Upcoming Agenda



September 5, 2017


With the addition of the LWCL contract, the agenda was approved.




A. Road Commissioners and Bridges

Elise Miller announced that the Board met with the Road Commissioners at 3pm to discuss the status of the bridges. She continued by saying that Dave Winchell Jr. has the bridge situations under control and there is no reason for the road committee to meet and discuss them any further. Furthermore Elise indicated that they are going to move forward with a Road Committee survey and it's in the Road Commissioners hands to review. Additional instruction was given to the Town Administrator as far as how this process will take place and the Board would like the survey to be out for 30 days. Brendan Meehan asked the Board for clarification as to what was just said, Elise explained that there was no reason for the Road Committee to meet at this point because the task they were dealing with was bridges, and David Winchell Jr. had that under control. Mr. Meehan went on to question the temperament of the Road Commissioner; the Board assured him that Mr. Winchell was able to handle the position. Cindy Hart tried to clarify the situation by saying she did not intentionally call Mr. Ben Foster, she was transferred to him. Mrs. Hart requested the Road Commissioners contact her directly. Cindy agreed to put the meeting on hold next week. Elise Miller thanked her and the committee for their efforts. Brendan Meehan ended by saying "we're watching".


A. MMA Action Plan

The closet is scheduled to be cleaned out Sept. 14th.

B. Maintenance / Zoning

The Town Administrator reported that Code Enforcement had 10 violations that are being dealt with, 4 that are being cleaned up, 2 no responses, 3 expected to go to court. Code Enforcement has 25 left to look at and 5 more from a resident. Mrs. Roux also noted that legal expenses are accruing and the Board would have to think of where to take that money from.

C. Motor Vehicle Checks

Mrs. Roux sent an email to Fire/Rescue. Ed Walsh mentioned that the Fire Chief was going to hand them out next Monday to those that didn't get them.

D. Deputy Vehicle

Mrs. Roux confirmed that the vehicle should be delivered tomorrow to the County.

E. Fire Department Audit

Downeast Energy, Steve Johnson, Norm Lambert, and Jennifer Roux were present for an inspection of the Buildings. The age of the furnace is a concern and could explain the excess propane use. The current furnace has no vent. The Fire Chief is going to research an engineer and pricing. Venting and the way doors open and close was also a concern.

F. Meeting Room Walkway

The project has started; quotes on railing prices are still being quoted. The old ramp will be donated to a church in Poland Maine.


A Open Snow Pusher Bids

No bids came in, therefore the Board voted to authorize Transfer Station attendant to trade attachment with John Deere. Motion Carried.

B. ZBA Appointment

Lois Michaud was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Motion carried.

C. Rt. 109 Update

The Town is taking steps to slow drivers down and work on visibility. Trees along the power line will be cut by CMP. Also, the Sheriff Dept will be placing 2 signs and stepping up patrol. Gregory Vermette suggested road sensors.

D. Survey Status

The Marijuana Survey and Sheriff Survey will be handed through next Friday.

E. LWCL Contact

The agreement for the Town and Government was received Sept 1st, and was signed by Elise Miller Sept. 5th. Said document allows the Town of Acton to bill the federal government for work done at Goat Hill.



Lois Michaud let everyone know about the Quilt Hop located at the South Acton Baptist church Sat. from 9-4 on Milton Mills Road.

Susan Meehan was wondering if the agenda could be available a couple days before the selectman's meeting. The Board discussed this and chose not to move forward with it. Susan Meehan also asked what amount of the tax base was non-residents. She expressed concern that the Selectmen are not available enough to the public. The Board reminded her that anyone could call or email anytime with concerns and they didn't need to wait until Thursday night office hours. Susan went on to say that prior Boards had more office hours then the current Board. The Town Administrator indicated that although it may seem that way the current process is cleaner. By reducing the amount of office hours, it brings more items to the public meetings.

Lois Michaud discussed the current system regarding the agenda and felt it was working fine and asked the Board not to change it.

Brendan Meehan stated his concern with the agenda was that the public wasn't getting enough time to review it prior to the meeting. He went on to say some recent items have caught the public off guard and the Board isn't giving them enough time. Mr. Meehan also asked the Board if they reconsidered the bylaws he mentioned several weeks back. He said he was bringing this up because no one out there knows how the Board of Selectmen operates and says it is creating distrust and that the Board needs to be acting more professional and setting some guidelines.

Mike McCrum asked if there was any reason why the Board couldn't just put their procedures in writing. He went on to say he liked the informal way of the meeting.

Richard Nass stated that he disagrees with Mr. Meehan and there is nothing wrong with the way things are running right now. He says he appreciates the way things are going and encouraged the Board to not make it too complicated. Ed Walsh spoke that he agrees with Mr. Nass.


A. Mary Grant Potluck Picnic September 17 - 1:00pm

B. Applefest / 5K September 30 - 9:00am

C. ZBA/Rec/Cemetery Openings

D. Office Assistant Opening


A. Public Hearing September 7 - Maloney 7:00pm

B. Planning Board September 7 & 21 - 7:00pm

C. Road Committee September 12 - 6:00pm

D. Informational Meeting - Marijuana 6:00pm

E. Forest / Conservation September 19 7:00pm

F. Recreation Committee September 21 - 7:00pm

G. Auditor Meeting w/ BOS - September 26 - 6:00pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Horn

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Paul Poyant, Joe Ruma, Richard Nass, Giancola, Carl Davis, Susan Meehan, Brendan Meehan, Greg Vermette, Rollin Waterhouse, Lois Michaud, Dave Winchell, Cindy Hart