Upcoming Agenda



July 18, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Moved by Kim Stacey-Horn, seconded by Ed Walsh, to accept the Agenda as presented. The motion passed 2-0.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of July11, 2017 was tabled to the next meeting.



  1. MMA Action Plan: Mrs. Roux reported that a structural engineer reviewed the Gym and he expressed the opinion that the building is not unsafe. She will forward a letter from the engineer to the Board stating that opinion as soon as it is available.

She asked for direction from the Board regarding the kitchen stove and vent. Ed Walsh stated that purchasing a new stove will not be a big expense but the ventilation would definitely cost more than the Town has available. Consensus of Board Members was to ask Ken Paul what would be needed to bring the kitchen into code.

  1. Animal Control Officer Position: Mrs. Roux informed the Board that the person who they nominated as Animal Control Officer at the previous meeting has decided not to serve.

  1. Mary Grant Policy: No action taken

  1. Road Committee / Adhoc, Bridges: Mrs. Roux reported that she has been unable to organize a meeting with the committee members and the Road Commissioners. She noted that the Road Commissioners have expressed the opinion that this subject of bridges is not in the prevue of the Board.

Consensus of Board Members was that Mrs. Roux will contact the Road Commissioners and the Committee and requested that they attend the July 25th meeting.

Cindy Hart stated that she contacted Linda Schier to determine if the AWWA helpers could clear around the bridges so that an assessment could be done. She also stated that in her opinion, the Road Commissioners are not doing the work on the bridges that is required by the DOT

  1. Maintenance Ordinance, 8 Loop Road: Ed Walsh reported that he met with the Planning Board Chairman and the Director of Planning and that the Planning Board would be interested in helping draft an article for the Ordinance. Mrs. Roux noted that the Code Enforcement Officer does not have time to enforce property maintenance as too much of his time is used on Shoreland Zoning issues.

Greg Vermette spoke with the Board and offered to take the Board Members around town and show them eight or nine properties that he has observed that need to be addressed; chicken coups, trailers, raising turkeys, red covers on the roadside, pallets, junk in the yards.

Ed Walsh noted that no one has the authority to tell property owners what they can or cannot do with their property.

  1. Secret Ballot Voting: Ed Walsh felt that this item could be removed from the Agenda.

  1. Deputy Vehicle: Mrs. Roux reported that the bid has been awarded and the vehicle has been ordered by the County Manger’s Office.

  1. Recycle Bins: Mrs. Roux reported that fifty bins have been ordered and should be delivered by Thursday.

  1. Eagle Road Runnoff: Mrs. Roux reported that she called Bud Morin to inform him that the Road Commissioner determined that this problem is not caused by the condition of the road. She was unable to talk directly to him but left a message. She has not heard back from him, however.

  1. Reserve Accounts: tabled until the audit is completed

  1. Personal Policy: Tabled to the next meeting

  1. New Bridge Public Access: Mrs. Roux stated that Attorney Lenkowski researched the property and determined that the Town definitely does not own it and therefore, he no authority to close it off. Consensus of Board Members was to contact David Horne, how is most likely the owner of the property, and ask him if he is willing to close off access to the lake.

  1. Deputy Appointments: Mrs. Roux explained that she researched the Ordinance and it clearly states that the Deputies are to be appointed by recommendation of the Commission. However, section 7.3 of the Ordinance also states that the Fire Department is to maintain a nominating committee and offer a list of qualified candidates to the Commission for consideration.

Mrs. Roux contacted the Fire Chief and asked him to form a Nominating Committee and develop a list of candidates. She expected that the appointments cannot occur before August.

Ed Walsh noted that the Fire Chief should be responsible for appointing the deputies.

  1. Goat Hill: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that questions regarding a possible parking lot and access to the summit were discussed at the previous meeting. She confirmed with Carl Davis that these expenses are not being planned. The subject was tabled to the next meeting.

  1. Openings: Mrs. Roux reported that there are openings on the Planning Board and the Road Committee. She informed the Board that the person who they nominated as Animal Control Officer at the previous meeting has decided not to serve. She will post all three openings.


  1. Steven Buyck: Mrs. Roux noted that she wrote a letter to be forwarded to Mr. Buyck outlining the Board’s activities throughout the last year to be read at the meeting in lieu of the Selectmen attending as they are all booked for other commitments.

  1. Downeast Energy: Mrs. Roux reported that Downeast Energy had inquired as to whether the Town is willing to enter into another annual contract for the delivery of propane. Ed Walsh expressed the opinion that the Town should request bids this year. Mrs. Roux will prepare a request for bid and send it to area providers.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Susan Meehan thanked Mrs. Roux for working on improving the website but asked where the Selectmen office hours are posted. Mrs. Roux told her that the Selectmen do not have office hours.

She also wanted to know if the Planning Board page should feature the Members and Board information much like the CEO page which in her opinion is “great”. Mrs. Roux explained that because there is a vacancy on the Board, she decided to hold off doing that page until the appointment is made.


Ed Walsh announced that he will be attending the Watson Cemetery event on Saturday, July 22

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Kim Stacey-Horn

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Brendan Meehan, Cindy Hart, Susan Meehan, Brendan Meehan, Greg Vermette