Upcoming Agenda



JUNE 17, 2008

1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Selectmen asked that Debbie Rix be removed from this week's agenda and be put on for next week. Mike asked that 5.(D) be “Metrocast”. Agenda was approved as amended.

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed.


a. ASSESSING: Brent will be picking up personal property values at Apple Valley on Friday.

b. CREDIT CARD FEE: Selectmen have suspended the use of payments by credit cards for now because the fees are over $7,000 in overdraft. There is a need to review the contract.

c. OIL BID: Lorraine reported on the list of oil vendors that Nancy had given her. Possibly the Town can get in on the school's bid.

d. ASSESSING AGENT: On a motion by Mike, it was voted to hire Joseph Lessard, 2 yes votes, 1 no vote, Dick voting in the negative.


      (A) NOMINATION FOR MMA VICE PRESIDENT: Nancy reported that John Sylvester of Alfred has been nominated for MMA Vice President.

      (B) SESSION  RELATIVE TO PERSONNEL MATTERS - TRANSFER STATION: Steve Ledoux, Manager of the Transfer Station requested this meeting. As the result of a previous executive session, Selectmen had notified Dana McGlincey that she was on probation. She was to abide by certain provisions, which she has not. She has not apologized to Roger Lewis, nor made restitution for personal property which she threw away. She has not signed her job description, she continues to work on days that she has not been scheduled for. She has a poor attitude at the Transfer for which Steve has received several complaints. She has been away from her job for as long as 2 hours at a time during the day and has left to go home over 1 hour before closing time on several occasions. She has had her son at the Transfer Station during working hours, which is prohibited.  She has been insubordinate and has refused to communicate with him as Transfer Station Manager.

Dana said she has asked Roger to give her receipts for anything that belonged to him and he has not. She didn't sign her job description because there was something wrong with it. She has an attitude because  she doesn't like him. She did apologize to Roger. She does not want Steve to call her. She told him if he needs to contact her he can call Mike Conway and Mike can get a message to her. (Mike said he will not serve as middle man and does not want to be called). Dana denies having her son at the Transfer Station while she was on payroll.

Nancy said Steve is the Manager and sets the hours when employees work. It is necessary that Dana follow his orders. Nancy asked Roger Lewis if Dana had apologized and he said she had not. Nancy asked if she had made restitution and he said she has not. Dana said there was no need for so much clutter in Roger's building so she cleaned it out. Nancy said that Roger's building is not Dana's responsibility and she had no right to throw away his property. Dana said she was through talking.

(C)  SESSION RELATIVE TO PERSONNEL MATTERS TREASURER: - Vicki asked that Dick read aloud the statement he submitted on the subject of “Need for Disciplinary Action”, which he did. Vicki then read her statement refuting the charges. (See attached documents). Mike Conway spoke and said  that relative to charge #1, he heard Vicki make the remark about Debbie Rix. Relative to charge #2, Mike said he was present when Vicki said, “I can do what I want to do”. Mike said Vicki is hard to work with and needs to act more mature and lose her attitude of anger. Dick said that the Town Hall is a hostile environment.  He wanted to work with Vicki to make things better. Nancy said the Selectmen will take both matters under advisement and make no decision at this time.

(D) METROCAST: Mike announced that  Metrocast will be setting up Channel 26 as our  Government Channel. They hope to telecast in about 2 weeks on Channel 12 to try it out.

6.   ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

7.   MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Mike Conway, Dick Neal.

8.   OTHERS PRESENT:Dick Weymouth, Cheryl Carpenter, Lois and Richard Michaud, Brian and Dana McGlincey, Roger Lewis, Steve Ledoux, Chuck Hefferon, Vicki Ridlon, John Moore, Chip Venell, Barbara Seckar, Pam McAlinden, Dennis Long, Patti Dutil, Percy Lowell, Jennifer Roux, Debbie Rix, Michelle Rumney, Paul and Evelyn LeBlanc, John Mitchell, Lorraine Yeaton