Upcoming Agenda





JANUARY 22, 2008



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written with the addition of 5.(C).



2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.




3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed.





      a. ASSESSING: Rod will be in the office on February 1 from 9 to noon.


      b. CABLE CONTRACT: Proposed contracts came today. There should be some definitive action within the next week.


      c. SCHEDULE STAFF MEETINGS  FOR EVERY TUESDAY AT 9 AM: Tabled until next week.





      (A) SCRUBBER/WAXER NEEDED FOR TOWN HALL FLOOR: There was some discussion about the maintenance of the floor. Before any action is taken, Mike asked that     Lorraine contact Gregoire and Sons who installed the floor, for their recommendations for  future maintenance.


      (B) APPOINTEE'S NOT YET SWORN IN: Lorraine was instructed to call those listed.


      (C) REPORT ON ELEVEN TOWN MEETING: Dick reported that he had attended the meeting in Waterboro last night. Representatives from the Maine Turnpike Authority and the Maine Department of Transportation were present, and requested volunteers to serve on a steering committee to study the need for Turnpike spurs to be developed for access from Sanford and/or   Gorham. Also there was a presentation from the Town of Alfred demonstrating GIS mapping for Road Maintenance which was  informative.



PUBLIC FORUM: Mike reiterated what he had said last week about name calling and foul language. It will not be tolerated in this meeting.



Dennis thanked Mike for making it possible to get his mapping correction with Cartographic, Associates. He also expressed his concern with the untrue statements published in the Observer. Mike said he shares the concern, but we have no control over what they publish.



Davey asked about the drug testing policy. Mike said selectmen intend to use the State of Maine guidelines. Davey proceeded to discuss the Road Commissioner's payroll, claiming some drivers were not qualified. He stated selectmen should be ascertaining which drivers have CDL's. Holly Mooney asked what authority Winchell has to make these assertions. Mary Yeaton said he is making accusations with no information to back them up.  Hannon said if Winchell thinks someone is illegal he should call the police instead of coming in with his broken record crap against two Road Commissioners who are not present. Mike agreed to look into the allegations and report back as old business.



Vicki made a complaint about the custodian's work. She said she had previously asked that the selectmen come up with a list of task that need to be done. Richard is paid for 6 hours but he only works 2 ½ or 3. Jennifer said she is here on Thursday when he comes and he does not mop the Town hall floor every week. She said the floor man recommended buffing  once a year. Debbie Rix said she has a floor machine, cost about $100 to $150. She is willing to volunteer to do the floor once so they can see what it looks like. Mike said he appreciated the offer but would rather wait until he has talked with the floor man.



Hannon asked what selectmen plan to do about the moratorium banning timber harvesting. Dick said he proposes that the Comp Plan Implementation get the site review plan in place at a special town meeting. John Moore said they could probably have something ready in March.



Bill Todd asked about the Metrocast Contract. Mike said they are not getting everything they wanted but they are closer to agreement than they have ever  been.



Hannon asked why selectmen do not have more open meetings to discuss business. The appearance is that they have private meetings and then make decisions at regular meetings, without the public having awareness of details. He was in the office on Monday and there appeared to be a meeting going on.  Mike said Dick wanted  an agenda item tonight to allow more meetings but Mike wants to wait until Nancy is back. Relative to Monday, Mike said he asked if it had been posted and since it had not been, he left. Dick said they make mistakes and are not perfect but were not being devious. This was the only time that Rod could meet with them. Percy said that he does not feel  they were  acting illegally. This meeting with Rod had been announced in public and discussed in public. Pam does not feel gathering data is the same as a meeting.



6.   ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8:10 pm


7.   MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Conway, Dick Neal


8.   OTHERS PRESENT: Petey Smith, Debbie Rix, Holly Mooney, mary Yeaton, Pat Hannon, Chip Venell, Dennis Long, Davey Winchell, percy and Marita Lowell, Carl Hodgdon, Pam McAlinden, Bill Todd, Lorraine Yeaton