Upcoming Agenda



August 20, 2015, 6:00pm


1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Kryzak, to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried 2-0-1.


A. Office Manager Communication:

1. TPB Agreement with Addendum: The Office Manager presented the contract and addendum for signatures. She pointed out that these documents have been reviewed by all parties and only one small change, the word “arbitration” changed to “litigation”, was made by the Town’s Attorney, which she has verified. Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to sign the contract and addendum for construction of the Sand / Salt facility. Steve Dumont, as representative for TPB, also signed the documents. In response to Mr. Kryzak’s inquiry, he reported that the specifications have been released to Engineering for approval so that they can be manufactured.

2. Code Enforcement Job Description Final Draft: Motion by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Shields, to accept the Job Description was presented. The motion passed 3-0 and the document was signed.

3. ZBA Meeting Outcome / Freedom of Information Withdrawal: Mr. Paul explained that this is an Administrative Appeal submitted by Timothy and Jennifer Dahms appealing the denial of a Building Permit application based on the existence of Resource Protection on the Town’s Zoning Map. Section 2.4.7 of the Acton Zoning Ordinance states that when existing ground features vary with the Official Zoning Map, the ZBA is charged with interpreting boundaries. The ZBA, therefore, approved the application for a Building Permit on Map 118, Lots 008 and 009 with the condition that the lots are combined within 30 days of the findings.

4. Planning Board - Little Red Schoolhouse Public Hearing: The Director of Planning informed the Board that the Historical Structure definition proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance is on the Planning Board Agenda for the meeting of August 20th in order to set a Public Hearing date.

5. Public Hearing - Solid Waste and Fire-Rescue Ordinances: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board Members that while it isn’t mandatory that Public Hearings are held for these two ordinances, it would help to make information available to voters and get input from the public. The Warrant and Finance Committee encourages the board schedule these hearings especially for the Fire – Rescue Ordinance. Consensus of the Board was to hold these hearings at 6:00 p.m. on the same evening that the Historical Structure Amendment is held.

6. Temporary Office Assistant / Fire Rescue: Based on the approval of the consolidation of Fire and Rescue Departments and with the vacancy of the Selectmen’s Secretary, Mrs. Roux recommends hiring a person out of the Fire - Rescue budget for fourteen hours per week for no more than ninety days to assist with the consolidation and secretarial duties that are needed in the Selectmen and Treasurer’s Offices. She presented Jennifer Escoto to fill this temporary position. Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to approve Ms. Escoto to fill this position. The motion passed 3-0. Ms. Escoto reported that she has met with all parties, requested help with the transfer, and felt that within two weeks, she will have a timeline to report, how the procedure should be processed and what decisions will need to be addressed.

7. Revised Debit Card Policy: Mrs. Roux requested amending the original draft of the Debit Card Policy to allow the Office Manager to make a expenditures of less than $500 without prior approval of the Board of Selectmen. Amounts over $500 would require the signature of two of the Selectmen. She explained that estimated amounts to cover the expenditure would be moved into that account from the appropriate account. When the expenditure is complete, balances will be moved back into the original account by the Treasurer. Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to approve the revised Debit Card Policy. The motion passed 3-0. Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to authorize the use of the Debit Card. The motion passed 3-0

8. Request for Debit Card Use: Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to authorize use of the Debit Card. The motion passed 3-0.

9. GIS Maintenance Agreement: The Office Manager noted that there is no change in the annual maintenance agreement. Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to approve and sign the agreement. The motion passed 3-0.

10. Cemetery Update – Conservation: Mrs. Roux reported that the committee has been gathering information as to where veterans’ graves exist in the town. She expressed the need to reach out in various ways to get more comprehensive information. The trust funds that exist for the purpose of maintaining these sites should be used on known sites. Robin Ham will submit a price for mowing when this inventory is complete.

11. Visiting Nurse Invitation: Mrs. Roux distributed an invitation to a reception dinner in Kennebunkport.

12. Liquor License Hearing, August 20th, 6:00 p.m.: Mrs. Roux reported that a background check on the new owner / leasee has been completed and is satisfactory.

13. Town Report Update: The deadline for submitting the reports is August 27th, the Office Manager stated that there are still many reports that have not yet been received. She requested that the liaisons help in reaching out to the various Department heads to submit their reports. She stressed that these reports are important historical data so the reports should be considered mandatory.

14. Risk Management Building Valuation Update: Maine Municipal Risk Management recently inspected the Public Safety Building at 1725 Route 109 and reported that the present coverage is based on a valuation of $726,981. The present insurable value is $977,735 which does not include the ambulance. The cost of foundations and piping is also not included. Mr. Kryzak noted that the increase in valuation is still under the charge for $1,000,000 worth of coverage.

15. Tree Growth / Link to CVAI: Mrs. Roux explained the importance of maintaining tree growth information stating that penalties are incurred when a property owner incorrectly uses land that was designated as tree growth. O’Donnell will provide a GIS overlay for every property within the town of Acton and link the maps to the CVAI site for $800 initially. Annually, this information will be included in the contract. Motion by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Shields, to authorize the expenditure of $800 out of the Computer Account to provide this information on the Town’s Interactive Maps. The motion passed 3-0.

16. Downeast Energy Contract: The Office Manager reported that the previous contract with Downeast for the town’s propane usage 8,000 gallons at $1.69 per gallon; 11,000 gallons were actually used. This year, the proposal is for 11,000 gallons for $1.37 fixed price. Motion by Mr. Shields, seconded by Mr. Walsh, to approve the contract with Downeast Energy. The motion passed 3-0.


Tax Commitment: Mrs. Roux recapped the tax commitment, but stated that the commitment cannot be set before the Special Town meeting because the rate is based on approval of the School transfer. The $ .45 increase is primarily because of the construction of the new sand and salt shed and the consolidation of the Fire and Rescue Departments.

Meeting Schedule: The Office Manager requested feedback on the new meeting schedule. Mr. Walsh stated that many citizens have told him that they like the Board meeting on Thursdays and conducting business in a public setting. Mr. Kryzak expressed concern that the Office Manager may be in the position to make decisions that should be made by the Board. Mrs. Roux assured the Board that she has not been in that position nor will she allow herself to be in that position. Consensus of the Board members was to continue with the current schedule of meetings.

5. NEW BUSINESS: Barbara Secker reported on the Mary Grant Preservation Concert and stressed that support of the projects is important. The next event is a Picnic in the Park. She requested that Board Members attend.


Tax Commitment: Based on a total assessment of $7,593,185.42, total deductions of $1,082, 456.52, leaving a net assessed for commitment of $6,510,728.86, motion by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Shields, to set the 2015/16 Town of Acton tax rate at $11.55 per thousand. The motion passed 3-0 and the document was signed.

Warrant and Finance Committee: Mr. Walsh noted that the Warrant and Finance Committee has expressed concern that it’s difficult to schedule town employees to meet with that committee when they need information using the current process of scheduling staff through the Office Manager after a vote of the Committee. Mrs. Roux inquired if the Committee voted to decline using that process. Mr. Kryzak stated that most questions can be answered by the Selectman Liaison, Mr. Walsh.

Committee Membership. Mr. Lowell expressed concern that there are committee members who never attend meetings and that the Selectmen Liaison assigned to that committee should note the absence and follow through. Mrs. Roux assured Mr. Lowell that the situation will be addressed.

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Ken Paul, Peter Smith, Stephen Dumont, Dick Neal, Chip Venell, Bill Catanesye, Jen Escoto, Percy Lowell.

10. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Shields, to recess the Selectmen’s Meeting until after the Special Town Meeting. The motion carried 3-0.

Motion by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Shields, to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m. The motion passed 3-0.