Upcoming Agenda



February 14, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Bill Shields moved approval of the agenda, Elise Miller seconded. Agenda was approved.


2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Bill Shields moved approval of minutes of last meeting, Elise Miller seconded. Minutes were approved.

3. DEPARTMENT HEAD / COMMITTEE CHAIR UPDATES: Lois Michaud said the Cemetery Committee is working on maps Mrs. Roux gave her and she has to check out Prescott Cemetery in the spring as some little animal is destroying it. Lois Michaud said she has discussed the need for something on the Town's map site with Mrs. Roux and Ken Paul for consideration in the budget. Lois Michaud said this should have been done years ago and they are now catching up.


A. Removal of Old Sand/Salt Shed: Mrs. Roux said the contract has been signed by both parties and waiting for a 48-hour period without snow to take the building down.


B. MMA Visit: Mrs. Roux said Lance, from Maine Municipal was here Friday and toured the library, town hall and fitness center. Mrs. Roux said she hasn’t received the report back yet but he had some concerns, minor as far as the office. Mrs. Roux said the concerns that will be in writing are with the kitchen (the linoleum pieces poking up, issues with the stove and ventilation) and fitness center (concern with bricks shifting and how much, there may be mold in a couple areas requiring testing). Mrs. Roux said overall it was good and he was impressed with the work done outside, the handicapped accessible work, the library and siding.

C. Special Town Meeting - Re: Ambulance: Ed Walsh inquired if the specs for the ambulance had been received. Mrs. Roux said she had not received them from the Fire Chief and she will follow up with him. Ed Walsh asked what the cost is for a special town meeting. Mrs. Roux said it is not expensive, maybe $200 but the main thing is to make sure it is necessary, as voiced last week by one of the residents.

D. Right to Redemption Letters: Mrs. Roux said there are two properties that right to redemption letters went out to by regular mail, as well as certified mail. Both have addresses outside Acton. Mrs. Roux said there was a problem tracking down one of them in West Kennebunk but the post office confirmed he is just refusing the letters. Mrs. Roux said the board may want to have him served by the Sheriff’s department.


E. Tanker 1 Bid: Mrs. Roux said the Tanker 1 Bid was sent out yesterday to all the usual places, and also to the Journal Tribune for further exposure. Mrs. Roux asked the Chief to provide pictures which she will post to Craig’s List when received.


A. APAT Purchases / Camera People Needed: Mrs. Roux said the board met with Mr. Corey who talked about the issues with the server two and a half years ago. Mrs. Roux said the server needs to be replaced and it is not too expensive, ($1750) which he has in his line. Ed Walsh noted it is a back up storage unit. Ed Walsh said after hearing the explanation from Mr. Corey they understand the necessity.

Ed Walsh asked the board for comments and all agreed there is a need. Elise Miller made a motion that Michael Corey purchase the server at $1750 and the disks needed. Bill Shields seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. Ed Walsh noted the need for more people to do the filming. Ed Walsh asked for anyone interested in helping with filming to contact Mrs. Roux.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: No public comments received.


A. February 16, 2017 Recreation Committee, 7pm

B. February 16, 2017 Planning Board Public Hearing, 7pm at Town Hall

C. February 28, 2017 Road Committee, 6pm

D. Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Mrs. Roux stated she wanted to take a few minutes to discuss this account because she was surprised how many people didn’t know about it when she posted it to Facebook and wanted to give a recap. Mrs. Roux noted that five Acton families have been helped in the past two months, for fuel assistance or food and prescriptions, or other assistance such as access to needed cancer treatment. Mrs. Roux assured everyone that all requests that are received are thoroughly vetted. Mrs. Roux said most are not seeking the assistance but the town becomes aware of the need from information it receives or seeks out. Mrs. Roux noted that people could contribute to the fund if they want by mailing checks or putting money into the labeled tin on the office counter. Mrs. Roux said the money goes into its own account. Ed Walsh commended Mrs. Roux on her excellent effort.

E. Dog Licenses: Mrs. Roux stated that dog licenses, the fees, and rules are all mandated by

state statute and she cannot waive the $25 late fee. Mrs. Roux noted dog licenses expire December 31st every year and it's advertised in November at elections, and on town website that they are due. Mrs. Roux said during January attempts were made to contact all owners from an 8-page listing of delinquent licenses, all were called by her staff and messages left where possible, in some cases phone numbers were no longer valid or no voice mail was available. Mrs. Roux said the list is now down to three pages and hopefully by the end of February will be taken care of. Mrs. Roux said a letter was also mailed to those on the list last week. Mrs. Roux said for any remaining on March 1 the selectmen will be requested to sign a warrant enabling the Animal Control Officer to issue warrants to delinquent owners per state law. Mrs. Roux asked anyone who is on the list to please come in and take care of the licensing, it cannot be done on line.

F. Ed Walsh commended the road commissioner for their excellent work plowing the roads this past 48 hours with more snow on the way. Ed Walsh noted there was an ambulance call during the storm and contact and coordination between the ambulance and road commissioners was excellent. Ed Walsh also noted the Fire Department was manned Sunday into Monday with more people, six or seven on hand.

G. Elise Miller said the library’s Build a Better World was postponed because of the snow so it is now this Saturday from 9a.m. to 11a.m.


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Bill Shields.

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Lois Michaud, Eric Dawalga, Jennifer Roux