Upcoming Agenda


January 26, 2016



1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:   Bill Shields made a motion to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Ed Walsh; motion carried 3-0. 


2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Bill Shields made a motion to approve the minutes from January 19, 2016 as presented, seconded by Ed Walsh; motion carried 3-0.       


Office Manager/Town Clerk    

A.        Request for time off:

Directory of Planning Ken Paul requested Feb 2 and Feb 3 off; motion made by Ed, seconded by Bill to approve request. Motion carried 3-0.

B.         Saco River notice:

 Town Clerk Roux presented a notice received from Saco River indicating that Scott Cataldi requested a permit to replace a failing septic system on Map 105 Lot 32.  Meeting is scheduled for January 27, 2016.

C.        Tax abatement:

Town Clerk Roux presented the Board with a Tax Abatement for Mark Drena.  A homestead exemption was inadvertently left off his property.  Motion made by Bill, seconded by Ed to sign and approve the abatement.  Motion carried 3-0.

D.        Special warrant article request: 

Jim Fisk presented an outline of proposed renovations of the administrative office area of the Town Hall based on criteria provided by Ken Paul.   Jennifer Roux stated that the proposed renovations are based on the need for additional security and to provide a much needed waiting area with the increase in business conducted by the staff.  Based on the Fisk proposal, Mrs. Roux informed the Board that the estimated cost of the renovations would be about $25,000;  $20,000 for the actual carpentry portion of the renovations and $5,000 for moving staff, demolition, consultation, etc.  David Langley expressed concern that the building is not equipped with a sprinkler system.   Ken Paul explained that during the renovations, it would be feasible to install a system in the remodeled area and into the meeting area if the Board so chose, but was not required.   Consensus of the Board Members was that the request to appropriate money for this project be included on the warrant of the Annual Town Meeting in June, 2016.  Board Members directed the Office Manager to prepare a design RFQ for the project based on the criteria outlined by Ken Paul.    Jen Roux advised that she and Ken Paul would work on an RFQ with a deadline to allow the final figure to be sent to the Town Treasurer for inclusion in the proposed budget.


Director of Planning


A.        Special warrant article request:   Ken Paul presented a proposed amendment to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance relative to Resource Protection exceptions, Section, as voted by the Planning Board at the meeting of January 7, 2016 5-0 and reaffirmed at the meeting of January 14, 2016.  Planning his proposal to be included on the warrant of the Annual Town Meeting in June.

4.         OLD BUSINESS:

A.        Time Clock:  Board  Members agreed that the current process will be followed.  On-call employees must inform the Office Managers when they are not available for on-call duties and name their replacement personnel.

B.         Staff Retirement: 

In an effort to retain trained personnel, Board Members decided to include the request to fund a staff retirement benefit through the Maine State Retirement going forward on the Warrant of the Annual Town Meeting in June.  The Town’s contribution would be 5.8% totaling $21,000 per year.

C.        Proposed Audit Bid: 

Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to approve and sign the RFP for audit services.  The motion passed 3-0.

D.        Social Service Requests: 

Consensus of Board Members was that the Social Service Budget requests will be reviewed after actual requests are made next week.

E.         Fire Chief Search Update:  

William Williams reported that five candidates have been identified as potential hires and two that more information was needed.   One of the top five candidates has declined the interview and one is not available until later in February.  Therefore, Mr. Williams decided to include the two other candidates in the interview process.  Interviews will be held on Friday, Jan 29 and Saturday, Jan 30.

F.         Fire-Rescue Consolidation Update / Committee: 

Bill Catansye commented that there was a caveat on the lease of the Public Safety Building which limits the use of the building public safety forever.  The Attorney advised that including this stipulation in the transfer agreement creates a problem.  Ted Kryzak noted that this stipulation was not mentioned in the article that the voters approved in November.   Bill Catansye will work with the committee and the attorney representing the Association regarding this issue.  

G.        Abandoned Properties:   


Mrs. Roux commented that there is no update; the issue is pending the issuance of a court date.

H.       Winter Sand - Salt Shed:  

David Winchell reported that he has been conferring with Ken Paul to determine the placement of the public sand shed but it has not yet been approved.

I.          2013 Foreclosure Notices: 

The  Tax Collector stated that there are still fourteen tax bills still unpaid.

J.       Flat Ground Road

Consensus of Board Members was that the Attorney will meet with the board regarding this issue at the next meeting.

K.        Romac Orchards:  Consensus of Board Members was that the request will be included in the referendum questions at the Annual Town Meeting in June.  Mrs. Roux will work with Carl Davis and Tom Cashin to schedule the required hearings, etc.


5.         NEW BUSINESS:

Raymond Cressey, representing the Tattle Street Road Association, informed Board Members that property owners around the back cove area of Lower Mousam Lake, approximately 500 – 700 feet of road near the culvert, have experienced increasing problems with heavy road dust, creating large algae plumbs which adversely affects the water quality of the lake in the cove and beyond.  The Association has limited funds to be used for road maintenance but has used a portion of their budget attempting to eliminate road runoff.  In researching the issue, the Association has determined that the expense to successfully treat the area would be $5,000 during the summer months.  The Association, which is working to achieve a 5013 status by April 1, is requesting a donation of $5,000 from the Town of Acton to address the problem. 

Ed Walsh expressed concern that other Road Associations in Town would also seek funding for worthy projects if this request is granted.  He felt that perhaps the money could be raised in increasing the Road Association dues.  Bill Shields concurred and stated that he is also concerned that Mr. Cressey has not provided enough information as to the actual cost and specifics of the project. 

B.         Library requests:


Elise Miller, the Librarian, reminded the Board that at the meeting of October 29th, they requested that she develop a maintenance plan for the wing of the Town Hall that the Library uses.  She provided a list of  items that have been identified

Replace the carpet that is cinching is several areas, causing a tripping hazard:   The request is for a carpet tile with adhesive that doesn’t require padding and to insulate the crawl space beneath.  Quotes were submitted;

In refurbishing the face of the Library, replace the old exterior door with a new efficient door and replace the second door with a window;

Install a Rinnai heater in the Library space and insulate the attic.

Mrs. Miller requested that a warrant article be included at the Annual Town Meeting to fund these projects.  Chairman Kryzak indicated as a Social Service, she did not have the right to make such a request.  The Board discussed that the maintenance budget could be increased to possibly include funding of some of these projects. 

6.         OTHER BUSINESS:  None

7.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

A.        Dog Licenses:  Mrs. Roux noted that a $25.00 late fee goes into effect February 1st.


8.   MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Ed Walsh, Bill Shields

9.   OTHERS PRESENT:   David Langley, David Winchell, William Williams, Bill Catansye, Carl Davis, Raymond Cressey, Elise Miller, Jennifer Roux, Dennis Long, Dennis Long III, Ken Paul

10. ADJOURNMENT:  Bill Shields made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ed Walsh.  All in favor, motion carried.