Upcoming Agenda



July 12, 2016


1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to accept the Agenda as presented. The motion passed 3-0.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of July 5, 2016 as written. The motion passed 3-0.



A. Foreclosure Properties: Jennifer Roux reported that the two properties being offered for tax sale with a deadline of August 12, 2016 by sealed bid have been posted.

B. Library Repairs: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board Members that at the last meeting they discussed a quote from Energy Savers to insulate the crawl space, floor joists and side walls of the Library, and to install an air system to address and mitigate a possible mold problem. The Board Members asked her to contact the company for an updated quote and to seek a second quote if possible. She noted that the second quote that she has been working on was not final at the time of the meeting so she suggested that the Board vote on authorizing the repairs not to exceed the original quote. She stated that because the expense is less than $5,000, the project does not have to go through the bid process and that the funds will come from the Building Maintenance Account. Consensus of the Board Members was to table a decision until the second quote is received.

C. Charter: As a result of Larissa Crockett’s suggestion that the Town initiate the process for adopting a charter, Mrs. Roux reported that she contacted MMA for advice regarding this process but has not received much information yet. Ed Walsh noted that the process is very long and could not even be considered until the question is offered for a referendum vote for authority. This subject was tabled until Mrs. Roux can gather more information.

D. Three Rivers Land Trust Grant: Mrs. Roux explained to the Board that the request made by Larissa Crockett to authorize the Three Rivers Land Trust to work on the Town’s behalf on a Federal grant that is administered and distributed through the Maine Bureau of Parks and Land may have been misinterpreted. Money awarded from the grant would only go towards the purchase of that portion of the Romac Orchards property that would be owned by the Town of Acton.

Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to authorize Three Rivers Land Trust to pursue grants geared towards the purchase of the Romac Orchards property in the Town’s name as long as the Town is not encumbered in any way through the terms of the grant. The motion passed 3-0.


A. Special Town Meeting Recommendations / Sign Warrant: Mrs. Roux noted that the Warrant and Finance Committee met and made the following recommendations on the Warrant Articles for the Special Town Meeting on July 28th:

      • Article #2: To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate $1,000 for the Southern Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Association – The Warrant and Finance Committee recommends raising and appropriating $100 for this article. The vote was 6-0

Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to approve Article #2 as written.

Mr. Walsh explained that the members of the Warrant and Finance Committee expressed the opinion that the Cemetery Association receives funding through other agencies. Mrs. Roux noted that representatives of the Association would like to meet with the Board to explain the need for $1,000.

Rollin Waterhouse, a member of the Warrant and Finance Committee, explained that the discussion at the meeting was based on William Williams’ research as to how the $1,000 would be used by the Cemetery Association and apparently the donation would be used to erect a monument not for the care and maintenance of veterans’ graves. Mr. Waterhouse stated that the money would best be used in the Town of Acton, in his opinion, for maintenance of veterans’ graves, the placement of flags, etc, as required by State law.

Mr. Walsh noted that at Town Meeting, voters could set the amount to be raised and appropriated from $0 up to $1,000. Mrs. Roux stated that in the meantime, representatives from the Cemetery Association could attend a meeting and answer questions.

Lois Michaud spoke to the Board regarding her efforts along with Hannah Phillips over many years maintaining the various graves in town, many that are very difficult to get to. She noted that while she understands the discussion around keeping the money in town for local efforts, she is also very supportive of the Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Association because their efforts at the Springvale site provides perpetual grave maintenance for veterans’ graves that would have been in Acton Cemeteries so a lot of that demand is lifted from the individual local groups.

The Chairman called for a vote on the motion to raise and appropriate $1,000 for the Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Association. The motion passed 3-0.

      • Article #3: The Town will vote to appropriate from the following revenues and fund balances to reduce the amount to raise by taxation during the 2016 / 2017 tax commitment – the Warrant and Finance Committee recommends appropriating up to $450,000 of the Municipal Undesignated Funds and the 2016 / 2017 Fiscal Year anticipated revenues of $636,400 to reduce the amount to be raised by taxation for the fiscal year 2016 / 2017. The vote was 6-0.

Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to approve article #3 as written.

Paul Poyant pointed out that in the draft, the verbiage “to see what sum” has been omitted from the beginning of the article.

The Chairman called for a vote on Article #3. The motion passed 3-0.

Moved by Elise Miller, seconded by Bill Shields, to approve and sign the Warrant with the corrections as discussed. The motion passed 3-0.

B. Drug Testing Executive Session Request: Mrs. Roux informed Board Members that there are some drug testing issues that need to be discussed in an executive session of the Board for about an hour. Consensus of the Board Members was to meet in executive session on Tuesday, July 19th at 4:00 p.m.

C. Commercial Hauler Renewal Application: Mrs. Roux noted that in November, 2015, the voters approved the Solid Waste Ordinance which includes requiring a yearly application to be used by commercial haulers who bring solid waste into the Acton Transfer Station. She reported that the only changes made to the current application that she is asking the Board to consider is the date of enactment, November, 2015. She’s requesting that the fees remain the same.

The Chairman read the application

Applicant agrees that upon approval of the permit, he or she shall comply with all provisions set forth in the Town of Acton Solid Waste Ordinance as amended on November 10, 2015. Upon approval, applicant agrees to provide the Town with an up-to-date list of all customers he or she is providing services to in the Town of Acton. If approved, the permit shall expire annually on June 30th.

A non-refundable $25.00 application fee and a permit fee due upon approval of $250.00.”

Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to approve the Commercial Hauler Application as presented. The motion passed 3-0.

D. Fire Chief Appointment: The Chairman noted that at the last meeting, the Board discussed the Commission’s recommendation of Steven Johnson to the position of Fire Chief with a vote of 6-0-1.

Mr. Walsh read the appointment:

To Steven Johnson: The Selectmen of the Municipality of Acton do, in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the State of Maine, hereby appoint you as Fire Chief within and for the Municipality of Acton until June 30, 2019. Given under our hand the twelfth day of July, 2016, to be effective as of August 1, 2016.”

The Chairman stated that the Board met with Mr. Johnson earlier in the evening and had a good discussion. Mr. Johnson is a candidate from the initial interview process and in the meantime has earned more certificates and increased his medical license from an intermediate to advanced license which is only one step below a paramedic.

Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to appoint Steven Johnson as Fire Chief effective August 1, 2016. The motion passed 3-0.

Rick Smith presented Chief Johnson with his helmet and advised him to wear it with pride.

Chief Johnson thanked everyone for their support and help throughout the process and stated that he is very excited to be a part of the community. He acknowledged that he is coming into an excellent Department with very good staff which he looks forward to working with and continuing on the track that they’re on.



A. AED Training, Monday, 07/18 at 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

B. Family Game Night on Sunday, July 24th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. hosted by the Library. All ages are welcome to come and play board games together.

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Bill Shields, Elise Miller

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Steve Johnson, Lois Michaud, Rick Smith, Dave Langley, Rollin Waterhouse Paul Poyant, Tom Cashin