Upcoming Agenda


August 1, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Moved by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to accept the Agenda as presented. The motion passed 3-0.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Moved by Kim Stacey-Horn, seconded by Ed Walsh, to approve the Minutes of the Meetings of July 18 and July 25, 2017 as written. The motion passed 3-0.


  1. Road Commissioners and Bridges: Jennifer Roux reported that both Road Commissioners were unable to attend the meeting. Elise Miller noted that she has deeds for The Canal Road Bridge and the New Bridge Road Bridge. She also had a copy of the New Hampshire based inspection of Canal Road Bridge that she will email to the Road Commissioners. Mrs. Roux felt that the Town Assessor may be able to interpret the deeds and determine the boundaries.

Mrs. Miller stated that in older Road Committee Minutes it was reported that the process to initiate the bridges inspected, repairs assessed and possible grants identified to fund the repairs but apparently never completed.

Mrs. Roux will invite the Road Commissioners to the next meeting.

  1. Assessing Update: Mrs. Roux explained that the Town audit has been started and the Auditors are requesting to meet with the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant and Finance Committee to discuss the process for tax commitment. She stated that there are factors this year that will cause the tax rate to increase: the decrease in the Federal reimbursement of the Homestead Exemption, the appropriations approved at Town Meeting, and it’s still unclear how much money will be turned over from the School Account.


  1. MMA Action Plan: Mrs. Roux is meeting with the MMA Liability Insurance representative to discuss the update of the Plan. He read the letter from the structural engineer regarding the gym building but there were a couple concerns. Also, the Fire Chief forwarded a letter stating:

upon looking further into the code in reference to the stove just off the assembly area at the Town Hall, it is clear that the stove does have to meet the requirements of NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and NFPA 96, Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. Even if this was to be changed to an electric stove, it would still have to meet these codes as well as a NFPA 70, Electrical Code. The fact that this is a place of assembly precludes it from any exemptions. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.”

Mrs. Roux noted that because the School in a designated shelter, it is possible to set up the Town Hall as a secondary shelter in order to qualify for funding to fix these problems.

Mrs. Miller expressed the opinion that the storage area should be cleared and organized. Mrs. Roux suggested taking money out of the Petty Cash account and purchase totes and shelving.

Mrs. Roux will request that the Recreation Department meet with the Selectmen on a Thursday to review the area. Mrs. Miller felt that the work should be done when the Transfer Station is open because there are a lot of things that need to be discarded.

  1. Bridges: Cindy Hart spoke to the Board in regards to acquiring the most current inspection reports. She felt that no decisions should be made until that report is available.

  1. Maintenance / Zoning: Mrs. Roux reported that Greg Vermette forwarded a copy of the list of properties that in his opinion should be sited for non-compliance to the Town Ordinance. Mrs. Miller noted that the Code Enforcement Officer will review the complaints and process notifications to the property owners if a violation exists on Wednesdays of each week. No other land use business will be conducted on that day. She also stated that a Land Use Complaint Form must be filled out for each complaint.

Karen McManus asked the Board how long the CEO would have to act on a complaint once received. Mrs. Miller responded that this is a new Board that is working with Mr. Paul, this subject is on the agenda and will remain so until resolved.

Greg Vermette told the Board that he has a “shock collar if they need it.” Mr. Walsh responded that the CEO “got the message.”

  1. Deputy Vehicle: No update

  1. Reserve Accounts: Mrs. Roux reported that the Auditors are requesting to meet with the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant and Finance Committee to discuss the purpose of using Reserve Accounts in the budgeting process. The Board scheduled Tuesday, September 5th right after the regular meeting for this meeting. She requested that if the Board has specific questions, please provide them before the meeting. She has forwarded copies of emails relative to these questions to the Auditor. She reminded the Board that he will not be prepared to answer specific questions about the Audit itself.

  1. Personnel Policy: Mrs. Roux explained that reviewing the policy was tabled from the last meeting. Ed Walsh noted that he supports the changes as discussed:

  • Article 10, Paid Time, Section B should refer to hourly employees;

  • The .077 will be paid after five years of employment;

  • Salary employees accrue based on expected, agreed-upon weekly hours;

  • Requests for time off must be made on the form and submitted seven (7) days prior to the requested time off. Selectmen can work with the supervisor to waive this requirement when an unexpected event comes up;

  • Two days of bereavement will be available in the event of an employee’s immediate family. This definition will be based on the State’s guidelines. PTO time is not accrued during bereavement leave;

  • Wages will be paid only through direct deposit unless the employee is unbankable.

Moved by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to amend the Personal Policy based on the discussed changes affective as of August 1, 2017.

  1. Propane Bids: Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that the bid is open until Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

  1. Animal Control Officer: Moved by Ed Walsh , seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to appoint Robin Ham as Deputy Animal Control Officer, and Wayne Ham as Animal Control Officer until Tuesday, September 5, 2017. The motion passed 3-0 and the Appointment Certificate was signed by all three Selectmen.

  1. Library Walkway and Parking: Mrs. Roux reported Tom Drummey expects to have a quote ready for the Board to consider at the next meeting.

  1. Fire / Rescue Commission Appointment: Moved by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to appoint Robert Dolan, Jim Bond, Steve Bernadi, William Williams, Norman Lanbert, Elise Miller, William Catansye to serve on the Fire / Rescue Commission to June 30, 2017. The motion passed 3-0 and the Appointment Certificates were signed by all three Selectmen.

  1. Planning Board Appointments: Moved by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to appoint Joyce Bakshi, as Junior Alternate, Lincoln Marston as Senior Alternate, Yoli Gallagher, Gavin Maloney, Leslie Berlan to the Planning Board until June 30, 2020. The motion passed 3-0 and the Appointment Certificates were signed by all three Selectmen.

  1. Tri-Town Tennis Courts: Mrs. Roux reported that the Rec Department is requesting that the Board of Selectmen approve the agreement for residents to use the tennis courts and that a copy of the Town’s insurance binder be forwarded to the Tennis Association as required. MMA has reviewed the document as well.

Moved by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to approve and sign the contract with Tri Town Tennis. The motion passed 3-0 and all three Selectmen signed the contract.

Mrs. Roux informed Board Members that the Rec Department is exploring the possibility of offering Karate to residents. MMA reviewed the waiver used by the Town for sports offered by the Rec Department and they suggested reviewing and updating the document.

  1. Downeast Energy Usage: Mrs. Roux provided a report generated by the Treasurer that shows an excess of propane used by the Transfer Station in the last fiscal year. Mrs. Miller will try to set up an audit.

  1. Local Road Assistant Program: Mrs. Roux explained that this is a form that the Treasurer fills out every year for road surfacing reimbursement. She explained that that there was a delay in the LRAP allocation which increased slightly. Recipients must provide information on how the funds from the previous year was used. The breakdown of the $148,603 appropriated is:

  • Sam Page Road, 2000 feet, $21,376;

  • Acton Ridge Road, 2.5 miles, $71,807;

  • Youngs Ridge Road, 2600 feet, $39,927

  1. Beano Application: Moved by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, to approve and sign the application. The motion passed 3-0 and the application was signed by all three Selectmen.

  1. Drivers’ Licenses: Mrs. Roux just as an FYI reported that MMA requires that the Town do background checks on anyone authorized to drive a fire truck / ambulance, and that the State of NH records should be checked as well, due to the border hospital.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Dennis Long, as a new member of the Road Committee, asked the Board if they have guidance regarding the direction that the Committee should go. Mrs. Miller responded that there has been some confusion as to what the Committee’s agenda is, however, there are issues that the Committee could meet to discuss, such as bridges, turn arounds, the Ordinance, etc. Mr. Long stated that, according to MMA, the Committee is an advisory group to the Road Commissioners. He felt that the Commission should review private roads, where seventy percent of the town’s taxes are derived.

Ed Walsh stated that the Road Commission has many issues that they could address but he cautioned Mr. Long that there are restrictions regarding private roads that need to be considered.

Mr. Long stated that the Road Commission has the authority to convene a meeting but that he felt the group should work with the Selectmen to ensure productivity instead of reacting. Mrs. Miller assured Mr. Long that she intends to call a meeting very soon.

Dick Neal thanked the Board and the Town for the support that was offered during the recent loss of his wife. He also offered to provide any service to the Town that he can.


Blood Drive – August 8th at the Fire Station. Acton Fair passes are offered for people that donate.

Boating class - August 12th, offered by Bob Anderson

Senator Collins Office - A Collin’s Representative will be available on Wednesday, August 23rd at 10:00 a.m.

Acton Fair – August 24th to 27th

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Ed Walsh, Kim Stacey-Horn,

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Dennis Long, Robin Ham, Wayne Ham, William Williams, Brendan Meehan, Cindy Hart, Dick Neal