Upcoming Agenda


February 9, 2016




Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to accept the agenda as presented.  The motion passed 3-0.



Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to approve the Minutes of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting of February 2, 2016 as written.  The motion passed 3-0.


School Committee:  Ted Kryzak thanked the School Committee for attending the meeting and also for holding the budget to zero increase over the last five years.  

Ted Kryzak read the Annual Town Report dedication to Jeanette Bearse which was written by Judy Shain and Jim Driscoll:  “What is the definition of truly giving of oneself? We believe that this year’s dedication recipient exemplifies and defines the generous spirit of giving.  It is often said, that when one gives, it may not come back to them from where or whom you think it should, but in some way it always does. The energy you put out will always recirculate and find its perfect way back to you. So whether you buy gifts, volunteer your time, or donate food or money to charity, your giving is much more than just an elected or appointed chore.  It is with great honor that Town of Acton dedicates the 2015 Town Report to Jeanette Bearse.   Because of Jeanette’s approach, it helped build stronger social connections between the school system and community. Her involvement also jumpstarted a cascade of generosity through the Town of Acton. For Jeanette Bearse, her time and commitment was never about her best interest or self-approval. We all won as residents in town by having Jeanette Bearse become involved. Jeanette is serving in her 17th year as a member of the Acton School Committee. She has never had a child in the Acton school system, yet arguably has had a more profound impact on the Acton Elementary School than anyone. Jeanette is the template for giving back to better her community, for generations to come.  Serving fourteen years on the School’s Policy Committee, much of the school’s daily operations are driven by Jeanette’s foresight, hard work and compassion. Always fair and never to be outworked, Jeanette’s quick wit and enduring work ethic will be forever appreciated.

Jeanette was first elected in 1998 and during her tenure on the committee, Jeanette has served as chairman, vice-chairman, been a member of the Policy Committee, Finance Committee, Contract Negotiations Committee, and has been exemplary in her faithful attendance at School Committee meetings.  She has generously given of her time and resources to the children of Acton Elementary School, including being a part of the 6th Grade Science Camp Staff for many years.  Additionally, Jeanette supports many special school projects, using her school committee stipend to assist with the backpack program, the 100 day celebration for the Acton Food Pantry, and other student needs that may arise during the year.  A registered nurse by vocation, Jeanette was a volunteer with the Acton Ambulance Association in its early years.  She also has been a school bus driver in both Acton and Shapleigh.  She has no idle time, generously volunteering in a Sanford Nursing Home and willingly helping anyone who has a need.  Thank you, Jeanette, for your years of service on the Acton School Committee, and for your many contributions to both the children of Acton and the Acton Community.”

York County Sheriff's Department:  Ted Kryzak introduced Major Mitchell and Chief Deputy Baron of the York County Sheriff’s Department and asked them to speak about the many burglaries that have been taking place recently in as far away as Parsonsfield to Waterboro, Shapleigh, Newfield and Acton.  Major Mitchell noted that the burglaries have ranged from breaking into sheds to breaking into homes taking small items that are easily resold, power tools, jewelry and fire arms usually during normal working hours.  The Department has been working with many agencies in Maine and New Hampshire to solve the crimes.  He requested that citizens call the Sheriff’s Department whenever something suspicious occurs:  an unfamiliar vehicle in the neighborhood, a person approaching a house without a vehicle, someone requesting to use the phone, in which case, the property owner should offer to call the Sheriff’s Department for them.  Perpetrators are watching properties to determine when property owners are leaving their homes.  Chief Deputy Baron noted that the goal of every prospective burglar is to remain as anonymous as possible.  If a suspicious person knocks on the door, the property owner should make themselves known so that the perpetrator knows that someone is at home. 

In response to William Williams’ question as to whether any home invasion has occurred when someone is home, Chief Deputy Baron responded that only once and that was a drug-related occurrence.

Chairman Kryzak stated that the contract with the Sheriff’s Department expires in January so it’s important to negotiate a new three or four year contract.  Major Mitchell noted that having the presence of law enforcement and the continuity of coverage that a contract deputy provides in the community is an excellent proactive deterrent to crime. 

Fire Chief Update:  Interim Fire Chief David Langley reported that the consolidation is complete.  He thanked Jennifer Roux and Michelle Rumney for all their valuable help in making the transition possible and helping with the billing setup.   He also noted that currently, there is round-the-clock coverage almost all the time and mutual aid with the neighboring towns is in place. 

He also stated that it is important to establish a liaison person to help with developing the Deputy Chief position.  He recommended hiring Richard Smith as the interim Deputy Chief as of February 9, 2016 as the date of hire.  “Rick” Smith outlined his extensive experience from serving as a Junior Firefighter at age fourteen to presently serving as a Lieutenant for the city of Sanford of the Sanford Airport and as the Deputy Director of Operations for the Town of Wells Fire Department.  He is a licensed Maine State Fire Instructor and EMS Coordinator.  He could easily shift his duties so that he could serve as Deputy Rescue Chief if selected.

Ed Walsh made the motion to reappoint David Langley as the Interim Fire Chief and to appoint Richard Smith as the Interim Deputy Chief as of February 9, 2016, until March 4, 2016.  Bill Shields seconded that motion which passed 3-0 and the appointment documents were signed. 

4.         OLD BUSINESS:

A.        Fire Chief Hire Update:  William Williams reported that as a result of the five meeting of the Commission, based on the conditions of the Ordinance, an appointment recommendation will be forwarded to the Board of Selectmen as soon as the Agility Test and the background check are accomplished, most likely by Friday of this week.  Ted Kryzak noted that MMA approved of the process that the Commission is using.


B.         Library Maintenance:  The Chairman stated that after reviewing the possibility of moving the Library into the building where the gym equipment is, it’s not a viable solution because of the condition of the building.  Also, the Board of Selectmen do not favor moving any function that is not rescue related into the Rescue Building. 

Jennifer Roux noted that after reviewing the Building Maintenance Account, and per the Selectmen, the heater has been installed in the Library wing of the Town Hall.  Installing the carpeting can also easily be funded out of the account.  Estimating that will cost about $5,000, bids have been sought out.  The Library will have to be closed for about a week so that the contents can be moved.  The Library Directors have agreed to withdraw requesting a warrant article at this time.  Consensus of the Board Members was to move forward with installing the carpeting.

C.        Town Hall Reconstruction:  Motion by Ed Walsh, seconded by Bill Shields, to include the request for $25,000 to remodel the Administrative Offices of the Town Hall on the Warrant of the Annual Town Meeting.  The motion passed 3-0.  Mrs. Roux will work on getting an RFQ for this project, the walkway and the Fire Department roof out in March.

D.        Abandoned Properties:  Mrs. Roux reported that the Town has been notified of a court date of  Monday, February 29th at at the Springvale District Court.  Attorney Lenkowski requested that the CEO, Ken Paul, be present at this proceeding.

E.         Winter Sand - Salt Shed:  Mrs. Roux noted that CEO Ken Paul reported to her that a Building Permit application has not yet been processed for this project.

5.         NEW BUSINESS:

A.        Appointments:  None 


6.         OTHER BUSINESS:  None

7.         PUBLIC COMMENT: None

8.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

A.        Public Hearing / Planning Board:  Ted Kryzak read a notice that in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance, the Acton Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, April 7th for the purpose of discussing a proposed amendment to the Ordinance relative to Resource Protection exceptions.

9.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Ed Walsh, Bill Shields

10.       OTHERS PRESENT: Chief Deputy Baron, Major Mitchell, Robert England, Judy Shain, Jeannette Bearse, William Williams, Richard Smith, Jennifer Sayre, Mary Stanton, Jane Archambault, Holly Mooney, Dave Cote, Jim Driscoll, Dave Langley, Dan Archambault, Jennifer Roux

11.       ADJOURNMENT: