Upcoming Agenda



February 21, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA : Bill Shields moved approval of the agenda, Elise Miller seconded. Agenda was approved.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Ed Walsh noted minutes had not been reviewed by all yet. Elise Miller made motion to postpone approval of last meeting minutes, Bill Shields seconded. Motion passed.


A. Director of Planning Presentation: Ken Paul updated the Board on proposed changes to zoning. Ken Paul noted there are no major changes, just cleaning up ordinances. Ken Paul noted Group A, first paragraph is a numerical change, on 1.4.11 adding the words that permits are required for maintenance and enlargement; sec.1.4.11(2), allows people in resource protection outside the shorelands zone the same thing as people in the shorelands zone, deregulating and allowing non-conforming structures in that district; sec. 1.4.11(3), if you have a non-conforming structure and remove it by more than 50% you go through the relocation process, less than 50% you don’t have to, what looking at here is a 5-year period. Ken Paul said people have come in with a major renovation in December and then another major renovation in January, policy was didn’t issue on same calendar year, change would make it 5 year period, this would have to be approved by the state and Ken said they are in favor of it; under relocation, 1.4.11(4), similar situation changing to planning board shall not consider any improvements within last 5 years, example given of requiring camp to be moved back from lake people locating septic right behind camp so can’t be moved; sec. 1.11 Timber Harvest, clearing up one of more confusing parts of section adopting the statewide standards. Ken Paul explained Group B next, 2.1.4 eliminating 750’ Little Ossippee district and putting it back to 500, there’s no enforcement in the 500-750, more consistent with Saco River Corridor Commission guidelines; sec 2.6.2 removing verbiage on lot shapes; Group B land use chart, timber harvesting currently in aquifer protection district looking to deregulate it down to “permitted use”; under public utilities removing sewage protection; filling, grading and other earth moving activities adding “per year” for less than 10,000 cubic yards; resource protection shorelands and Little Ossippee, 10,000 would not be allowed, have added 500 cubic yards allowed by planning board, added less than 100 cubic yards with review and permit from Code Enforcement; center of chart adding renewable energy, if installed on existing structure is just a permit from Code Enforcement, if not it would be conditional use permit through the planning board; proposed Group C, mostly just cleaning up language, basement regulations, foundation regulations to be more specific on type of foundation be concrete block not wood; definition getting rid of some verbiage going back to state verbiage; section 4.4, cleaning up language; individual private campsites, adding state verbiage; recreational vehicle, planning board decreased down to 30 days from 120 days for sewage disposal; Group D, timber harvesting, changed to shoreland area and resource protection area for heading, looking at working with the town forester and rest is state regulation; section 5.2.0 is new, out of DEP guidelines, revegetation requirements as the result of a violation; Group E, 6.2.3 states office has 7 days to turn over a building permit, changing back to state law which references 30 days; section 6.2.7, removing date when town adopts so will automatically change with the state. Ed Walsh asked if the planning board is on board with all changes. Ken Paul responded they are, after the Board approves they will begin having informational meetings then public hearing on changes.


A. Removal of Old Sand/Salt Shed: Ed Walsh stated “it is on the ground”, the building was demolished today and is within the foundation, within the next couple days it will be crushed and removed.

B. MMA Visit – Ed Walsh said there is no update, they are awaiting written report back on what needs to be done.

C. Ambulance - Special Town Meeting : Ed Walsh said the Board has received the specs and they had an informational meeting with Chief Johnson. It will be posted to the town website when released to bid.


A. Quit Claim Deed: Ed Walsh said the Quit Claim deed is for a foreclosure property that has been paid during the right to redemption period, the property owner has paid and the Town is signing it back to the owner.. Elise Miller made a motion to sign the Quit Claim deed, Bill Shields seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.

B. Hazardous Mitigation Plan: Ed Walsh said the plan was put together and adopted in 2015, it has some requirements for the road commissioners to provide certain information. Ed Walsh said this update includes changes with strikethroughs on stuff that has been completed and the board needs to review. Ed Walsh said EMA is pushing to get it reviewed and back to them as soon as possible.


Tom Cashin asked if the Board would make a request to the North Berwick DOT office on Milton Mills Road, the section between Winchell Orchard Road and County Road, which is in much worse shape than usual, and he considers it hazardous. Tom Cashin requested the Board check it out and contact the North Berwick DOT office to see what can be done. Tom Cashin noted that immediately after a storm it is difficult for the road commissioner to plow it, drops a lot of sand there but it is a hazard. Ed Walsh said he would follow up tomorrow on it.


A. Road Committee Mtg. - Rescheduled March 7th

B Tanker 1 Bids - Due March 7th


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Bill Shields

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Tom Cashin, Jim Driscoll, Dr. William Williams, Eric Dawalga