Upcoming Agenda



December 27, 2016

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to accept the agenda as presented. The motion passed 3-0.



A. December 13, 2016: Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to accept the minutes of the meeting of December 13, 2016 as written. The motion passed 3-0.

B. December 20, 2016: Moved by Bill Shields, seconded by Elise Miller, to accept the minutes of the meeting of December 20, 2016 as written. Ed Walsh abstained as he was not present at the meeting. The motion passed 2-0-1.


A. Road Committee Meeting: Mrs. Roux stated that because of the prediction of a storm on Thursday, December 29th, it might be advisable to reschedule the meeting of the Road Committee until the following week.


A. Emergency Closure Policy: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that they had requested that the term “Office Manager" within the policy be changed to “Town Administrator”. She also explained that she would like to change, under the section regarding notifications, the statement that a notice will be left on the Town’s 401 extension so that people are looking for the notice on the main telephone greeting line. Elise Miller requested that closure notices would also be posted on the Town’s Facebook page. Mrs. Roux will bring the amended Policy back to the next meeting for signatures.

B. Removal of Old Sand/Salt Shed: Mrs. Roux stated that she spoke with Shawn Girard, President of CIA, on the phone regarding extending the bid for removal of the structure. She noted that he was pleased that the Board of Selectmen had awarded the bid to his company and is willing to work with the Town on various options. One option would be to enter into a contract to demo the building now for the $2000 that is available and do the debris cleanup after July 1. Consensus of the Board was to schedule a conference call with Mr. Girard on Tuesday, January 3rd to discuss the various options.

C. Excise Exemption Policy: Mrs. Roux noted that she has been unable to determine how many active military people reside in the Town and looked for assistance from the Board as to where she might get that. She was able to get a total enlisted number for the entire State, but not by Town. Without this information it would be impossible to determine the financial impact of such an exemption. Consensus of the Board was the keep the policy as written.


A. 2014 Impending Foreclosure Notices: Mrs. Roux reported that the Treasurer has sent out the 2014 foreclosure notices. She explained that the process is that a lien must be placed on properties with outstanding taxes for eighteen months, then the foreclosure process can begin. In accordance with the requirements, thirty day notices have been sent to the property owners with 2014 outstanding property taxes giving them until the end of January to pay the arrears in cash or money order. There are currently eighteen properties that fall into this category.

The Chairman stated that the foreclosure process is the hardest part of any Selectmen’s job.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: No comments were offered.


A. Town Hall / Transfer Station Regular Hours / New Year: There are no changes in the regular hours of the Transfer Station and the Town Hall this week.

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Bill Shields, Elise Miller

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Rollin Waterhouse, Jim Driscoll, Paul Poyant, Eric Dawalga, Jennifer Roux