bids were opened

                        to get an idea of the amount of money such a project would entail.  Bids will be reviewed over  the next couple weeks. 

                        Bid amounts were:

                        Langford & Low  (80’x132’):            $672,794

                        Rubb Inc.  (82’x120’):                        $336,322

                        TPD Construction  (80’x126’):           $509,000

                        B2HM :                                               $30,000 (engineering & permitting only)

            b.         Little Red School Petition- On a motion by Ed, seconded by Bill, based on legal opinions and a vote of the planning board stating that the proposed ordinance change would not comply with the Town of Acton’s Comprehensive Plan,  it was voted to exclude the Little Red School House petition articles from the Town Meeting warrant. 

            c.         Warrant / Finance Resignations- Resignation letters from Richard Neal and Percival Lowell were read and motions from Bill, seconded by Ed both resignations were accepted.


            d.         Recommendations on Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles- Motions were made on warrant articles for the June 9/13th Town Meeting by Ed and seconded by Bill, motions were carried and the results can be found on the warrant copy attached hereto.

            e.         Liquor License Hearing

                        William Pallidino / The Potting Shed - 1060 Rt. 109- No public comment was offered, the Selectmen will not act on the application until written communication from the Fire                                   Marshall is received approving the completion of the required updates to the sprinkler system.

            f.          Commercial Haulers Permit- In compliance with the amended solid waste ordinance, a commercial haulers application has been created and on a motion by Bill seconded by Ed, the motion was carried to accept this new application format.  Permits will expire annually on June 30th.


            g.         Sand/Salt Loan RFP- On a motion by Ed seconded by Bill, it was voted to put out the bid for   loan services for the Sand and Salt Building in the amount of $500,000.  Bids are due by the end of    business on June 24.  In the event that the warrant article is voted down, no action will be taken.  It was explained that we are sending the bids out early to cut down on the turnaround time should the warrant article pass on the Town floor on June 13, 2015

            h.         Sign Annual Town Meeting Warrant:  On a motion by Bill, seconded by Ed it was voted to sign the warrant with the recommendations voted on earlier in the meeting.  The warrant was then signed by all three Selectmen.

5.         OTHER BUSINESS: none

6.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

7.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Theodore Kryzak Jr, William Shields, Edward Walsh


8.         OTHERS PRESENT: William Pallidino, Robert Mann, Chip Venell, Robin Ham, Eric Dawalga, Michelle Rumney


9.         ADJOURNMENT:   On a motion by Ed, seconded by Bill the meeting adjourned at 7:54pm.



Attachement(s):  Copy of signed June 2015 Town Meeting Warrant

                            Sand/Salt Building Loan RFP