Upcoming Agenda



October 18, 2016

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Ed Walsh, to accept the agenda as written.


2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approval of the minutes of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting for October 11, 2016 was tabled.


A. District #2 Road Commissioner: David Winchell reported that they repaved a section on the Hopper Road, repaired a section of the Lebanon Road and that Young's Ridge Road should be paved this week.


A. Fire Station Roof: Jennifer Roux reported that the project should be started on Monday, October 24th.

B. Library Walkway: Mrs. Roux notified the Board that she received two quotes for the library railings, Milton Fabrication came in about $600 less and will be given the bid. This project should begin shortly.

C. Old Sand/Salt Bldg Demolition Bid: Mrs. Roux read the proposed Demolition Bid Request:

The Town of Acton is currently accepting sealed bids for the demolition and removal of the wood structure formerly used as the Town’s sand and salt shed. The building can be viewed at 839 Sanborn Road. All concrete and pavement to remain in place. Winning bidder must provide proof of liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Bids will be opened and reviewed at the November 22nd Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.”

Consensus of the Board was to accept the proposed Bid Request as written.


A. Open Sand Bids: The Chairman read the six bids that were presented:

  • Rudolph Pepin - $10.00 per yard delivered); $8.50 per yard picked up;

  • R. Pepin and Son, Inc. - $8.50 per yard delivered; $5.00 per yard picked up (crushed sand);

  • R. Pepin and Son, Inc. - $9.50 per yard delivered; $6.00 per yard picked up (Plaistow sand);

  • Shaw Brothers Construction - $13.24 per yard delivered; $5.24 picked up;

  • Landscapers Depot - $7.00 per yard delivered; $6.50 picked up;

  • Gorham Sand and Gravel - $9.50 per yard delivered; $5.75 picked up

Mrs. Roux asked the Road Commissioners if they were ready to make a recommendation or if they wanted time to consider the bids. David Winchell noted that Midway Pit on the H Road was used during the last season; Rudolph Pepin provided the sand the year before. He stated that samples should be available and winter season availability should be considered in deciding on a recommendation. David Winchell stressed the importance of determining that delivery is guaranteed.

The Board set a workshop on Tuesday, October 25th at 4:00 p.m. to review the bids and information.

B. Southern Maine Veterans' Memorial Check Presentation: Mr. Rivard stated that the Cemetery Association appreciates the donation and that a picture will become part of the Cemetery’s history.

C. Well Resources: Mrs. Roux explained that the letter regarding well resources outlines funds and assistance that is available to home owners that experience shortage of water. The Chairman cautioned homeowners to be aware of the shortage and use water responsibly and asked them to notify Jennifer Roux if assistance is needed.

D. RHR Smith Management Letter: Mrs. Roux presented the letter from RHR Smith Management regarding the Town’s audit. She noted that the letter addresses any deficiencies in the Town’s or the School’s accounting systems and that the only deficiency cited regarding the Town’s bookkeeping was that a second person should be involved in reviewing the bank reconciliations, all other citations referenced the school

She asked that the Selectmen sign the last page of the letter confirming that they had read the letter; the document was signed by two Selectmen.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Rollin Waterhouse stated that the front of the Library is “looking very good; the masonry work is excellent.” He had two questions: what fund did the paving come from and did the door for the front of the Library really cost $4,000. Mrs. Roux responded that the paving expense came from the Building and Maintenance Account and that the $4,000 expenditure for the door was a result of receiving three different bids. The door is handicapped accessible with a push bar that opens the door automatically meeting the new regulations for commercial doors.

Jim Driscoll stated that both the York County Shelter and the York County Community Action are on the list of Social Services and wanted to know if the Board would reach out to the Chairman of the Warrant and Finance Committee to request that they visit the operation three days before Thanksgiving when they distribute food for the holiday. Perhaps members of the Committee might be interested in donating a day to help in the effort. Last year, they distributed 1800 dinners.

7. OTHER: Mrs. Roux noted that absentee ballots are available and that the deadline to request one is on the Thursday prior to Election Day unless the voter meets special circumstances as defined by the Secretary of State. Also, she stated that in Maine, voters are allowed to register right up to the day of elections.


A. Mary Grant Pumpkin Carving 4pm Sat Oct 22

B Town Hall Closed Friday Nov 14 / Sat Nov 15

C. A.E.D. Training Nov 16

D. 2016 Dog Licenses Now Available

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Bill Shields

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Jim Driscoll, Rollin Waterhouse, Scott Mooney, David Winchell, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rivard, James Batchelder