Upcoming Agenda



April 18, 2017


Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Ed Walsh, all in favor motion carried.



Elise Miller made a motion to approve minutes from the April 11th meeting as presented, seconded by Ed Walsh, all in favor motion carried.


A. Warrant and Finance

On behalf of the chairman, Mrs. Roux reminded the Board of the meeting scheduled for this Thursday at 6pm to finish up with the social services and review financials from the food pantry. Also mentioned was that both committees would be meeting this Saturday from 9-12 with department heads.


A. MMA Action Plan

No update

B. Dog Warrant

7 dogs remain

C. Road Committee Ad Hoc

Meeting date to be tabled for now

D. Ambulance Bids

No update


A. Three Rivers Land Trust

Carl Davis appeared on behalf of Three Rivers Land Trust requesting the Board of Selectmen waive subdivision fees. After discussion, motion was made by Elise Miller to not waive fees since it was not a town owned property. Seconded by Ed Walsh. Motion carried.

B. Foreclosure - West Shore Drive

After all attempts to reach the property owner on West Shore Drive were unsuccessful, the town changed the locks and had the electricity turned off at the foreclosed property. The previous owner is now asking for the right to pay off all taxes so he can keep said property. Ed Walsh agreed to give him 14 days to pay in full by certified check and the town will write a quick claim deed back to the owner.

C. Fair-point 3 year contract

Elise Miller made a motion to sign on to FairPoint Communications for the 3 year contract, seconded by Ed Walsh. Motion carried, all in favor.

D. Pole Permit

Located on Hopper Road. Elise Miller made a motion to sign, seconded by Ed Walsh. Motion carried, all in favor.

E. Liquor License Request

Request for liquor license from Iron Tails will be tabled due to concerns of the fire chief. Chief Johnson is working with the owner of the establishment and the State Fire Marshall. Request for a liquor license from The Shed will be pending an inspection and a public hearing to be held on Tues, May 2nd.

F. Sign May 9 Warrant

Elise Miller made a motion to sign and approve the special town meeting warrant dated May 9th, seconded by Ed Walsh. Motion carried, all in favor.

G. Cemetery Form

Mrs. Roux presented the document drafted by the attorney for access to ancient burial ground on privately owned land. Which would give the town the right to go on landowners property for upkeep. Lois Michaud made a suggestion to prolong the date on the form for holidays such as Veterans Day, the town will double check with the attorney to be sure that he has no concerns in changing that date. Lois went on to commend Brenda for the help she has been giving.


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A. Nomination Papers

April 28th is the deadline for nomination papers. 1 Selectman as well as 2 School Committee members are in the running.

B. No BOS Meeting May 9

Special Town Meeting at 7pm at the School.

C. Acton's Got Talent May 20

Contact the school for more information.

D. S Curve H Road Follow-up

Scott Mooney is going to look into existing signs and speed limits, as well as put up more arrows if necessary.

E. Neighbors Helping Neighbors Update

Mrs. Roux thanked all who helped and commended them for their hard work and a successful bean supper which earned upwards of $2400. All efforts are being made for the fire victims of Goose Pond Road, pending insurance coverage the town will decide if they can assist more. The ramp project is ongoing and just about ready to be started.

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Ed Walsh,

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Carl Davis, Lois Michaud, Eric Dawalga, Roland Waterhouse