Upcoming Agenda


March 8, 2016



1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to accept the agenda as presented.  The motion passed 3-0.

2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to the Minutes of the Board of Selectmen’s Meeting of March 1, 2016.  The motion passed 3-0.


4.         OLD BUSINESS:

A.        Romac Ballot Question:  Jennifer Roux reported to the Board that she and the Town Treasurer developed a proposed article to be included as a referendum article at the Town Election in June for their consideration, which will read:  “Do you favor authorizing the Board of Selectmen to enter into an agreement to purchase a 25-acre parcel of land which is a portion of Map 220, Lot 002 known as Romac Orchards including the summit of Goat Hill and to raise $75,527 by taxation and appropriate $100,000, $24,473 to come from the Town Forrest Reserve funds?  Said purchase is contingent upon fund raising efforts of the Three Rivers Land Trust to contribute an additional $75,000 before June 30, 2017?”   Tom Cashin requested to read into the record the Purpose Statement relative to the Three Rivers Land Trust petition because there is a conservation easement involved.  “Three Rivers Land Trust 2016 Petition Purpose – The purpose of this petition is to provide 20 +/- additional acres to the Town Forrest and permanent public access to the scenic view of the summit comprised of 5 +/-  acres of Romac Orchards on the H Road, The whole 25 acres would be owned by the Town, administered by the Town Forrest Committee with a conservation easement to be held by the Three Rivers Land Trust in a similar arrangement to the Mary Grant Reserve.” 

Ted Kryzak noted that originally a portion of the Town Forrest Funds had to be paid to an abutter because of over cutting.  He asked Carl Davis if he knows of any outstanding interests against that fund that should be considered.  Mr. Davis responded that he is not aware of any.  Mrs. Roux stated that there are documents finalizing that transaction. 

Carl Davis reported that several members of the Committee plan on walking the property on Saturday if anyone is interested in joining them. 

B.         Abandoned Properties:   Mrs. Roux reported that there are Court orders pending these.

C.        Winter Sand - Salt Shed:   David Winchell confirmed that the DEP requires that the shed be placed on asphalt if salt is stored in the structure.  He expressed the opinion that the shed be placed on a foundation which could come out of the Building Maintenance Account.

D.        Foreclosures:  Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that March 9th is the deadline for the property owners to repurchase the properties.  Two of the notices were accepted at the Post Office.  She asked Board Members to consider whether the properties will be held or offered for sale and discuss their decision at the next meeting.

E.         Gym Request / Door:  David Winchell Jr. reported that the price for the door would be $250 for a metal exterior door.  He thinks the door casing would not have to be replaced.  A door including casing would be $340.  He is unsure if the eight-inch block wall will affect the price.  Consensus of the Board was to replace the door and casing and to check with the CEO to determine that a swing door is acceptable. 

F.         MMA Visit:  David Winchell reported that a lock has been installed on the exterior electrical shutoff box at the Salt Shed and that he gave 4 keys to the Office Manager.  David Langley told the Board that Fire Department staff will be taking obsolete donated walkers, crutches, wheel chairs, etc. to the Transfer Station then he will be in a better position to determine a value of equipment as requested by MMA.  He said that there are still projects that need to be done in addition to the projects identified by MMA such as water damage that was never addressed, a door on the second floor swings out and should swing in, etc.  There was discussion regarding the insurance claim for the water damage; David will talk with Bill Catansye to determine what the status is of that claim reimbursement.

Mr. Langley reported that ISO requires that dry hydrants to be identified, the size of the lot, size of the water source and gallons of water available as well as agreements documented and notarized in order to identify the level of liability.  Mrs. Roux will work with the Town Attorney to write a letter to be used to develop agreements with property owners. 

G.        Street Signs:  David Winchell reported that all the signs have been placed on his side of town.

H.        Handicap Accessibility:  Mrs. Roux reported that the door entrance into the office area can be easily fixed but the entrance into the Town Hall will require a rubber mat.

5.         NEW BUSINESS:

A.        ZBA Appointment:   The requirement is to have five permanent ZBA members and two alternates.  There are currently three positions to be filled:  one permanent and two alternate members. 

Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to appoint Jeanne Achille to the Zoning Board of Appeals until June 30, 2018.   The motion passed 3-0.

B.         Cable - Transfer Station:  Mrs. Roux informed members that there is an internet need at the Transfer Station so that the Superintendent can process payroll, access property information etc.  Consensus of Board Members was to authorize the Office Manager to arrange installation. 

C.        Road Treatment Coverage:   David Winchell reported that in treating winter roads, the Town spreads approximately 1600 ton of salt on the roads annually.  Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to add a rider to the existing insurance policy protecting the town if litigation arises from property damage resulting from road treatment.  The motion passed 3-0.

D.        Open Audit Bids:  Board Members opened three Audit Bids: 

Runyon, Kirsteen, Ouellette, South Portland Maine:   Town Audit - $12,500; School Audit - $10,000; totaling  $22,500 for FY 2017;

Ron Beaulieu CPA, Portland:  Town Audit - $6,100; School Audit - $2,800; totaling $8,900 for three years 2017 through 2020;

RHR Smith, Buxton, Maine - Town Audit - $8,000; School Audit - $3,500.

Awarding the Audit Contact was referred to the Town Treasurer for review and recommendation to the Board.

E.         Change of Payroll/Warrant Due Dates:  Mrs. Roux advised the Board that a memo will be distributed to Department Heads informing them that as of week ending March 27, time sheets will be due in the office on Mondays by noontime.  This is so that staff can do payroll on Mondays when the Town Hall is closed preventing interruptions.  David Winchell expressed concern that during winter months when the road crew is treating winter roads until early morning, this may be a problem.  Jennifer responded that flexibility will be allowed when this happens.

6.         OTHER BUSINESS:  None

7.         PUBLIC COMMENT:  None

8.         ANNOUCEMENTS:  None

A.        Public Hearing / Planning Board:  In accordance with the Zoning Ordinance, the Acton Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, April 7th for the purpose of discussing a proposed amendment to the Ordinance relative to Resource Protection exceptions.

B.         School Election Dates:  A Town Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at to act upon the proposed 2016 / 2017 school budget at the Acton Elementary School.  The School Budget Validation Referendum will be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 from to at the Acton Town Hall.

C.        Nomination Papers:  Nomination papers for three positions, Selectman / Overseer of the Poor, the Northern District Road Commissioner and one School Committee Member, will be available on March 18th; completed papers are due in the Town Clerk’s Office no later than April 29th with a minimum of twenty-five signatures and no more than one hundred signatures.   Ted Kryzak’s, Scott Mooney’s, and Jeanette Bearse’s positions are expiring this year.

D.        RFP Municipal Lobby:  The Town of Acton is seeking a qualified general contractor for a design build consisting of security renovations to the current Town Clerk / Tax Collectors Office and the creation of a Municipal lobby. A mandatory walk through will be held on Tuesday, March 17, 2016 at . Sealed bids will be accepted after that date, until on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. The Board of Selectmen reserve the right to accept or reject any bid.

E.         Budget Workshop Saturday, March 26:  Budget Workshops for Department Heads to present budget requests to the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant and Finance Committee has been scheduled for Saturday, March 26th beginning at

F.         Library Closure:  The Acton Library will be closed from March 14, 2016 - March 18, 2016 for the installation of new flooring. 

9.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh

10.       OTHERS PRESENT:  Jennifer Roux, Carl Davis, Tom Cashin, Dave Winchell Jr., Dave Langley

11.       ADJOURNMENT:    Motion by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to adjourn the meeting at   The motion passed 3-0.