Upcoming Agenda


January 17, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA : Bill Shields moved to approve the agenda, Elise Miller seconded; all in favor, motion carried.


2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Bill Shields moved to approve the minutes of January 3rd meeting, Elise Miller seconded; minutes were approved. Approval of minutes for January 10th meeting, Bill Shields moved to approve minutes, Elise Miller seconded; minutes were approved.

3. DEPARTMENT HEAD / COMMITTEE CHAIR UPDATES: There were no committee chair or department head updates.


A. Removal of Old Sand/Salt Shed: Mrs. Roux gave an update, stating that demo prices were going up on February 1, the exact amount is not known yet but for CIA to honor the price quote the Board needs to move on it. Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that there is a warrant article allowing the Selectmen to move up to $15,000 for emergency situation. Mrs. Roux said this is the time to do that rather than wait for a special town meeting to be scheduled, with prices going up, a difference of $20,000 between next bid, and the insurance company saying there is no coverage on this old building. Elise Miller said having seen the documentation, hearing people have been in the shed, the safest thing to do is to move on accepting the bid and considering it an emergency situation. Mrs. Roux stated the contractor said he could start the work the last week of January. Elise Miller read the bid from CIA Salvage Inc. aloud. Bill Shields made a motion to accept the bid, Elise Miller seconded; acceptance of bid was approved.

B. 2014 Foreclosures: Mrs. Roux said there are 13 remaining foreclosures for 2014, January 31st is the last day for payments.

C. Ambulance Purchase: Mrs. Roux said it was left that the Chief would get the specs, he is still working on that, nothing new to report.

D. Winter Ordinance : Mrs. Roux stated in response to the request from Road Commissioner Winchell last week on the winter ordinance she emailed the two ordinances to the selectmen and road commissioners to review. After receiving the go ahead, Mrs. Roux ran it in the Smart Shopper, cable, website and internet social media. Mrs. Roux read the ordinance adopted in March 1976 to those present, and the road ordinance adopted in the early 2000’s again giving the road commissioners authority to tow if necessary. Mrs. Roux said she had received a few responses from people to the social media posting that were not aware of the ordinance until now.

Mrs. Roux said on another item related to roads, she spoke with both road commissioners, following up on the posting of signs for the salt shed. Mrs. Roux indicated Winchell has some of the signs already, others need to be ordered but they should be up by the end of the week.


A. Bridge Posting: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that DOT came before them a few months ago about the weight on the Ben Brackett bridge, both road commissioners gave input, there was talk about increasing it to a higher tonnage. Elise Miller read the notice from DOT posting the bridge with a maximum weight limit of 17 tons, noting that cars, pick up trucks and some emergency vehicles will still be able to use it at this weight limit. Mrs. Roux noted that DOT will do the posting of signs.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: None were received.

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Elise Miller read the list of announcements.

A. Planning Board, Jan 19 @ 7:00pm

B. Recreational Committee Jan 19 @ 7:30pm

C. Road Committee Jan 24 @ 6:00pm

D. Free Snowmobile Weekend Jan 27-29

Mrs. Roux stated to clarify the snowmobile has to be legally registered in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont to have free reciprocity in the other two states.

E. Acton in Motion's Souper Bowl, Feb. 5th

Elise Miller noted people should bring a can of food to donate to the food pantry.

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Bill Shields.

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Mrs. Jennifer Roux, Dr. William Williams, Rollin Waterhouse, Eric Dawalga