Upcoming Agenda


October 3, 2017

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve the agenda, seconded by Elise Miller. Motion approved.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve the minutes from September 19, 2017, seconded by Elise Miller. Motion approved.


A. Goat Hill / Three Rivers Land Trust

Lee Burnette spoke on behalf of Three Rivers; he requested permission from the Board to start the trail work on Goat Hill. The Town Administrator confirmed that workers comp and liability insurance has been received for the Maine Conservation Corp. After discussion of the trail, The Board voted unanimously to move ahead with the trail.

B. Road Committee

Cindy Hart asked for The Board to approve an easement for plowing on Tattle Rd. Elise Miller requested the request be in writing.


A. Road Committee Survey


B. Recommendations on STM Warrant

Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the article as written, seconded by Elise Miller, motion carried.

C. Sign STM Warrant

Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the special town meeting warrant as presented, seconded by Elise Miller, motion carried.

D. Marijuana Moratoriums

The Town Administrator requested the Board explain the need for a Marijuana Committee when a moratorium has already been drafted; members have contacted her with this question. Elise Miller explained what the committee was researching, a variety of different questions regarding Marijuana and how they hope to move forward in the Town.

E. Sign Order - Secret Ballot Election / Set Public Hearing Date

The Board of Selectmen signed the order calling for a Special Referendum Election on November 28, 2017 and a Public Hearing for October 24, 2017 regarding the moratorium.

F. Perambulation

The Town Administrator followed up with a comment from a resident from a previous meeting regarding the Selectmen walking the perimeter of the town every 10 years. She presented information confirming that it had been repealed in 1979.

G. Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Town Administrator went over the balance of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors account, the last few months of deposits and where the money came from. She described a few to give examples on how she determines how this money is spent. This is not an account people can apply for.


A. Assistant CEO Job Description

The Town Administrator reviewed the draft job description with the Board. There were questions whether or not the position should be called deputy or assistant. Ed Walsh suggested the job title be left up to the department head. Dr. Williams stood as a representative for Warrant and Finance. He stated that a deputy has the potential of becoming a true deputy and CEO. He suggested we keep the title of deputy and let the Code Enforcement Officer decide what training he wants for his assistant. The Board will discuss in more detail after the Special Town Meeting.

B. BMV Webinar Oct 10

The Town Administrator requested opening late on the date of Oct. 10, 2017 so staff could take a required webinar from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. The webinar should take about 2 hours and the office would open as soon as the training was complete. Permission was granted.

C. Resignation

With regret, a resignation of CJ Gardner from the Rec. Committee was submitted and accepted.

D. Appointments

Tracey Levasseur and Carter Gerald were appointed to the Cemetery Committee until June of 2018.


Lois Michaud asked The Board when the warrants would be ready to be put out for the June meeting. The Town Administrator stated that Maine State Law only requires them to be put out 7 days before the annual town meeting. She also stated the town tries to have them out about a month before the meeting. Mike McCrum requested the questions for the marijuana committee. Copies were presented. Dennis Long made a comment that he would like to see consistency with following the rules that the selectmen put in place for the meetings. Susan Meehan asked if the selectmen would consider moving the meetings to 6:00 instead of 5:00pm. Carol Komezubumwe also requested meetings be moved back to atleast 5:30pm so more residents could attend. Carol Hart requested a road committee meeting for Tuesday October 10, 2017, the Town Administrator told Cindy she'd have to check the schedule after the meeting.


A. Town Report Letters Due October 6

B. General Assistance Public Hearing - Oct 10 5:00pm

C. Sand Bids - Due Oct 17

D. Mary Grant Pumpkin Carving Oct 21 4:00pm

E. ZBA/Rec/Cemetery Openings


A. Planning Board Oct 5 7:00pm

B. Board of Selectmen Oct 10 5:00pm

C. Special Town Meeting Oct 12 7:00pm

D. Board of Selectmen Oct 17 5:00pm

E. Planning Board Oct 19 7:00pm

F. Rec Committee Oct 19 7:00pm

G. Board of Selectmen 24 5:00pm

Public Hearing - Moratorium Oct 24 7:00pm

H. Cemetery Committee Oct 26 5:00pm

I. Board of Selectmen Oct 31 5:00pm


Ed Walsh, Elise Miller


Jennifer Roux, Eric Dewalgna, Cindy Hart, Dennis Long, Roland Waterhouse, William Williams, Richard Hart, Karen McManus, Lois Michaud, Brendan Meehan, Susan Meehan, Richard Nass, Carol Komezubumwe, Mike McCrum