Upcoming Agenda



July 16, 2015





            Bill Shields made a motion to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Ed Walsh.  All in     favor; motion carried.


            Bill Shields made a motion to approve the minutes from July 9th, 2015 as presented, seconded by Ed Walsh.  All in favor; motion carried.


            A.        Office Manager Discussions

                        1.         Agenda will be set by 12noon on Wednesdays in an effort to give the Board as much information as possible in advance.  Items that come in after that time, will be up to the Office's Managers discretion as to whether or not to add to the agenda of that week.

                        2.         CEO Ken Paul followed up with the Board in regards to the packet he presented last week.  The Deputy CEO position was discussed and whether or not the Town of Acton should move forward with a Deputy position or shift the hours to the CEO.  Concerns arose regarding training of individuals and those people then moving on to full-time positions elsewhere.  Further discussion continued with the CEO job description.  Did the Board want a CEO or a Director of Land Use?  The Board discussed moving money from the Deputy CEO line and the Planning line to increase the amount of hours the CEO will work.  Chairman Kryzak indicated he was in favor of moving the money between the lines within the CEO but preferred to ask for any difference at the upcoming Special Town Meeting because the Town had just completed the budget process.  Ed Walsh made a motion to continue the CEO at 35 hours and utilize the Deputy Salary of $13,000 and Planning Line of $4,000 towards the CEO salary; additionally the difference needed will be asked requested an upcoming Special Town Meeting.  Seconded by Bill Shields, motion carried.

            B.        CEO Communications

                        1.         Ken Paul presented the Board with an updated Fee Schedule he requested they approve.  This new schedule adds a non-refundable deposit of 25%.  The Board agreed to add it to new business.

                        2.         The Board will review the CEO job description as presented and add it to new business next week.

                        3.         Ken Paul discussed a fee waiver request for a fire victim at 234 Sanborn Road.  The total fees were $968.00; because some insurance coverage was there, Ken recommended the Board consider waiving half of the fees.  The Board agreed to add this to new business.

            C.        Office Manager Discussions

                        1.         Jennifer Roux sought direction from the Board in regards to Mr. Chip Vennell.  Now that the Selectmen wanted to appoint him as a "liaison" what are his duties and abilities with the Planning Board?  Chairman Kryzak stated he believed that Chip would serve in the place of the Selectmen and would serve as a liaison back and forth between the Selectmen and Planning Board until such time that Mr. Vennell's time in Maine was complete.  Selectmen Walsh asked if he could address Mr. Vennell in regards to the recent conversation between the two of them and the recent vacancies on the Planning Board.  Mr. Walsh walked through the conversation that he and Mr. Vennell had, including the strengths of Chip on the Planning Board and also the fact that he would be leaving Maine in the next few months.  Mr. Walsh apologized if he misunderstood any part of the conversation, but honestly felt that the direction Chip gave him on the phone was that it was okay, made sense, and it was a go ahead to appoint someone who can fill the term in its entirety.    Mr. Vennell stated that although he expressed in the past that he wanted to stay on Planning Board until he left, he understood that he serves at the pleasure of the Selectmen and understands why they did what they did.  Mr. Walsh closed by thanking Mr. Vennell for his service and efforts and in assisting with this transition of the new chair and planning board members. 

                        2.         Clarification was requested as to which Board members would serve on which committees as liaisons, it was decided that the original decisions in the memo dated June 25, 2015 would stand.

                        3.         Sand/Salt Update - Dave Winchell presented the Board with an update from TBT Construction and also indicated that he was expecting an update from RUBB buildings, which did not come in.  The Board agreed to review said updated proposal and discuss in further detail next week.  Jennifer Roux told the Board that the Biddeford Savings Bank would hold our rate for one more additional week; therefore a decision on the building needed to be made at the next meeting so that the Town of Acton could move forward.

                        4.         An email from Joe Lenkowski, dated June 12, 2015 was reviewed and talked about what happens now that the voters approved two sections of; quoting the inconsistencies that should be addressed immediately.  With that said, the OM was given direction from the Board to request our legal team to derive a question that allows the voters to choose one of the sections, but not both and also not the ability to remove both.  The Board confirmed this was their direction and instructed it to be added to new business for a vote.

                        5.         Discussion of the Fire/Rescue merger continued; a sample bill of sale was submitted for the Board to review.  Fire Chief Peter Smith discussed the status of the F/R ordinance.  Chief Smith indicated that Mr. Neal was putting the finishing touches on the ordinance and he was hopeful the Board would have it for new business next week.  Jennifer Roux read an email from MMA in regards to the when the Board intended to take ownership of the ambulance for insurance purposes.  After discussion, it was decided that it would happen after the Medic license was switched over.  Chief Smith stated he would present the Ambulance with said documents for them to review as well.  Further discussion went on regarding the F/R job descriptions and how the hiring process would be handled.  Chairman Kryzak indicated he would like to see these posted as soon as possible.  Richard Neal provided copies to the Selectmen of a "to do" list for the process of taking over the ambulance.  Also there were steps included that the ambulance needed to take to formally dissolve.  The Selectmen thanked Mr. Neal for his efforts. 

                        6.         Heathcote LLC has an outstanding liquor license application with the Town; letter was reviewed that was sent to Heathcote on July 10th in regards to conflicts.  Chairman Kryzak indicated they had 120 days before the Board had to make a decision so he recommended waiting a bit longer to see if they come forward with changes or corrections.  Said item will be on the agenda next week. 

                        7.         Little Red School House meeting will be held next week at 6:00pm, confirmed time with all parties involved.  Board instructed that Mr. Lenkowski will be the first order of business at 6pm.  Clarification went on as to what exactly the Board is looking for from Mr. Lenkowski in regards to the Little Red Schoolhouse.  Clarification was given by Mr. Kryzak and Mr. Walsh in regards to what Lenkowski should be prepared to present; the Board would like him to listing out denial reasons for said petition and why it's not in line with the Comprehensive Plan.

                        8.         Special Town Meeting Discussion - Solid Waste Ordinance is to be moved forward for the upcoming Special Town Meeting.  Chairman Kryzak indicated Bob has already seen it and approved it.  Dick Neal stated he would send out new copies and Ed Walsh said he'd like to see it again and asked that it be put on next weeks agenda.

                        9.         The 2015-2016 Tax Commitment was discussed.  Conversation surrounded the amount that the Town will move forward to offset taxes; figure will be confirmed for next week. It is hopeful that taxes could be committed on or around August 20th.

                        10.       Tax map 232 lot 006 was presented to the Board after discussion and review with Assessor it was determined that the lot does not exist and was a mapping error.  The Board will abate and delete said property next week.

                        11.       The 2014-2015 Town Report process will begin to develop.  Department heads and committee heads will receive a memo stating the deadline to submit for the Town Report is Friday, August 21st.  Any report not in by that time, will be excluded.

                        12.       The Transfer Station phone is not working when there is wet weather.  BCN has checked the phone line and can't seem to find a problem, with that said they assured the Town they will be out the next time it rains.

                        13.       The yearly gym memberships expired June 30th.  Attorney Morin is reviewing the assumption of risk to see if any changes need to be made.  Discussion will continue next week.  Additionally the Board approved quarterly memberships.  Memberships are now available for a year, or with quarterly expirations. Sept, Dec, March, June.

                        14.       Protection One will be out to the premises to update some security measures.

                        15.       Transfer Station will be building/replacing steps in the E-Waste area.

                        16.       All employees have received or been mailed an updated Personnel Policy, Town needs acknowledgment forms back.

                        17.       The Library requested that they be able to place a picnic table with an umbrella be placed outside near the side of the building, after they are able to find a donor. The Board was in favor of this.

                        18.       Mr. Williams from the W/F Committee is looking for an updated list of Committee Members.  The Board was told that the Clerk was still waiting for some members to be sworn in.  With that said, the Clerk looked for assistance from the Board in regards to reaching out to some of these people.  The Clerk's office has already sent letters to these people. 

                        19.       The School Board will hold a meeting on Wednesday, July 22 to discuss the amount, if any they will be recommending moving forward to offset taxes.  Chairman Kryzak indicated he sees Kim everyday and will follow up on this.

                        20.       URIP sent a request to the Treasurer to fill out for their reimbursement that needs to be completed by August 1; she contacted both Road Commissioners on June 29th and has not yet heard back.  Chairman Kryzak indicated he will contact them both and get it completed.

                        21.       There is a ceiling tile that needs to be replaced in the bathroom.    Bill Shields stated that he would go out and purchase the tiles and Ted Kryzak stated he will put them in himself.

                        22.       Discussion regarding the veteran's graves took place and to whom is going to maintain them.  The Board directed the OM to speak to the Conservation Committee and see if they are interested in mowing them. 

                        23.       Special Town Meeting items which need to be discussed: Solid Waste Ordinance, Fire Rescue Ordinance, CEO Compensation, Zoning Ordinance - Date to be determined at next meeting, possibly August 13th.

                        24.       The Clerk/Treasurer will be posting a job opening shortly for another office assistant.  The end goal is for both assistants to be cross-trained.  The amount has been budgeted and is in line to begin as soon as possible. 


4.         OLD BUSINESS:


5.         NEW BUSINESS:

            A.        Vacationland Volkswagon Association

                        Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the mass gathering permit; seconded by Bill Shields.  Chairman Kryzak reviewed all the documents.  Permit approved.

            B.        Penney's

                        Travis Penney applied for a commercial hauler permit and submitted all said paperwork required based on the new ordinance.  Bill Shields made a motion to accept the application of Travis Penney as a commercial hauler; seconded by Ed Walsh.  Motion carried.


            C.        Fee Schedule

                        Bill Shields made a motion to approve the updated fee schedule as previously presented by the Code Enforcement Officer.  Seconded by Ed Walsh; motion carried.  Document signed.

            D.        Fee Waiver

                        Ed Walsh made a motion to waive up to 50% of the fees for 234 Sanborn Road; seconded by Bill Shields.  Motion Carried.  Fees waived.

            E.         Liaison for Planning Board

                        Bill Shields made a motion to appoint Chip Vennell as a liaison to the Planning Board on behalf of the Selectmen.  Seconded by Ed Walsh.  Motion Carried.
            F.         Zoning Vote

                        Ed Walsh made a motion to approve questions for an upcoming special town meeting as presented by Attorney Lenkowski as to Question 1 and Question 2; see attached.  Seconded by Bill Shields, motion carried.

            G.        Bill For Blueberry Tower

                        Ed Walsh made a motion to send the bill for $1200 to the communication center; seconded by Bill Shields.  Motion Carried.

6.         OTHER BUSINESS:


7.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

Loon Pond confirmed that Chairman Kryzak would be present at the meeting on Saturday, July 25th at 10am.  Kryzak confirmed.

8.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh

9.         OTHERS PRESENT:  Ken Paul, Chip Vennell, Robin Ham, Mr. & Mrs. Penney, Vacation Volkswagon Representatives, Wayne Ham, Peter Smith, Barbara Seckar, Dick Neal, Jennifer Roux

10.       ADJOURNMENT:  

            Bill Shields made a motion to adjourn at 8:05pm; seconded by Ed Walsh.  All in favor, meeting adjourned.