Upcoming Agenda


December 19, 2017

Karen Gerrish presented a Memorial Sentiment for Lorraine Yeaton to her family from the State of Maine.

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda; Kim Stacey- Horn seconded that motion. Motion approved.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes from the November 14, 2017 BOS meeting and the December 5, 2017 BOS meeting. Kim Stacey- Horn seconded that motion, motion approved.



William Williams from W/F spoke about the schedule that was emailed for the upcoming 2018 budget season. He believes there is an improvement from last year, but he wanted to ask for support from the Board with getting the department heads to speak directly with W/F after the joint meeting, if necessary. Mr. Williams also asked the Board for support in sending out a letter to recipients from last year to update their current situation to find out what the need is. Elise Miller said that she believes sending out a letter would be unnecessary, she explained that the Town Administrator sends a copy of the timeline, once approved, to the non profits. Mrs. Miller also thought that this was a good way to handle this and if any of them needed more money, they could set up a meeting with W/F. He also wanted some feedback from the Board in creating a ceiling of either a percentage or dollar amount on donations. The Board will discuss this at the January 2, 2018 meeting.

Lois Michaud from the Cemetery Committee let the Board know that they have received their GPS, but the battery is corroded. The Town Administrator let Lois know that she would get batteries for the unit, if they provided her with the type needed. Lois also updated the Board on the discovery of 2 local veterans found; she apologized for not knowing about them and said she would be getting flags and markers for them. Lois mentioned that there are 83 cemeteries in Acton. She said the cemetery committee is looking to double their budget from last year due to doing work that is needed to meet state guidelines and the cost of building a travel trailer to transport equipment.



A. 18 - 19 Deadlines

The Town Administrator will prepare a generic memo once the Board decides on ceilings and caps. Conversation to continue on Jan 2.

B. Sign Personnel Policy

At the 12/5 BOS meeting, the Board voted to amend the personnel policy allowing hourly employees to receive pay on days the town office is closed due to an emergency closing. Susan Meehan questioned the Board's ability to approve pay for hourly pay without having a town meeting. The Town Administrator said she would look into it and get back with her findings at the January 2, 2018 meeting. William Williams asked if the Board would consider requiring employees to use PTO time for all time off.

C. Town Clerk/Tax Collector/Registrar of Voters & Town Administrator Job Description

Elise Miller asked for this to be held off until the January 2, 2018 meeting.

D. Sign Intercept Policy

The Board signed the Intercept Policy approved on December 5, 2017 to implement a $375 fee to the towns of intercept calls.


A. Memo from Treasurer

The Town Administrator handed out a memo from the Town Treasurer in regards to the funds balance policy. Elise summarized the letter for the public. She said they would review the memo, along with the job description for the Town Treasurer, and discuss both at a future meeting.

B. Old Patrol Car

The Town Administrator had reached out to surrounding towns to see if any were in need of a patrol car, but none of the towns were interested. The Shapleigh Administrator emailed to ask permission to put the car out for bid. The Board approved the request to draft a bid proposal for the old Patrol Car starting at $1000.

C. Full Time Fire Fighter Policy

Elise Miller read the Full Time Fire Fighter Policy for the record. Chief Johnson also explained the full time schedule that he developed, and was approved by the Town Treasurer. The Board approved the policy effective January 1, 2018.

D. Review Use of Town Hall Policy

The Board discussed the Use of Town Hall Policy, Elise Miller pointed a few minor changes. Board to sign at the next meeting.



William Williams thanked the Board and the Fire Chief for the new Intercept Policy. He said it is a great improvement for the town.

Brendan Meehan stated he had a job description and it was called citizen/taxpayer and it was his job to oversee the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator. Mr. Meehan said that their violence, intimidation, and corruption would not deter him from doing that. He ended by stating that destroying town documents was a felony.



Town Hall and Library Closed Dec 26

Transfer Station Closed Dec 25 and Jan 1

Dog Licenses Expires Dec 31

2005 Ford Ambulance Bid - Jan 16



12/19/2017 Forest/Conservation 7:00pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Elise Miller, Ed Walsh, Kim Stacey-Pike

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Judy Shain, Dennis Long, Gail Long, Mary Yeaton, Bernie Yeaton, Paul Poyant, Rollin Waterhouse, Lois Michaud, Cindy Hart, Richard Hart, Karen McManus, Greg Vermette, Joe Ruma, Steve Johnson, Jennifer Roux, Eric Dewalga