Upcoming Agenda





FEBRUARY 12, 2008


1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of 5.(D)


2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed.




a. ASSESSING/ABATEMENTS: Selectmen will be meeting with the auditor on February 22 at 10 am. This meeting may be open to the public. Selectmen are requesting quotes from other assessing firms.


b. CABLE CONTRACT: Mike noted that it has been hard to communicate with the attorney and he would like to be able to finalize the contract with Metrocast without the attorney.


      c. TOWN HALL FLOOR MAINTENANCE:  Nancy has been in contact with Gregoire and selectmen hope to have him in to talk with them.





      (A) MEET WITH FIRE DEPARTMENT: Acton Fire Chief Harold Smith was present. He noted that 2007 was a good year for the department. Mike Conway has done a good job with educational promotion. About 25 residential sprinkler systems have been installed in homes in town. They are not required but may be in the future. They are being required for the new 50+ housing subdivisions.  He has names of engineers that are available to design systems. Some of the fire department trucks are beginning to show their age and so the department is beginning to consider what type of equipment will be needed next. Debbie Rix asked about the ambulance billing. Harold said the ambulance, while housed at the fire department and many firemen are also ambulance attendants, is a separate entity. Mike said that the ambulance bills according to regulations. If anyone can't pay, if they will contact them, they will make accommodations for this. Percy asked if they bill for hazardous waste accidents. Harold said they use FEMA rates. They also have asked the Town for the same rates that Road Labor receives for weather emergencies such as the ice storm. Dennis asked if, since the Town does not have a current Capital Improvement Plan, they should be establishing a fund  for new equipment. Mike said that they are continually looking at grants that are available. John Moore asked if a fund would have any effect on a grant. Mike said this varies. Need is the most relevant factor. Burton Rogers asked how much water is delivered with a sprinkler system. Harold said it should be 300-400  gallons for 10 minutes. He recommends a fire department connection that the first fire truck arriving on the scene can connect to.


      (B) SIGN QUIT CLAIM DEED: On a motion by Dick, deeds were signed for two properties    being repurchased by the owners after foreclosure for non-payment of taxes.


(C)  PLANNING BOARD VACANCY: The Planning Board had submitted two names, Art Kelly and Larissa Crockett. On a motion by Dick, Larissa Crockett was appointed as an Alternate Member.


      (D)   FLAT GROUND ROAD PROPERTY: On a motion by Dick it was voted to sell the Town Owned Flat Ground Property by highest bid.


PUBLIC FORUM: Mike read a letter from Dick Johnson commending the Road Commissioners for the wonderful job they are doing maintaining Peacock Road.


Dennis asked if selectmen would consider putting conservation or no building restrictions on the Flat Ground lot. Mike said he really does not want to  apply restrictions.


Percy said  he had ridden over some camp roads today that the residents would like the Town to take over, and these roads are not fit for town ways – no width, ditches etc.


Dick suggested that the Town get letters from School Buses, Road Commissioners, and Fire Department  to accompany the selectman's request for prioritizing the Milton Mills Road for the State to improve.


6.   ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8:03 pm.


7.   MEMBERS PRESENT: Michael Conway, Richard Neal


8.  OTHERS PRESENT: Burton Rogers, Harold Smith, Dennis Long, Percival Lowell, Mary Yeaton, Larissa Crockett, John Moore, Patti Dutil, Chip Venell, Holly Mooney, Jennifer Roux, Vicki Ridlon, Lorraine Yeaton.