Upcoming Agenda



December 10, 2015





1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Motion by Ed Walsh, seconded by Ted Kryzak, to accept the agenda as submitted.  The motion passed 2-0.


2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:   Motion by Ed Walsh, seconded by Ted Kryzak, to accept the minutes of the meeting of December 3, 2015 as written.  The motion passed 2-0.




            Office Manager / Town Clerk


A.        Review Fire Chief Ad:   With the retirement of Peter Smith as Fire Chief, Jennifer Roux submitted a draft job posting that should be processed as soon as possible.  In addition to the general outline of the job which was modified to include passing a drug and alcohol test and a criminal background check, consensus of the Board Members was that the job posting include an outline of the preferred qualifications expected of the successful Fire Chief candidate:


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent;


No less than fours years of line-officer experience with supervisory responsibilities in emergency and non-emergency situations;


A Maine EMT Advanced or Paramedic License;


Experience in budgeting and in the municipal budgeting process;


Experience in fire prevention and inspections;


Good interpersonal communication skills;


A sound customer service philosophy;


A valid Maine driver’s license Class B, CDL preferred, or the ability to obtain one within six months.


The deadline to submit a completed package is Wednesday, January 13, 2016. 


B.         Fire / Ambulance Consolidation Update:   Mrs. Roux noted that a notice regarding the Consolidation has been posted which was given to her by William Catansye.


C.        Deadline for Warrant Articles:  Ted Kryzak stated that January 28, 2016 will be the deadline for submitting final warrant articles and charity requests to be considered at the Annual Town Meeting in June.  Department budgets will be due February 15th. 


D.        Speed Limit Survey Update:  Mrs. Roux reported that a list of speed limit recommendations is expected before the end of the year.


E.         Abandoned Properties:  Mrs. Roux stated that deadlines to bring the two properties into compliance that were conveyed to both property owners has expired.  The Code Enforcement Officer and Town Attorney will meet to determine the next step in the process.    


F.         Maine Retirement Benefits:   Mrs. Roux explained that details for the proposed packages will be included in the budgeting process to be considered at the Annual Town Meeting. 


G.        Employee Evaluations:   Consensus of the Board Members was that the deadline for submitting the final signed evaluations will be Wednesday, December 30th.  Ed Walsh will evaluate Jennifer Roux, Town Clerk / Tax Collector / Office Manager and Michelle Rumney, Treasurer.  Ted Kryzak will evaluate Bob Mann, Transfer Station Superintendent, and Michael Corey, A.P.A.T Supervisor.  Bill Shields will evaluate Ken Paul, Code Enforcement Officer.


H.        Acton Fire-Rescue Appointments:   Motion by Ed Walsh, seconded by Ted Kryzak, to appoint the following to the Acton Fire / Rescue Commission until June 30, 2016 as outlined in the Fire / Rescue Ordinance:


Steve Bernard as the Retired / Active Chief; 


Ed Walsh as the Board of Selectmen’s Liaison;


Harold Smith as an active Department member;


Norman Lambert as an active Department member;


William Catansye as an active Department member.


The motion passed 2-0.


The Warrant and Finance Committee will submit a suggested appointee.


I.          DS200 User Agreement:  Town Clerk Jennifer Roux presented a 3 year DS200 agreement from the Secretary of State.  This agreement is for the counting machine used during elections.  After review, motion made by Ed Walsh to sign said document, seconded by Ted Kryzak, motion carried.  Agreement signed.


J.          CDL Drug Testing Memo:  Mrs. Roux read a letter from the Town’s Attorney stating that employees cannot be required to submit to random drug testing during time off and making suggestions that could bring the Town into State required  drug and alcohol testing compliance;


1.  The Road Commissioners submit a work schedule for the road employees;


2.         A time clock system be implemented.


David Winchell stated that the road crew is part time and that schedules are erratic so submitting a regular schedule or using time clocks are not reasonable solutions.   


Ted Kryzak asked Mrs. Roux to research alternate time card processes.  The subject was tabled until the next meeting.


4.         OLD BUSINESS:


5.         NEW BUSINESS:


6.         OTHER BUSINESS:


7.         ANNOUCEMENTS:


            A.        2016 Dog Licenses


            B.         BOS Meetings - Tuesdays beginning in January 2016


            C.        Toys For Tots:  Toys can be brought to the Town Hall or the Fire Station


            D.        Town Hall Closed Thurs Dec 24 / Fri Dec 25


            E.         Town Hall Closed Thurs Dec 31 / Fri Jan 1


8.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Ed Walsh                      

9.         OTHERS PRESENT:  Paul Poyant, Eric Dawagna, Peter Smith, Dave Winchell, Dave Langley


10.       ADJOURNMENT:   Ed Walsh made a motion to adjourn at .  Seconded by Ted Kryzak, motion carried.