Upcoming Agenda



September 17, 2015







Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to approve the agenda as presented.  The motion passed 3-0.



Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to accept the approve the agenda as written.  The motion passed 3-0.


Town Clerk/Office Manager


A.  Fire/Rescue Merger Update:  Ed Walsh reported that he met with Jennifer Escoto, Jennifer Sayre, Peter Smith, and Bill Catansye to discuss the transition process.  Tasks were delegated.  Mr. Walsh said that the next step will be to devise new guidelines and operating criteria.  Ms. Escoto reported that the National Provider Identifier number for the Town has been assigned.

B.   Flags Downstairs:  Jennifer Roux reported that the flags for the downstairs meeting room have been delivered, assembled and placed.

C.  Veterans Graves Survey:  Mrs. Roux requested ideas as to how to disseminate the request to provide information of where the veterans’ graves might exist.  She stated that the Conservation Committee is aware of this need and will share any lists that they have.  Dick Neal requested that the Conservation Meeting recordings be reviewed and that someone from the Board attend those meetings.

D.  MVLL Email:  Cindy Labbe, President of the League, reported the following: 

 ·       This season, though organized quickly, was very successful;

 ·       Equipment that didn’t meet Little League standards was replaced for an expenditure of a little over $2,000;

 ·       $1262.56 was paid for insurance and charters;

 ·       Volunteers worked diligently to have the fields ready on time;

 ·       It was necessary to purchase 50 new uniforms;

 ·       The Board, consisting of Cindy Labbe, Jason Lamontagne, Barbara Moore and J.R. Robichard, wish to thank the towns of Shapleigh and Acton for their support and to request that anyone wishing to volunteer or make donations, please contact her. The Board Chairman noted that the town’s support came from the Recreation budget, not as a donation.

E.   CAI Update:  Mrs. Roux stated that tree growth information will now be included on the town’s tax maps on line.  This information will help the Code Enforcement Department in issuing permits.   She also noted that she is working with CAI to develop information such as dog registrations and tax payers’ ages, which will help Deputy Shaw, for example, in providing assistance during extreme weather conditions, etc.  She asked that if anyone has suggestions as to what other information would be helpful, please contact her.         

F.   Library Email:  Elise Miller sent an email to the Selectmen expressing appreciation for the ramp repair and asked about what exterior improvements are planned.  Ted Kryzak responded that the two inner exterior walls will be sided.  Mrs. Roux stated that quotes for a new ramp might be considered at the next town meeting.  Ms. Miller expressed concern about the wasp nest that exists in the peak of the building.  Ted Kryzak suggested waiting until winter to know it down.  Bill Shields offered to use a spray.

G.  Secretarial Lines:   The Office Manager stated that she feels she can offer merit increases to existing secretarial staff out of the current budget.  Ted Kryzak suggested reconvening the Policy Committee to address Administrative and Transfer Station job descriptions and wage study.  Jennifer will consult with the Committee Chairman and return with a recommendation next week.

H.  Gym – Cleaning:  Mrs. Roux reported that the building cleaner has expressed concern that cleaning the gym has increasingly required more time.   Ted Kryzak stated that she should only clean the restroom.  Mrs. Roux noted that vacuuming that facility will require purchasing a shop vac out of the gymnasium budget.

I.    Meetings / No-Show / No-Cancel:   Meetings have become difficult to record because they are being cancelled at the last minute, sometimes because of lack of a quorum.  Bill Shields is the liaison for the two committees that have been experiencing attendance problems.   He will remind committee chairmen that better communication is necessary.

J.    Salt / Sand Shed Update:   Update provided by David Winchell:

·       Subgrade:  Over 300 feet have been excavated for the walls;  footings and rebar will be set, hopefully Tuesday.  Stone had to be brought in because the ground was over-dug.  The engineer approved the adjustment. 

·       Written reports will be provided after each inspection.

·       Electrical:  meeting with the electrician on 9/18.  The original quote was for overhead electrical but the estimate will be checked to determine how underground service can be accomplished.

·       Materials:  TPD will determine how much of the local materials can be used.  One pile has been rejected.

·       Walls will hopefully be constructed within two weeks.

·       Line Pro pinned the hole to verify that the lines are accurate and will provide the actual survey.  TPD will set the pins for the foundation.  




A.  Abatements:  

PNC is requesting a personal property abatement for the last three years, specifically $25 - 2013, $26 - 2014, and $27 – 2015,  based on the fact that the personal property was removed from the town of Acton in 2012, and the account was inadvertently not deleted.   Motion by Bill Shields to approve the Abatement Request; seconded by Ed Walsh, the motion passed 3-0.

·       Darlene Clement, Map 131, Lot 054, the town has been charging for 8 acres of property; only 1.7 acres actually exist.  Motion by Bill Shields to approve the Abatement Request; seconded by Ed Walsh, the motion passed 3-0.

 B.   Sophem Catering Letter:   Applying for a liquor license for catering at an open house at Blueberry Hill Farm on October 1, 2015.   The request was tabled so that the Office Manager can review the request.



A.  Public Hearing October 1, 2015

B.   Special Town Meeting October 20, 2015 @ School

C.  Flu Shots September 25, 2015 9am-11am

D.  Rabies Clinic October 25, 2015 10am-12noon Kennebunk Animal Shelter.  The charge is $20.00.

 8.   MEMBERS PRESENT:   Ted Kryzak, Ed Walsh, Bill Shields

 9.   OTHERS PRESENT:   Chip Vennell, Dick Neal, Paul Poyant, William Williams, Bill Catanyse, Jen Escoto, Peter Smith, Larissa Crockett

10. ADJOURNMENT:   Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to adjourn the meeting at