Upcoming Agenda


August 22, 2017


Kim Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Seconded by Elise Miller, motion carried.


Kim Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the minutes of August 15, 2017 as presented. Seconded by Elise Miller, motion carried.


A. Road Commissioners and Bridges

Jennifer Roux announced that Mr. Winchell has been on vacation since the prior meeting and she has no update. She did however read an email from Attorney Lenkowski -

Hi Jennifer,

As requested I have looked into the question of responsibility for maintenance of the bridges which the DOT has designated as “Canal” and “Rowe”.  The question was initially presented to me as a question of ownership, and I was provided with copies of deeds which presumably were thought to shed light on that question.  It is certainly possible that the second parcel described in the deed from the State of New Hampshire to the State of Maine could encompass the area where the Canal bridge is located, but I don’t think that it is necessary to establish “ownership” in order to determine where responsibility for maintenance lies.  Simply put, whoever is responsible for maintaining the road which runs across the bridge is responsible for maintaining the bridge unless there is some contract, statute or ordinance providing to the contrary. I understand that some question has been raised as to whether the bridges, or some portion of them, may be located on the Wakefield or Milton Mills side of the respective town lines.  From what I can determine from Google Maps and Google Earth both bridges are entirely on the Acton side of the respective town lines although it is very close on the Acton/Milton Mills line.  The only way to be certain that no part of Rowe bridge is on the Milton Mills side would be to have a surveyor locate the bridge structure relative to the town line. I hope the above is of some assistance. Joe

Elise ended by saying that she is hopeful Mr. Winchell will have a meeting date scheduled with Ben Foster soon.


A. MMA Action Plan

Per the Board, the Town Administrator will email the Rec and either Sept 14 or Sept 15 will be set to clean out the closest downstairs.

B. Maintenance / Zoning

The Town Administrator reported that the CEO met with the Land Use Attorney last week to discuss the approximately 10 letters that were sent out. Additionally the Attorney kicked back 4 letters saying he didn't feel they were at a "legal" point yet. CEO to address.

C. Motor Vehicle Checks

Only one form has been sent over since the prior weeks meeting.

D. Deputy Vehicle

Update that the Sheriff's Dept is still trying to locate a 'white" car.

E. Fire Department Audit

Scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 29 at 10am.

F. Meeting Room Walkway

Work to start next week.

G. Hunting Goat Hill

Attorney recommends that if the Board wants to prohibit hunting, they should move forward with an ordinance.

H. GPS - Cemetery

The Town Administrator indicated that there were no GPS's in the Town's possession. She printed off samples and told Lois to follow the usual purchase steps if she wanted to pursue it.

I. Marijuana Survey

The Town Administrator will draft a survey for the Board to review. Susan Meehan read a statement that she wanted to post on "what's up in acton", after discussion because it's not a Town s site she was essentially told the Board didn't have any control or involvement in what she posted.

J. Auditor Meeting

The Town Administrator spoke to the Board about possibly changing the date of the meeting, After discussion the Board decided to keep it as Sept 5th.


A. Paving Bids

The Town Administrator read the bid for the goat hill parking lot and indicated three bids were recieved.

MJR Construction - Limerick Maine


Solid Ground - Gorham Maine



Skid Steer -Naples Maine


The Board did not award the bid as they needed more information and wanted to check references. The Town Administrator will meet with Carl Davis and the Road Commissioners for additional thoughts. Item to be followed up with next week.

B. Warrant and Finance Resignation

The Board regretfully accepted the resignation of Tom Cashin and thanked him for his services.

C. Tax Commitment

After review the Board voted to set the 2017-2018 tax rate at $11.90 per thousand.

D. Snow Pusher Bid

The Town of Acton has a SP 8 John Deere snow pusher for sale. It is a work site pro model. Said attachment can be viewed in person during regular business hours at the Acton Transfer Station. SEALED Bids can be mailed or hand delivered to the Town Administrator, Town of Acton, 35 H Road, Acton Maine 04001. Please mark envelope “SNOW PUSHER" Questions regarding the specs of this bid should be directed to Bob Mann at 636-3108. Deadline to bid is 4:00pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017. The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to reject any and all bid.

E. Sovereignty Law

BJ Caron spoke to the Board about the recently passed Sovereignty Law; she discussed what this law was all about and asked if the Board would consider it. Mrs. Caron gave out sample ordinances. This discussion surrounds the sale of meat locally.

F. Hourly Rate - Deputy CEO

The Town Administrator indicated that Deputy CEO Corey Normand has passed his certifications and would like to see an increase from $18.00 to $20.00 per hour. Motion passed and carried. Increase approved.

G. Hazardous Waste Day

Transfer Station Superintendent is in the process to schedule this day.

H. Appointments

Lois Michaud - Regular Member W/F Committee Member 06/2018

Susan Meehan - Alternate Member W/F Committee Member 06/2018

Virginia Shay - Alternate Member W/F Committee Member 06/2018

William Catansyse - E911 Coordinator 06/2018

David Langley - Deputy Fire Chief 06/2018

Richard Smith - Deputy Fire Chief 06/2018

I. Door Installation

Portland Glass will start work on the replacement doors next week.



E. Pubic Hearing Marijuana August 29 - 6:00pm

F. Warrant/Finance August 31 6:00pm

G. Public Hearing September 7 - Maloney 7:00pm

H. Mary Grant Potluck Picnic September 17 - 1:00pm

I. Applefest / 5K September 30 - 9:00am

J. ZBA/Rec/Cemetery Openings

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Horn

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Eric Dawalga, Dennis Long, BJ Caron, Paul Caron, Cindy Hart, Susan Meehan, Cindy Hart, Richard Hart, Brendan Meehan