Upcoming Agenda



MARCH 18, 2008

1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed.


a. ASSESSING: Data entry into the new program will begin this week.

      b. CABLE CONTRACT: Waiting for the paperwork. Selectmen have received some information on public access  this week.

      c. SIGN FLAT GROUND PURCHASE AGREEMENT:  Berton Rogers came in and paid the  20% of purchase price. On a motion by Dick the agreement was signed.


      (A) EMA AND LIBRARIAN: Emergency Management Director Robert T. Gore was present and reported there have been several changes since our original management plan was signed. There were two disasters, 911 and Katrina and  FEMA has been folded into Homeland Security. The agency has changed their focus to terrorism and hurricane plans.  “Mandatory” requirements now include a plan for a terrorist event and training. Currently plans in the works are Balch Lake Dam Plan, and updating Acton's Emergency Management Plan. Tom also noted that the authority rests with the selectmen in cases of emergency plowing or sanding. The selectmen,  by our ordinance, need to declare an emergency exists. Nancy asked if Shapleigh and Sanford have had any more meetings on the Mouam Lake Dam. Tom said there have been a few conflicts between Kennebunk and Sanford but no action. Nancy asked that Acton be notified of any changes in plans. Tom noted that with less beaver trapping going on there are more problems with damming and flooding. He asked that Road Commissioners notify him of any beaver problems. Rowe Dam was discussed but Tom said the responsibility was New Hampshire's. Dick asked about the two generators. Nothing has been done with the one at the school. Couldn't Acton apply for a grant to get it running? Dennis Long said there were plans already prepared before he left the school. Someone should check on their whereabouts. Tom said it is not likely that we can get a grant for that purpose.

Doris Bracken and Mary Waterhouse were present for the Library. Doris said there is need for an electrician for the closet light and a separate switch is needed for the hall light. The Library is trying to establish an after hours reading club. Their one aspiration to to someday get a bigger building. They regularly purchase new books and bestsellers. They invite and urge people to come in and see what they have to offer.

      (B) SIGN DOG WARRANT: On a motion by Dick the warrant was signed. It was noted that there will be an additional $25 fee for those on the list.

Dick and Nancy attended the Eleven Town meeting in Waterboro on Monday. Mutual aid for Emergency Animal Control was discussed. County affairs are improving but budget is still  high. Poland Spring's Shapleigh meeting was discussed.  Hollis  selectmen said they are a good neighbor with a clean operation but their roads are getting beaten up by the traffic.   They are looking for potential sites.  Acton should look at our ordinance for impact.

PUBLIC FORUM:  Dennis asked about the auditor meeting with the Warrant and Finance Committee before they begin the school budget. Selectmen will call the auditor tomorrow to see what can be arranged.

Mike reported that he had been to Shapleigh and talked with Carla. The information furnished by Winchell and others last meeting was incorrect. Shapleigh has overdrawn their snow removal account as have many other towns all over the State. Shapleigh is also out of sand. Holly noted this is the third time recently that errors have been reported relative to the roads and commissioners. Mary said she appreciated the selectmen following through investigatingfalse allegations.

There was some discussion on the snow removal overdraft and how our accounting system combines maintenance  and surfacing, and how the overdrafts can be extracted. Regardless, the June Town meeting will be asked to cover the overdrafts.

6.   ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8:40 pm.

7.    MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Mike Conway, Dick Neal

8.   OTHERS PRESENT: Charlene Marzza, Robin Ham, Scott and Holly Mooney, Bert Rogers, Carol Long, Bob Anderson, Dennis Long, Percy Lowell, Barbara Seckar, Tony Cogliandro, Tom Gore,  Mary Waterhouse, Doris Bracken, Patti Ditil, Andy Brazier, Mary Yeaton, Chip Venell, Lorraine Yeaton.