Upcoming Agenda



January 10, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Bill Shields moved to approve the agenda, Elise Miller seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Bill Shields moved that the approval of the minutes be tabled until the next meeting, Elise Miller seconded. Motion carried.


Fire and Rescue: Fire Chief Johnson stated the Town's ambulance is about 12 years old and has had a series of recent mechanical failures. Currently it is out of service for an unknown length of time for the replacement of a turbo. Chief Johnson added that there has also been electrical issues with it and the cause of those issues has not been able to be located. Chief Johnson indicated that $10,000 in maintenance costs has already been spent and they are looking at probably another $5,000. Chief Johnson stated that twice break downs have recently occurred with patients in the ambulance, they were able to finish the transports but just barely. He went on to express his concern that the issues are getting progressively worse and more costly. Chief Johnson asked the Board for guidance and support in proceeding to remedy the situation. Ed Walsh asked what the cost of a new ambulance would be. Chief Johnson said about $250,000 outfitted, and transferring a lot of the equipment over from the old ambulance, looking to go with a F550 truck series with a diesel motor, 4-wheel drive, heavier front suspension. Ed Walsh asked how much is in the fire truck fund. Mrs. Roux said there is $87,000 in the fire truck line, and with voters approval of a warrant article it could be expended toward purchase of an ambulance, so $250,000 minus $87,000 is $163,000 and Acton Ambulance Association confirmed with Chief Johnson that approximately $73,000 should be turned over at the end of the month from the consolidation. Mrs. Roux said the $73,000 was earmarked for an ambulance, leaving a balance around $90,000. Mrs. Roux said if the Board wants to move forward with a special town meeting she can provide more concrete information on funding options. Mrs. Roux said going out to bid with a short deadline, say 14 days is an option, but doesn't recommend any shorter than two weeks, following the procedures that have been used in the past. Ed Walsh noted that the ambulance has been in service for about 4 years and was used when Acton purchased it. Ed Walsh stated this is a perfect example of when a special town meeting should be held. Ed Walsh said the next step would be to get the spec together, get them sent out, like with the sand bid. Mrs. Roux said by next Tuesday the Board could set a date for the bids. Ed Walsh asked if Mrs. Roux knew how much was brought in with the ambulance service. Mrs. Roux will have the numbers for the next meeting, with Board's permission to proceed with getting the specs and bid requests out.


A. Removal of Old Sand/Salt Shed: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that the selected bidder will demo the salt shed for $2500 and put it inside the foundation then remove the debris over time. Ed Walsh said that leaves the payment due prior to town meeting approval, risk of not being approved. Mrs. Roux said there are different options to cover the cost. Ed Walsh said he now felt it should be tabled until June because of the ambulance situation. Dave Winchell provided his comments, agreeing with the idea of tabling it until June. Mrs. Roux pointed out that Maine Municipal believes it's coming down sooner than later, and the town is aware there is no insurance coverage on it. Dave Winchell provided some options for securing the shed better to keep persons out with barricades and chain link fencing. Mrs. Roux said without insurance coverage it is a liability that needs to be addressed and suggested it be on the agenda for the special town meeting, for funding removal. Mrs. Roux pointed out there was a difference of $20,000 between the two bidders so holding out until June may be a problem. Ed Walsh said the contractor said he could stretch payments out over period, with a special town meeting to approve it. Ed Walsh believed doing it now would be better business wise, otherwise, the low bid might end up costing a lot more. Ed Walsh said the demo and removal would need to either be now or after May due to posting of roads. Ed Walsh indicated the earliest for a special town meeting would probably be about a month, and asked Dave Winchell to take steps to secure it until demo can be initiated. Dave Winchell said he would need to put more emphasis on closing it off and include posted signs. Dave Winchell told the Board there are people going into the large shed getting sand, taking stuff in little shed also. Mrs. Roux said it needs to be posted, we can run some notices in the paper and on the cable. Dave Winchell said he has some signs for the little shed for public sand. Dave Winchell requested Mrs. Roux also run a notice on the parking ban, he's having problems with plowing with cars parked on some roads.


B. 2014 Foreclosures: Mrs. Roux told the Board we are down to 13 from 16 last week.


A. Registrar Appointment: Mrs. Roux told the Board that state law requires the Registrar be appointed every two years. Bill Shields moved to appoint Jennifer Roux to Registrar, seconded by Elise Miller and approved unanimously.

B. York County Sheriff’s Department Letter: Mrs. Roux said she received a letter from Sheriff King, to inform the Board of a merit award for Deputy Shaw as Top Deputy of department for 4th quarter. Ed Walsh said Deputy Shaw has worked out tremendously for the Town of Acton.

C. 2017 Holidays: Mrs. Roux provide the Board with a list of the 2017 Maine holidays for them to review for next week.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Elise Miller thanked North Berwick for the loan of the ambulance. No other

comments received.


A. Action in Motion’s Souper Bowl, February 5th.

B. School Committee, 6:00 p.m., January 10th

C. Planning Board Committee, January 19th 7:oopm

D. Rec Committee, January 19th 7:30pm

E. Road Committee, January 24th 6:00pm

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Bill Shields, Elise Miller

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Steve Johnson, Dave Winchell Jr, Will Williams, Rollin Waterhouse, Paul Poyant, Jennifer Roux, Eric Dawalga