Upcoming Agenda


August 29, 2017


Motion to approve agenda made by Kimberly Stacy-Horn. Seconded by Elise Miller. Motion carried.




A. Road Commissioners and Bridges

Nothing new to report, Mr. Winchell is waiting to reach Mr. Foster.


A. MMA Action Plan

Recreation Committee and Board of Selectmen will clean and organize room on Sept 14 at 7pm.

B. Maintenance / Zoning

The Town Administrator reported that Code Enforcement has about 42 violations that are currently being dealt with. As well as 30 inspections were visited for other misc work. Bringing someone in to assist for 10 hours/week should be discussed at Special Town Meeting.

C. Motor Vehicle Checks

No additional forms have been received. There are a total of 3 motor vehicle checks that have been returned by the Fire Dept as of now.

D. Deputy Vehicle

Major Mitchell has let the town know the deputy vehicle will arrive any day.

E. Fire Department Audit

Meeting has been rescheduled.

F. Meeting Room Walkway

Mr. Drummey will start working this week since the doors are all set.

G. Auditor Mtg

Rescheduled for Tues, September 26th at 6pm.

H. Goat Hill Work

Grant funds have not come in yet; subject will be tabled until there is money in hand to pay contractors.

i. Snow Pusher Bid

Bid is out, deadline is Sept 5th.


A Open Paving Bids

The Town Administrator indicated that 3 bids were received. After being opened and read aloud they were as follows:

Per Ton Hand Work Curb Reclaim

Pike 65 150 22 1.85

Dayton 63 100 9 1.75

FR Carroll 60.40 125 5.00/12.00 1.70

A motion was made and seconded to accept the bid of FR Carroll through December 31, 2018

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Cindy Hart announced she spoke to Ben Foster, an inspection will happen between now and snowfall. She indicated that an email will be sent when the inspection is completed.

Scott Mooney still questions which bridges Acton is responsible for. He suggests that they should be surveyed.

David Winchell believes the work on the bridges is his responsibility and all other parties should stay out of it.

Lois Michaud believes that the bridges belong to New Hampshire, per a previous conservation committee. On another note, she also wanted to thank the community for the turnout of the Candlelit Visual had for A.J. Davis.

Susan Meehen asked if Selectmen meetings could be held at 6pm instead of 5pm.

Rollin Waterhouse thinks that Dave Winchell is experiencing a disservice on this subject to his title as Road Commissioner.

Brendan Meehan stated that both bridges have to be replaced regardless of ownership. He assured that the road committee was just trying to get the ball rolling.

Carol Horgan discussed the dangers of traffic at the Acton Trading Post, suggesting a traffic light be considered.


A. Warrant/Finance August 31 6:00pm

B. Public Hearing September 7 - Maloney 7:00pm

C. Mary Grant Potluck Picnic September 17 - 1:00pm

D. Applefest / 5K September 30 - 9:00am

E. ZBA/Rec/Cemetery Openings

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Kimberly Stacy-Horn.

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Cindy Hart, David Winchell, Scott Mooney, Lois Michaud, Brendan Meehan, Female Resident, Male Resident, Carol Horgan.