Upcoming Agenda


October 10, 2017


Bruce Rossborough representing Iron Tails Saloon on behalf of Greg Martinez made a donation of $578 to Neighbors Helping Neighbors account raised from 50/50 raffles held throughout the summer.


Paul Poyant asked if the Town was planning to change or reduce the number of hours for public assistance. The Town Administrator stated that people can apply for general assistance during all business hours of the town office. She also stated that there is a number posted outside the town office door for after hour's emergency general assistance. Public hearing was closed with no additional questions.


Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve the agenda, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn. Motion approved.


Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve the minutes of September 26, 2017 meeting. Motion seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, motion approved.


A. Road Committee

Cindy Hart presented some information from the MMA manual that she believes states that the town can maintain private roads. She requested that this issue be brought to a special town meeting. The Board requested more information to be presented at the next weeks meeting. Cindy also asked the Board what progress has been made on the Hopper Road Bridge. Elise informed Cindy that there will be updates on the bridge at next weeks meeting. Cindy said that some residents on Hopper Rd. were willing to volunteer to paint the bridge to preserve it if the Town would provide the paint.

B. Three Rivers Land Trust

Carl Davis wanted to know if he could bring in outside volunteers to work on the trail. The Town Administrator requested a list of names of potential volunteers and a few days to look into possible liability issues. Carl also asked if the Board wants the trail to be ADA compliant. The Board said the residents would like to see it be ADA compliant.


A. Assistant CEO Job Description

The Town Administrator made changes to the job description. She is waiting on input from Maine Municipal before posting the job and hiring.

. B. Turn-Arounds

The Road Committee requested the status of the question on turn- arounds. The Town Administrator indicated the Road Commissioner will provide an update at next weeks' meeting..

C. Marijuana Committee Member

The Town Administrator asked the Board if they would allow one more member to the committee, a resident who wanted to be included but was left out of the bowl at the time of name drawing. After discussion, the Board decided to allow Carol Ward to join the Marijuana Committee.

D. Selectmen Meeting Times

Elise did some research on Board meetings in past years and found the attendance was not any better with later meeting times. After discussing, the Board decided to keep the meetings at 5:00pm.


A. Job Openings - CDL/Road

A Road Commissioner is having trouble finding CDL drivers for winter and flaggers. He asked the Town Administrator for help in finding CDL drivers. After approval and discussion the Town will run an ad.

B. Saturday, Oct 14

The Town Hall and Library will be closed on October 14, 2017.

C. Sign General Assistance Adoption

The Town Administrator presented to the Board the 2017-2018 General Assistance changes. The Board passed the adoption of these figures after a public hearing.

D. Assessors Return

The Town Administrator presented to the board the Assessors Return, Elise read it for all to hear. Ed Walsh made a motion to sign the return, Kim Stacey- Horn seconded the motion. Motion passed.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Lois Michaud expressed concerns to the Board regarding Maple Cemeteries access on Hebo Hybo Rd. She went on to say that she has legal opinions stating the gift can not be returned. She reiterated it should only be foot traffic out there and there is stone damage and damage from ATVs. Cindy Hart stood to make a comment regarding this issue, she stated that there are rocks being thrown from the ATVs and there is damage to head stones due to this. Dr. Williams asked if there were any other changes to the job description for the Deputy CEO, the Town Administrator explained the job description and also added there would be more information at next weeks meeting. Greg Vermette said that he uses Hebo Hybo Road to ride his ATV, he ask if he was allowed to do that. Elise said she believes that it is all private property right now but Tom Cashin is working on getting some public access down there.


A. Sand Bids - Due Oct 17

B. Mary Grant Pumpkin Carving Oct 21 4:00pm

C. ZBA and Recreational Committee


A. Board of Selectmen Oct 10 5:00pm

B. Road Committee Meeting Oct 10 6:00pm

C. Special Town Meeting Oct 12 7:00pm

D. Marijuana Committee Meeting Oct 13 6:00pm

E. Board of Selectmen Oct 17 5:00pm

F. Planning Board Oct 19 7:00pm

G. Recreational Committee Oct 19 7:00pm

H. Board of Selectmen Oct 24 5:00pm

I. Public Hearing Moratorium Oct 24 7:00pm

J. Cemetery Committee Oct 26 5:00pm

K. Board of Selectmen Oct 31 5:00pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Pike

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Paul Poyant, Rollin Waterhouse, Lois Michaud, Brendan Meehan, Susan Meehan, Carol Ward, Jay Ward, Richard Nass, Mike McCrum, Cindy Hart, Richard Hart, William Williams, Car Davis, Tom Cashin, Greg Vermette