Upcoming Agenda



January 31, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Bill Shields moved to approve the agenda, Elise Miller seconded; motion carried 3-0.


2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Bill Shields moved to approve the minutes from the January 17th meeting, Elise Miller seconded. Minutes approved without discussion, Ed Walsh abstained as he was not present at that meeting.



A. Removal of Old Sand/Salt Shed: Ed Walsh stated that there were two bids received in November, one for approximately $12,500 and the other for $32,000. Ongoing conversations with the low bidder CIA confirmed that they were still interested in the job with a slight increase in disposal cost. Ed Walsh stated that he is concerned if the Town has to go out to bid again, costs will go up. The town has an emergency contingent fund with $15,000 available per a warrant article if the Board deems necessary. Dr. Williams inquired of a possible option to have the roof fixed so it could be kept as an extra building. Ed Walsh stated that the Town is a bit beyond that point of consideration, noting the problem starts at the foundation, and it is not just a roof problem. Mrs. Roux stated that the building was looked at a couple years ago by a structural engineer and deemed unsafe, there is quite a bit of background information if anyone would like to review it. Ed Walsh stated that if the building could have been saved the town wouldn’t have spent half a million on a new one. Mrs. Roux also indicated that she estimates $13,500 should cover the entire cost. Ed Walsh read Article 14 from last years Town Meeting Warrant, To see if the Town will authorize the Board of Selectmen to appropriate and expend monies from the undesignated fund balance for the purchase of equipment or to use as they deem advisable to meet unanticipated expenses and emergencies that occur during fiscal year 2017. (Maximum expenditure of $15,000.00). Elise Miller made a motion to use up to $13,500 from the emergency account to demolish and remove the debris from old salt/sand shed, Bill Shields seconded. Motion carried 3-0. Mrs. Roux said the work will begin soon and CIA will complete it within 24-48 hours of start.

B. 2014 Foreclosures: Mrs. Roux reviewed the standings of the properties with 2014 balances still due. After discussion the Board agreed to give a 60 day "right to redemption period" to these property owners. Mrs. Roux will prepare the letters for the next meeting.

C. Ambulance Purchase: Mrs. Roux indicated that she hasn’t received any additional information from Chief Johnson on this purchase. Ed Walsh stated that he had spoken to Chief Johnson today and was told the Town should have the specs in the next day or two. Ed Walsh said the ambulance went out of service again for electrical problems but is now back. Mrs. Roux stated when she received the specs she would send out emails to the Board for approval so she can get it out to bid quickly. Dr. Williams wondered if the work being done on the ambulance should be done by someone else? Dr. Williams also inquired about the cost for the new ambulance. Ed Walsh estimated between $225,000 and $250,000. Mrs. Roux stated that once the bids come in the Board will have a better idea on the cost and share information with the warrant and finance committee.


A. Public Hearing Notice: Mrs. Roux said the planning board is holding a public hearing for Goat Hill, and the Town of Acton is an abutter and required to be notified. Mrs. Roux presented each member of the Board with their official notices. Bill Shields read the notice aloud which stated the public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Acton Town Hall.

B. Acton Ambulance Funds: Mrs. Roux said a check had been received from the Acton Ambulance Funds for $34,000. Ed Walsh asked if it was from the Edward Jones Account. Mrs. Roux said it was not. Ed Walsh said the money is from the old ambulance association and is earmarked for a new ambulance purchase.

C. Maine Municipal visit: Mrs. Roux announced she just received notice that Maine Municipal will be here on February 8th at 9:30am to inspect the Town Hall, Library and Gym.

D. School Board meeting in May: Mrs. Roux stated the Superintendent called her regarding the May budget meeting times. The School Board is moving their meeting in May up to the first Tuesday which is the 2nd. Mrs. Roux also said they have requested May 9th for the Budget Hearing, the Board agreed 6pm was a good start time. The discussion of possibly canceling the Selectmen's meeting for the 9th will be discussed further as it gets closer. Dr. Williams noted that the warrant and finance committee would be sitting down with the school board over the next four meetings to discuss the upcoming proposed budget.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: No comments.

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ed Walsh made the following announcements.

A. Acton in Motion's Souper Bowl, Feb. 5th

At Holdsworth Field by the foot of the lake, bring a can of soup for the soup kitchen

B. Road Committee Feb 7, 6:00 p.m.

C. Elise Miller noted that the library was having its “take your child to the library” day on February 11th from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Bill Shields.

9. OTHERS PRESENT: William Williams, Rollin Waterhouse, Eric Dawalga, Jennifer Roux