Upcoming Agenda


September 19, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve agenda, seconded by Kimberly Stacey-Horn. Motion carried.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Motion made to approve minutes from Sept 5 made by Ed Walsh, seconded by Kimberly Stacey-Horn. Motion passed.


A. Road Committee

Cindy Hart presented the Board with information regarding turn-arounds and asked that it be reviewed and turned over to road commissioners. Additionally Ms. Hart requested reimbursement for a Smart Shopper ad that ran regarding camp roads and an upcoming meeting, no action taken by the board. In closing, Ms. Hart stated that there was an updated law which would allow tax dollar money to be used on private roads. The board requested further information regarding this from Ms. Hart.

B. Three Rivers Land Trust

The Town Administrator reviewed the letter from Bourque and Clegg regarding the $10,000 for Goat Hill parking lot. Essentially Three Rivers will give the Town the money, and the Town will reimburse Three Rivers if and when the grant money comes through. After discussion, the motion was made and seconded to sign.

C. Tax Collector

Jennifer Roux stated that tax bills have gone out and if property owners hadn't seen theirs by now, they should call the office. Also she reminded all that the Town was required to send the bill to the owner of record as of April 1 of each year.


A. Maintenance / Zoning

The Town Administrator asked if the Board was ready to move forward with a special town meeting. The Board discussed the continued need for more coverage in the code enforcement department and also stated if the position is approved, it should be up to the Department Head to determine how the position will be best utilized.

B. Road Committee Survey

No update on survey, waiting for committees input.

C. Special Town Meeting

A draft warrant will be presented to the board next week to review. The only item will be deputy CEO up to $20 an hour not to exceed 20 hours a week.

D. Auditor Meeting - W/F Emails?

The Town Administrator pointed out emails between the warrant and finance committee indicating that they were still not ready to meet with the Auditor regarding the questions about reserve accounts. After discussion, the Board decided to cancel this meeting until further notice.

E. Award Goat Hill Parking Lot Bid

The Board revisited the three bids received for the parking lot. After meeting and checking references, the motion was made and awarded to Randy Baldwin for $8750.00


A. Resignation

With regrets, the Board of selectmen accepted the resignation of Lowrie Robertson of the Rec committee.

B. Commercial Hauler Permit

Travis Penney, the town's only commercial hauler, submitted an application for renewal. After confirming all documents and fees the motion was made to sign and approve it.

C. Unused Pesticides

The Board read a notice from "Think first, Spray Last" about an upcoming event that residents of the State of Maine can dispose of unused pesticides.

D. Impound Fees.

The Town Administrator asked the Board to consider raising the impound fee. The Board instructed her to check surrounding towns and report back.


Lois Michaud inquired who was filling the open Rec seat. The Board reported there were three openings on the committee and they were seeking volunteers. Additionally, Lois inquired about the new ramp again. She was assured when complete it will meet all ADA requirements.


A. Flu Shots September 22 10am - 11am

B. Girl Scouts Informational September 27 6:00pm (School)

C. Applefest / 5K September 30 - 9:00am

D. ZBA/Rec/Cemetery Openings


A Informational Meeting - Marijuana September 19 - 6:00pm

B. Forest / Conservation September 19 - 7:00pm

C. Recreation Committee September 21 - 7:00pm

D. Planning Board September 21 - 7:00pm

E. Warrant and Finance Committee September 25 - 6:00pm

F. Board of Selectmen September 26 - 5:00pm

G. Auditor Meeting w/ BOS - September 26 - 6:00pm

H. Road Committee September 27 - 6:00pm

I. Cemetery Committee - September 28 - 5pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Horn

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Cindy Hart, Brendan Meehan, Susan Meehan, Denis Long, Gregory Vermette, Karen McManus, Paul Poyant, Joe Ruma, Ray Lopez