Upcoming Agenda



MAY 20, 2008

1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of 5.(J).

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed.


a. ASSESSING: Data is being entered into the Trio program.

b. APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE RENEWAL: Because selectmen have several unsettled issues,  it was voted to postpone action for another week.

       c. TOWN HALL ROOF: Chip was not present to report.

      d.  SALE OF LOT ON COVEWOOD: More research needs to be done.

      e. FITNESS BUILDING: Selectmen have received two proposals to date.

      f.  SIGN WARRANT ARTICLES: Warrant for the June Town meeting was approved and signed.


      (A) HARPER PROPERTY ON 33RD STREET: MMA says the Town may sell the portion of the property it owns.

      (B) WATER TEST: Mike will have the water test done.

      (C) CEMETERIES: Dick will check to make sure the Conservation Committee is getting the cemeteries for which the Town holds escrows mowed  

      (D) CONSTABLE: Tabled.

      (E) ACTION ON PAM'S LETTER: Selectmen will acknowledge receipt of the letter and will discuss it with the Warrant and Finance Committee.

     (F) AUDITOR: Tabled.

     (G) REQUEST FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION: Date set for  May 27. 

     (H) SET UP MEETING with Rod, Linda, Lorraine, Jennifer, and Selectmen: Nancy will arrange a date.

     (I) ASSESSING AGENT: Three applicants to date.

     (J) QUIT CLIM DEED: On a motion by Mike, a deed to Gregory Roy was signed for the repurchase of his property on Edgecomb Road.  

 6.   ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 6:25 pm

7.    MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Mike Conway, Dick Neal

8.   OTHERS PRESENT: John Moore, Percy Lowell, Mary Yeaton, Pat Hannon, Lorraine Yeaton

9.   MEETINGS: Road Bids Opened on May 27