Upcoming Agenda


October 17, 2017


Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve the agenda, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn. Motion carried.


Motion made by Ed Walsh to approve the minutes of the meetings of October 3 and October 10, 2017. Seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn, motion carried.


A. Town Forester

Steve Bodkin was looking for recommendations on a management plan for the possibility of cutting lumber on a Town property on Town Farm Road. He stated he was willing to deduct the cost of cutting the lumber from the amount of money received from the lumber cut. Steve stated that he would like to use the proceeds from the lumber cut to build the Forestry account back up again. The idea has been tabled until research can be done to find out how to pay for the cutting if not enough in profit is made.

B. Road Commissioners

David Winchell met with a consultant from Calderwood Engineering to look at the Rowe and Canal bridges. The Consultant prepared a consultant and cost plan for doing engineering and research on the bridges in need of repair for the Board to review. The plan stated if each bridge could be repaired or would need total construction. The Board also discussed whether or not the town needs signed easements from property owners to allow town plow trucks to turn around in their property. This will be discussed at the next meeting after the Town Administrator checks with other towns to see what they do.

C. Marijuana Committee

The Marijuana Committee is looking at municipalities with legal marijuana with similar size to Acton. They will continue to meet and present information as it becomes available.


A. Assistant CEO Job Description / Posting

The Town Administrator read aloud the posting for the deputy position.

. B. Legal Opinion Hebo Hybo Road

The Town Administrator read the opinion from Joe Lenknowski regarding Hebo Hybo Road, it is his opinion that there is a legal public easement on it, based on how the Town of Acton voted to discontinue it.

C. Legal Opinion An Act To Amend Private Ways

The Town Administrator read the opinion from Brad Morin regarding the recently submitted road documents from the Road Committee. It is Mr. Morin's opinion that town funds can not be spent on private roads, unless there is an emergency and indicated there is numerous case law on this.

D. Boat

The Board announced that the Fire Department does not have room for the boat and it will be stored at Michaud's as it has in the past.

E. County Tax Update

The 2017-2018 county tax and assessment numbers were reviewed.


A. Open Sand Bids

David Winchell explained why the town did not order sand last year after it was brought up by the winning bidder from last year. He explained that the sand was not needed because they had enough for the winter. He also explained that there are about 600 yards still left and the town uses about 1800 yards per year. The Town Administrator read aloud the sand bids received; R. Pepin and Sons $9.50 per yard delivered and $6.00 per yard picked up, Landscapers Depot was $9.25 per yard delivered and $7.25 per yard picked up, Gorham Sand & Gravel was $9.75 per yard delivered and $6.00 per yard picked up, F.R. Carroll was $5.00 per yard delivered and $11.00 per yard picked up. The Town Administrator believes that F.R. Carroll mixed up their prices, she will call to get clarification and present the information at the next meeting.

B. Appointment

William Williams was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

C. Holiday Closures

The Board discussed holiday closures, more information to be provided for next week.

D. November BOS Meetings

There will be no BOS meeting on November 7 or 28 due to the Elections.


Dennis Long indicated that he believes Buzzell Rd. should be maintained as it was not discontinued properly.

Cindy Hart made a comment regarding the easements from property owners on turnarounds. She believes it is important for the town to have easements to protect themselves, it is a liability issue. She also wanted to make a comment about the discussion that was had regarding using town funds to plow private roads. She said that all we got from our lawyer, Joe Lenkowski was an opinion, she believes if she brought in another lawyer they would get another opinion. She says that what she read at a previous meeting was an actual law and anything else is just an opinion.

Rollin Waterhouse requested that the Board modify their public comment time. He also stated that he believes that the parking lot at Goat Hill does not meet the requirements for the bid. He let the Board know what the measurements were for the actual lot and that they do not match what is in the bid from Three Rivers. The Board thanked him for the information.

Cindy Hart got up again to make a comment regarding Sand Bids. She wanted to inform the Board that 1/4 inch is preferable to 3/8 inch sand. She also asked that we contact the companies to request a siv test.

Lois Michaud wanted to thank the Board for collecting the information on Hebo Hybo Rd., and wanted to let them know that Town Farm Rd. is also a private Rd.

Susan Meehan requested that the Tuesday night meetings be moved to 6:00pm instead of 5:00pm, she also requested the Board announce their office hours.

Paul Poyant made a suggestion regarding the wording for the job description for the Deputy Code Enforcement Officer, the Town Administrator will take it into consideration.

Denis Long wanted to know if the town has been asked to do public work on private roads, he is especially concerned with protecting water quality.

The Town Administrator asked for clarification on Public Comments policy, the Board will get back to her at the next meeting.


A. Mary Grant Pumpkin Carving Oct 21 4:00pm

B. Recreational Committee Openings

C. Election Dates

D. Crockfest Nov 4 5-7pm


A. Board of Selectmen Oct 17 5:00pm

B. Forest/Conservation Meeting Oct 17 7:00pm

C. Warrant and Finance Oct 18 6:00pm

D. Planning Board Oct 19 7:00pm

E. Recreational Committee Oct 19 7:00pm

F. Marijuana Committee Oct 20 6:00pm (downstairs)

G. Board of Selectmen Oct 24 5:00pm

H. Public Hearing Moratorium Oct 24 7:00pm

I. Cemetery Committee Oct 26 5:00pm

J. Marijuana Committee Oct 27 6:00pm

K. Board of Selectmen Oct 31 5:00pm


Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Horn


Eric Dawalga, Jennifer Roux, Brendan Meehan, Steve Bodkin, Denis Long, Richard Nass, Tom Cashin, William Williams, Cindy Hart, Richard Hart, Susan Meehan, Karen McManus, David Winchell Jr., Paul Poyant, Joe Ruma, Rolin Waterhouse, Lois Michaud