Upcoming Agenda


May 3, 2016


1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh.  Motion Carried. 3-0        

2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh.  Motion Carried. 3-0       


A.        Road Commissioner, District #1:  Scott Mooney reported that the cold patching is finished, there is still only West Shore Drive to be swept, and he has been checking on signs all over his district.  The order for the speed limit signs was delayed and Jen Roux stated that they will be delivered next week.  Mr. Money is seeking bids for paving West Shore Drive and there is a very small stretch still to be paved on Route 109; otherwise that road is complete.

4.         OLD BUSINESS:

A.        Gym Door:  Mrs. Roux noted that the door has been delivered and the contractors hope to have it installed by the end of the week.  Because the alarm is hard wired, it will not be necessary to have the alarm company work on it.

B.         MMA Action Plans:  Mrs. Roux informed the Board that the railing is complete and the exit light will be ordered so that hopefully it can be installed by the next meeting.

C.        Abandoned Properties:   Mrs. Roux stated that the Town’s complaint against the remaining property will be heard at Springvale District Court on May 17th at 1:00 p.m.  Attorney Lenkowski and the Code Enforcement Officer will both attend the hearing.  Mr. Kryzak made note of the hearing and indicated that he will also be in attendance.

D.        Foreclosure Properties:   Ed Walsh reported that he is still waiting for a response from Southern Maine Communications as to whether the second property is suitable to establish a communications tower and that Ben Gore is also looking into the possibility.  The Board prefers to wait on offering the properties for sale until that determination is made so that the process will only need to be followed once. 

E.         Firefighter/Paramedic:   Mrs. Roux has scheduled four half-hour interviews with applicants and the three Selectmen, the Fire Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief on Thursday, May 12th.  She will email a final schedule and distribute the interview packets.  Ed Walsh mentioned that because three of the applicants are currently on staff, Chief Langley suggested that Chief Benotti of Sanford be included as an outside interviewer.  Consensus of the Board was to include him in the process. 

F.         Old Sand/Salt Building:  Mrs. Roux distributed an email from the Treasurer to the MMA Underwriters in which she asks:    “The Board has discussed demolition of the old salt shed.  Unfortunately, until the new fiscal year begins on July 1st, there is not currently enough money in the budget.  Can you tell me if there is any time constraints that should be shared with the Selectmen?”  The response from the Underwriter states:  “Michelle, I’m assuming from your statement below that there will be funds available this coming July.  As long as the building is not being used and is barricaded so that employees and public know not to go in it, we can stay and keep it on liability.  But I would want some expected demolition date for 2016.  We would not be willing to stay for a long period of time.  Is there an expected date?”

David Winchell felt that the bid process for the material disposal resulting from the demolition should be started.   He noted that there is a balance in the Building Maintenance Account.  Bill Shields offered to request that the Transfer Station Superintendent determine a tonnage fee.   Moving the material that is still in the structure can be paid from the Building and Maintenance Account.  The Road Commissioners will barricade the structure and post signs. 

G.        Meetings vs Workshops:   Ted Kryzak suggested tabling discussing this item until the Transfer Station and Fire Department Heads are present. 

H.        The Shed - Wild Willey's Liquor Application:  Because there were no concerns with the Police Report, the Selectmen requested that the Office Manager schedule a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 17th after the Selectmen’s Meeting.  Ed Walsh noted that they still haven’t received a fire inspection report for the facility. 

5.         NEW BUSINESS:

A.        Warrant Draft:  Mrs. Roux reviewed the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting:

Articles one through five are the secret ballot referendum questions.  She informed the Board that regarding the article relative to the purchase of Romac Orchards, MMA has advised that the Treasurer’s statement which includes the entire indebtedness, the cost of the loan and the maturity of the loan, must be included on the ballot for the voter’s information; 

Seven through eleven deal with the organization of committees;

Twelve and thirteen address revoking and respectively;

Fourteen through twenty-four are standard articles such as interest rates, tax acquired properties, etc.;

Twenty-seven is asking if the Town wants to join the Public Employees Retirement System.  Questions should be directed to the Town Treasurer.  Employees that are to be excluded will be listed on the ballot.  Ted Kryzak requested that Mrs. Roux get verification that the Town is authorized to enter into a contract that is ongoing or if the Warrant must address the contract every year.

Thirty-one is requesting retaining the Town’s Contract Deputy for another four years;

Thirty-two is seeking authority to hire a full-time Fire Chief;

Thirty-four is about funding the roof;

Forty-three is seeking to fund up to $12,400 for the Recreational Department;

Fifty-six will request to allow forwarding all the balance of all undesignated funds of the School Budget beyond the allowed limit.  Ted Kryzak will attend the School Board meeting on Tuesday to get the request complete and make their recommendations so that it can be forwarded to the Finance Committee to consider at their meeting on Monday.

The Selectmen can review the Warrant and begin making recommendations at the next regular meeting.  

B.         Thank you Card:  Ted Kryzak read a thank you card from Joanne Perks stating:   “Thank you so much for obtaining speed limit signs on Young's Ridge Road.  They are a welcomed sight.”  Mrs. Roux noted that she  has received many positive calls regarding the placement of speed limit signs around town.

6.         OTHER BUSINESS:  Mrs. Roux asked William Williams if he agrees that the process should begin in mid-May to post the position for Fire Chief and interview perspective candidates contingent on the article passing in June so that the candidate will be ready to begin early in July.  Mr. Williams agreed and he and Mrs. Roux will work to being the process.  Mr. Williams suggested reviewing the vacation policy which he feels is unreasonable.  The Personnel Policy will be considered at the next meeting.

7.         PUBLIC COMMENT:

8.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

A.        Public Hearing / 2107 Route 109 - May 5 @ 7pm

B.         Boat Inspectors are Needed:  Great East Lake Improvement Association is looking for qualified individuals to serve as lake hosts at the Boat Launch.  We’d like to encourage anyone who is interested to apply using the application link on our website: greatlakes.org.  Applicants are especially needed who are available during weekdays to provide coverage at the boat launch during May, June and September.  We will provide training.  Questions call 603-387-3131.  Ask for Dave.

C.        DOT Public Hearing, Route 109 Project, May 26th 2 6:00 p.m.  The project isn’t scheduled to begin until 2017 but some changes have been made.    

9.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh

10.       OTHERS PRESENT:  Scott Mooney, David Winchell Jr., Paul Poyant, William Williams, Eric Dawagna, Jennifer Roux