Upcoming Agenda





October 1, 2015





1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to approve the agenda as presented.  The motion passed 3-1.


2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to accept the minutes as written.  The motion passed 3-0.



Town Clerk/Office Manager:

A.  Status of Historical Structures Zoning Question:   Ken Paul and Jen Roux consulted with Joe Lenkowski via a conference call to discuss the concerns of the Director of Planning and the Planning Board with the proposed amendment.  Mrs. Roux reported that Mr. Lenkowski believes the proposed amendment is enforceable and in line with the Comprehensive Plan.  Structures, in order to be designated as “historical”, must meet five points of criteria and Planning Board approval.   The Planning Board Chairman, Bob Smith, and the Director of Planning concerns with the proposal are: structures could never be expanded; the use could never change; historical buildings must be repaired in the original location; who decides who reviews the criteria, town meeting or Planning Board; if one entity decides against the applicant, can it be taken to the other for consideration.


 The Planning Board requested that the Board of Selectmen meet with Mr. Smith to discuss alternatives.   Mr. Paul noted that this ordinance appears to be written for the Red Schoolhouse, specifically, and his opinion is that it would be difficult to apply the criteria to other situations pertaining to the repair of other “historical” buildings. 

Mrs. Roux stressed that if the question is to be presented at the Special Town Meeting on October 20th and still meet the required standards outlined by the Ordinance, the Board must make a decision at this meeting.

Motion by Ed Walsh, seconded by Bill Walsh, to move the proposal forward as presented.  Motion passed 3-0.  The proposal will be sent to Warrant and Finance for recommendation.

B.  Fire/Rescue Merger Update:   Jen Escoto reported that meetings are ongoing to discuss administration of the Rescue operation.  She has been processing the application on the Maine EMS and Maine Care websites but has experienced some problems.  Also, HIPPA training will be necessary.  Ed Walsh requested Dick Neal to forward the most recent version of the proposed Ordinance to him for final review at Tuesday’s meeting so that the proposal can be included on the October 20th warrant.


C.  MMA Action Plan – Fire Department:  Two items are still pending.  Peter Smith will look into both items and he will respond to the letter and forward copies of both of these documents.


D.  Warrant and Finance Committee Recommendations:  The Committee met and drafted recommendations on the three questions.  Regarding the proposed Solid Waste Ordinance, the Committee Recommended “Ought to Pass: with the vote being three in favor, one opposed and two abstentions.  Recommendation for article two is to table the article.  The Committee is recommending that article three “ought not to pass”.   Consensus of the Board was to request Brad Morin to review the recommendation to table article 2.


E.   Special Town Meeting Timeline:  Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that proposed articles must be completed and signed by October 8th in order to be on the warrant and considered at the Special Town Meeting on October 20th.  The Little Red Schoolhouse proposal will be forwarded to the Warrant and Finance Committee for review on Friday.


F.   Acton Public Library Crock-fest:  The Library invited all members of the Board and public to participate.  Information can be obtained at the library.


G.  Oct 8th Time Off Request:  The Board reviewed the time off request of Jennifer Roux.


H. Sand/Salt Bid: Bids are now being sought, details can be obtained by the Office Manager, deadline to bid is Wednesday October 14.




      5.   NEW BUSINESS: .  Resignation:  Steven Casey submitted a letter of resignation from the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Policy Committee.  Motion by Ed Walsh, seconded by Bill Shields, to accept the resignation with regret.  Motion passed 3-0.





Warrant and Finance Committee Recommendations:  Larissa Crocket read an email requesting  MMA’s  opinion on whether an article can be included on a Town Meeting warrant without a Warrant and Finance Committee recommendation.  She reported that MMA’s response was that Town Meeting had imposed an additional requirement to the Selectmen’s statutory authority to call town meetings and write warrants which stipulates that all warrant articles include Warrant and Finance Committee’s  recommendations.  Mrs. Crocket expressed concern that the time frame is very limited to consider the “Little Red Schoolhouse” and the Fire and Rescue Ordinance in order to include those articles on the October 20th warrant.  She requested that the Selectmen consider calling a special town meeting later to consider those two proposed Ordinance amendments. 

Land Trust:  Larissa Crocket reported that the Town will be receiving an invoice from Heritage Memorial for the repair of two veterans’ headstone at the cemetery next to Three Rivers.




A.  Public Hearing October 1, 2015 regarding changes to the General Assistance Ordinance.


8.   MEMBERS PRESENT:   Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh.



9.   OTHERS PRESENT:  Jen Roux, Ken Paul, Jen Escoto, Peter Smith, Dick Neal, Larissa Crockett


10. ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to adjourn the meeting at   The motion passed 3-0.