Upcoming Agenda


November 19, 2015

 SALUTE TO THE FLAGThe Chairman requested a moment of silence in honor of the people in France.

1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:   Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to approve the agenda as presented.  The motion passed 3-0.



            Town Clerk/Office Manager:


A.  Siding Project:  The project in completed including the far side of the library and repairing the areas on the front that were damaged by snow shoveling.   $900.00  remains in that account and all siding expenses have been paid except a few hours on Monday for touching up and cleaning up the project area.  All that remains to be sided is the front of the library and a section on the back of the building near the fire escape, which should be requested on the warrant on the next town meeting. 


B.  Electricity For Xmas Tree Update:   Until it is determined if there are underground wires in that area, the tree near the sign cannot be used to decorate for the holiday.  The Committee is proposing putting a tree on the other side of the ramp and requesting permission to dig a hole in the ground to allow for stabilizing the tree.   Consensus of Board Members was to grant the request.  Ted Kryzak will look at the panel to determine how the electricity for the tree should be run. 

C.  Transfer Station Training / Nov 18:  Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that Transfer Station staff attending training in Portland on November 18th, therefore the Transfer Station was closed.

D.  Abandoned Property Update:  Mrs. Roux reported that the property owner of the site in question emailed the Code Enforcement Officer that he is proceeding in securing the structure and plans to sell the property.  Mrs. Roux will review the process the Board must proceed with if the deadlines outlined by the Town’s Attorney are not met.

E.   Town Clerk Hours:   The Town Clerk notified the Board Members that in an attempt to keep her hours less than forty hours per week as required by law, she will not work on the Mondays following Saturdays that her office is open. 

F.   Letter to D.O.T. / Re Speed:   Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that on December 11, 2014 the Town sent a letter to Tim Soucy at the Maine Department of Transportation formally requesting that a speed survey be conducted on certain town roads with  Youngs Ridge Road  as a priority.  It has since come to her attention that Mr. Soucy is not the correct person to have received the request, she proposed resending the letter to the York County Representative, Steve Landry.   The Board agreed and asked her to please do so.

G.  Protection One Contract:   Mrs. Roux stated that the contract with Protection One stipulates that it is automatically renewed annually if a sixty-day notice of nonrenewal intent is not submitted by the Town, therefore the current contract is in effect until October, 2016.  However, this timeframe  allows time to seek alternate quotes and to develop a budget based on responses. 

H.  Planning Board Alternate:   The Office Manager reported that because no one applied to fill the vacant Planning Board position, she will be re-advertising the opening.

I.    Sand/Salt Shed Update:   Both Road Commissioners met with Mrs. Rumney, the Treasurer, to discuss transferring money saved in the processing gravel on site to the paving project.   Mrs. Roux reported that the lights have been installed and the ridge cap will be finished tomorrow, then TPD will be finished with the project and the Town can begin stockpiling winter salt and sand.

J.   Updated Zoning Books:   Copies of the Updated Zoning Ordinance with the additions of the historical structures special exceptions to Section, Reconstruction or Replacement, and the Historical Structure definition to Section 3.2 will be available next week and the new version will be posted on the Town’s website.  Sections and will both remain in the Zoning Ordinance per advise of the Town’s Attorney.

K.  Thanksgiving Baskets:  Mrs. Roux requested that people contact her if they are aware of anyone that might be alone or in need on the Thanksgiving holiday.  She assured everyone that people who are assisted through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program always remain anonymous.

4.   OLD BUSINESS:  The Town Report is nearly ready to go to print.

5.   NEW BUSINESS:     None 





A.  2016 Dog Licenses:  Mrs. Roux reminded dog owners that a $35 - $50 late fee can be avoided by registering their dogs as required by law.

B.  Annual Tree Lighting:  It has been confirmed that Santa will be present during the tree lighting ceremony on December 5th  from .  Mrs. Roux requested that people who are able to provide refreshments for the even please use the sign-up sheet in the entryway of the Town Hall.

C.  Life Flight Thank You:  This group sent a letter of appreciation for being included in the Town’s Social Services account.

8.   MEMBERS PRESENT:   Ted Kryzak, Ed Walsh, Bill Shields            

9.   OTHERS PRESENT:  Jennifer Roux, Eric Dawagna

10. ADJOURNMENT:   Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to adjourn the meeting at