Upcoming Agenda



JANUARY 29, 2008

10 am

1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of 4. (e & f)

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed at 7 pm public meeting.


      a. ASSESSING: Dick requested that the abatements be released.

      b. CABLE CONTRACT: Mike has  a telephone conference scheduled for tomorrow.

      c.  SCHEDULE STAFF MEETINGS: Meetings scheduled for Friday mornings at 9 a.m.

      d. CDL DRIVERS: Mike reported that he has investigated the allegations made at last weeks meeting and found that all drivers have been paid the appropriate wages for their driver's license classification. He read a list of all drivers and their license classification and the State Laws that  pertain to them.

      e. MORATORIUM: The implication was that the moratorium affected the Timber  Harvesting. Our attorney has confirmed that this only applies to Conditional Use Permit applications in Resource Protection or Shoreland District.

      f.   TOWN HALL FLOOR MAINTENANCE: Nancy said Scott Gregoire,  the man that laid the floor, had left a message for her and she will call back to see what advice he gives.


      (A) BLIND EXEMPTION APPLICATION: The application was tabled until a doctor's certificate is received.

      (B)  SET DATE FOR JUNE TOWN MEETING: June 10 will be voting day for election of officers and any referendum questions. June 14 will be Town Meeting Day.

      (C)   SIGN QUIT CLAIM DEED: Selectmen signed a quit claim deed for a repurchase of property that had foreclosed. Selectmen had allowed 30 days to repurchase .

      (D) SET RATE FOR MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: On a motion by Dick, 50.5 cents a  mile for reimbursement will be allowed, per federal rates.

      (E) PLANNING BOARD CONTRACT: On a motion by Mike, the contract for an engineering study was tabled to give selectmen a chance to review it.

      (F) EXECUTIVE SESSION – 1 M..R.S.A. SEC. 405 (6)(A) PERSONNEL MATTER: At   11am, after the public forum had taken place,  Dick made a motion to go into Executive Session. On a motion by Dick, they came out of   Executive Session at 11:45.  As a result of the executive      session, Jennifer Roux requested that selectmen read from the Personnel Policy, Article V. (B.       C. and  3.), Article XV, Article XVII-C., and Article XVIII, and sign a statement acknowledging they had read them. Dick Neal  walked out of the meeting making the comment, “You can all go to hell”. Mike read the sections of the policy aloud, and then he and Nancy signed.

PUBLIC FORUM: Davey Winchell claimed one of the road workers was overpaid for his class of license. Vicki went and got the referenced warrant and explained it was not an overpayment. Debbie Rix thinks the selectmen need to take more responsibility. Mike said the Road Commissioners are elected officials and it is not the selectman's job to micro manage them. Mary Yeaton said the Road Commissioners follow policies of the State of Maine, Maine Motor Transport and the Town of Acton. When emergencies arise, the sheriff department calls and tells them what to do. Vickie said the people filling these positions know their jobs. Marian Elliott said the Road Commissioners are doing an excellent job. Percy Lowell said Acton's roads are better than Lebanon's. Nancy said that Acton's roads are cleared before other Towns. The people at the Transfer Station recently commended Scott for the excellent job he does there. Pam McAlinden said it is time for all finger pointing and animosity to stop.

 John Moore asked about Warren Seavey being damaged by the moratorium.   Nancy said it was her understanding that Warren had modified his application and was going with a home occupation/hobby business rather than commercial.

Barbara Seckar complained that some people were intimidated by Mr. Hannon's presence outside of the Town Hall on voting day. She also was disturbed by the fact that the Town Clerk left the meeting last week, followed by Mr. Hannon and they went into the office. It gave the impression that there was something conspiratorial going on. Roux said she was leaving the meeting after speaking on the Trio article and Hannon wanted to speak to her. Mike said that both parties were members of the public, one the Town Clerk and the other a resident. Selectmen have no control over who speaks to whom. He also said that no one should be afraid to come to the Town Hall.

6.   ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

7.   MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Mike Conway, Richard Neal

8.   OTHERS PRESENT: Davey Winchell, Debbie Rix, Pam McAlinden, John Moore, Marian Elliott, Barbara Seckar, Mary Yeaton, Percy Lowell, Jennifer Roux, Vicki Ridlon, Holly Mooney, Dennis Long, Joe Williams, Lorraine Yeaton.