Upcoming Agenda



January 16, 2018

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda; Kim Stacey- Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion approved.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 9 meeting, Kim Stacey-Horn seconded that. All in favor, motion carried.

3. DEPARTMENT HEAD / COMMITTEE CHAIR UPDATES: There were no updates from Department Head/ Committee Chairs.


A. Old Patrol Car

The Town Administrator spoke to the BOS in Shapleigh; they would like to move forward with the plan to sell the patrol car to the Sheriff's Department for $1000.00. Acton Selectmen agreed, the Sheriff's Dept will be notified.

B. Treasurer Job Description

The Town Administrator presented the Job Description for the Town Treasurer with updated a few changes that were discussed at the last meeting. Ed Walsh made a motion to adopt the Treasurer Job Description, Kim Stacey- Horn seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

C. Deputy CEO

Ed Walsh explained that he sat in on 4 interviews for the Deputy CEO position. He stated they all had great things to offer, but the candidate that they interviewed internally had the most to offer and would require minimal training. He said in discussing the options with the CEO, they both believe moving Brenda Charland to the Deputy CEO position and hiring a new part time Land Use Secretary would be most beneficial to the Town. The Town Administrator stated that she would begin working on drafting the paperwork for the restructure and present it at the next BOS meeting.

D. Ethics Policy

William Williams made a comment during public comment time of the January 9 meeting suggesting the Board implement an Ethics Policy for both Board Members as well as the Public during BOS meetings. The Town Administrator asked the Board if this is something they would like to pursue, the Board decided not to peruse an ethics policy.



A. Carol Long - Flat Ground Road

Carol Komezubumwe passed out to the Board, papers that they could reference as she spoke about Flat Ground Road. She stated that in 1960 the Town decided to close Flat Ground Road. She explained that closing the road is only a temporary action, not permanent and needs to be voted on every year. This was last brought to the Board in January 2016, at that time the Board consulted the Town Lawyer. In a letter received February 2, 2016, his response was when the Town decided to close the road, what they were doing was voting to discontinue the road. The Board also consulted with MMA, their response in March 2016 was that the road was not properly discontinued and it remains a town way. The letter from MMA also stated that the Board is not required to reinstate the road, nor do they have the authority to. It goes on to say that this does not, however, excuse the Board from taking action. MMA said the Board needs to talk to the Road Commissioners and discuss maintaining the road or make a plan to discontinue the road. Mrs. Komezubumwe stated that she was asking the Town to decide whether they will officially discontinue the road, or maintain it. She added that it is difficult for property owners to maintain the road and cannot form an official association because they are not technically a private road. Elise asked Mrs. Komezubumwe how many year round houses are on Flat Ground Road. Mrs. Komezubuwme responded that there are 12 year round homes on the road and seasonal property owners. The Town Administrator mentioned that she had additional information to discuss with the Board outside of a meeting, and stated that she would add Flat Ground Road to the agenda for next week

B. 2005 Ford Ambulance Bid Openings

The Town Administrator presented an email from Smart Shopper that for 2 weeks they inadvertently forgot to run the ad. She said they would run it for 2 weeks and set the deadline for February 13. The Town Administrator also brought up the boat that will go up for bid. She said that there is no VIN number for the boat and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife needs to issue on and recommended waiting till spring to go out to bid.

C. Budget Request Worksheets

The Town Administrator handed out packets to the Board; she explained that in the packets they will find the Initial Request Worksheets. The Treasurer and Town Administrator will hold a workshop with the Board to discuss this paperwork. They will hold this workshop on January 29 at 4pm.

D. Marriage Ceremonies Policy

The Town Administrator explained that she is continuing to update policies, some of the policies involve more than one Department, and so they will take more time. She said that the Marriage Ceremonies Policy was adopted in 2013. Elise read the policy aloud; a change was made in the wording of the policy. The Board decided, aside from that one change they would keep the policy the same.

E. Resignation

Lincoln Marsten gave his official resignation letter from the Planning Board, dated January 15, 2018. Ed Walsh made a motion to accept the resignation; Kim Stacey- Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, resignation accepted.


Lois Michaud requested any legal information regarding the land around Hebo Hybo Road. She said that she would like the information by spring because the Conservation Committee will be making a movement in the spring. The Town Administrator said that she will get the information to Ms. Michaud. Lois also brought up some questions about a possible conflict of interest; The Town Administrator said she would look into it.



01/18/2018 - Selectman Hours 7:00-8:00pm

02/02/2018 - Budget Deadline

02/04/2018 - Souper Sledding


01/16/2018 Road Committee 6pm

01/16/2018 Conservation/Forest 7pm

01/18/2018 Planning Brd 7pm

01/19/2018 Marijuana 6pm

01/23/2018 BOS 5pm

01/25/2018 Cemetery 5pm

01/30/2018 BOS 5pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Kim Stacey- Horn, Elise Miller

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Lois Michaud, William Williams, Jennifer Roux, Carol Komezubumwe, Jennifer Roux, Eric Dewagna, Joe Ruma, Dennis Long, Rollin Waterhouse, Cindy Hart, Susan Meehan, Gregory Vermette, Karen McManus, Paul Poyant, Michael Ward, Chuck Gregory