Upcoming Agenda


November 21, 2017


Motion made and seconded to accept the agenda as presented.


Motion made and seconded to accept the October 31, 2017 minutes.


A. Town Administrator

The Town Administrator spoke of the Turkey baskets recently put together through neighbors helping neighbors and all of the donations that came in. Whether cash or physical items, the families were very thankful. Additionally, the account purchased turkeys for the York County Shelter.

B. Marijuana Committee

Richard Nass spoke to the Board regarding the committees' recommendation for the upcoming ordinance vote. He indicated that a majority of the committee support it and encourage the Town to do the same.

C. Road Committee

No update

D. Goat Hill Update

Trail work has been completed, Three Rivers will be in to give payment to the Town, in which will be refunded to Three Rivers after grant money is received.


A. Buzzell Road

- Dennis Long Follow Up

The Town Administrator stated that she provided the additional documents to Attorney Lenkowski and a after a conversation with Mr. Long he doesn't feel like there is anything to change his opinion. The Board discussed the possibility of a warrant article next year asking the Town if they were interesting in getting a survey.

B. Cable

A member of Metrocast will be at the Acton Town Hall on Tuesday, Dec 5 at 6pm to discuss resident concerns and answer any questions regarding Metrocast and the upcoming merger.

C. Severance Package

The Town Administrator indicated that the Town of Acton does not offer severance packages, and that although the results are public, the discussions are not.

D. Conflict of Interest

The Town Administrator stated that there were concerns from Mr. Williams about conflict of interest with Ed Walsh and Kim Stacey-Horn. Mrs. Roux indicated there was no conflict with Ed Walsh, as he only worked with David Winchell for a few days and it was several years ago. In regards to any conflict with Kim, Mrs. Roux said she had emailed MMA and informed them back in June of the relationship between the newly elected Selectmen and employee and MMA gave an opinion of how things should be handled and when she should possibly step back. That information has been shared with the Board and Treasurer.

E. 13th Street/Covewood Plowing

The Town Administrator read aloud a letter from Bergen and Parkinson from April 2011 regarding plowing 13th St to get to Covewood, in which they felt the Town had the right to plow 13th St to get to the Town Road of Covewood. Cindy Hart spoke in regards to this and doesn't feel the Town supplied the attorney with all of the information and asked the Board to review the Road Ordinance.


A. Loaner Ambulance Bill of Sale

The Town Administrator announced that the new ambulance had arrived and these documents were selling the loaner back to Spectrum. After review, the bill of sale and title were signed.

B. School Budget Timeline

Timeline was passed out, special town meeting to take place April 3, 2018.

C. 18-19 Budget Deadlines

The Town Administrator talked about having a workshop with the Treasurer and/or W/F to determine the schedule for the upcoming timeline and the Board approved moving forward with that.

D. Appointments

Jeannette Bearse was appointed as an Election Clerk until June 30, 2018.

E. Abatements

The following abatements were signed and approved:

PP 260 $20.11

RE 3080 $261.80

RE 998 $243.95

RE 747 $587.27

F. Supplements

The following supplement was signed and approved:

RE 331 $2333.59

G. Emergency Closure Policy

Discussion surrounding the possibility of paying staff for emergency closures was discussed. This is located in the personnel policy so it will be tabled until next week.


Dennis Long expressed his concern about encouraging the Selectmen to join with the School for one annual meeting. Also he asked about the Road Committee making proposed changes to the Road Ordinance.

Jerry Nulton talked about the importance of the Town of Acton voting in favor of the moratorium on Nov 28.

Lois Michaud thanked the Town Hall for putting together the Turkey Baskets. She also mentioned the old South Baptist Church is having a memorial on Nov 26, all are welcome.

Susan Meehan indicated she didn't believe everyone on the marijuana committee was in favor of it and asked for clarification.

Cindy Hart spoke of easements she felt were necessary on Buzzell Road and also indicated she had documentation on Buzzell Road.

Brendan Meehan asked what happened with the meeting between the Board of Selectmen and Warrant and Finance Committee. He believed the auditor requested a meeting with both committees. Mrs. Miller stated that was not true, the talk of a meeting only happened because of the packet that Mr. Gore presented to the Selectmen. Mr. Meehan stated he believed at the Aug 25 BOS meeting the Town Administrator stated a meeting was requested, she will review the tape.

Rollin Waterhouse indicated job descriptions are needed. The Board would like to move forward with these and asked to start with the Treasurer and TC/TC.

William Williams stated although he is in favor of marijuana he is concerned with Rt 109 becoming a Las Vegas strip of commercial.

Rollin Waterhouse asked that Mr. Williams address the Board as a private citizen and not Warrant and Finance if he's not acting in that capacity.


Town Hall closed Nov 23 and Nov 24

November 25, 2017 Tree Lighting

No BOS Meeting Nov 28

Town Marijuana Moratorium Election Nov 28


Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Conservation 7:00pm

Thursday, November 30, 2017 Cemetery Committee 5:00pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Ed Walsh, Kim Stacey-Pike

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jerry Nulton, Richard Nass, Greg Vermette, Dennis Long, Cindy Hart, Richard Hart, William Williams, Rollin Waterhouse, Lois Michaud, Karen McManus, Brendan Meehan, Susan Meehan, Paul Poyant, Joe Ruma, Jennifer Roux, Eric Dawalga