Upcoming Agenda



February 20, 2018

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda; Kim Stacey Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion carried.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes from February 6 and February 13, Kim Stacey-Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion carried.


A. Marijuana Committee Chair Richard Nass gave the Board an update on the Statewide Moratorium. Mr. Nass explained that the statewide moratorium has expired and there doesn't seem to be any interest at the state level in extending it. He said at this point, if the state doesn't pass anything then it will remain legal to sell retail marijuana. Mr. Nass added that the Marijuana Committee is still planning to meet to discuss retail marijuana and will still be available for questions. Mr. Nass asked the Board if they had any questions in regards to the packet that they received a few weeks ago. Elise Miller stated that it makes sense to her, instead of going into writing ordinances, to have the town decide which of the 5 types of ordinances they would like to see. She stated that some of the ordinances seemed specific to the type of license. Mr. Nass said that Ms. Miller was referring to the majority report. He stated there is a difference; basically the majority is saying to get the voters to vote on a ban. He said if that passes that is where it stands. If the ban doesn't pass, then go back and ask them to vote on the various categories (retail sales, cultivation, etc.). Kim Stacey-Horn asked why not ask the town to vote on those categories now to find out what the voters want. She suggested picking three categories and from what they pick, focus on those categories. Mr. Nass explained if the people want a ban, then they won't vote on the categories. He added that the minority report suggested extending the moratorium for another 180 days that would give the state some time to decide what they are going to do before the town makes any decisions. Ed Walsh said that it makes sense to him to extend the moratorium, and ask the voters at the town meeting if they want a ban. Elise Miller then asked for some clarification on the limits for personal growing that is being recommended.

Committee member Jerry Nulton answered that during the research, they spoke with a town and what they learned that when people were allowed to grow too many they would realize how easy it was and would then be growing more and selling them to friends. That town he spoke of was in Colorado and they suggested zoning personal growth to keep situations like that from happening. Mr. Nulton then stated that he believes the work that the committee has put into the report could be of value to other communities and asked the Board if it could be shared on the town website. The Board agreed that it was a good idea to make the report available online. Michael McCrumb stood to speak as a minority member of the committee; he stated that the minority recommends making some ordinances for after the votes come through, just so the Town can handle what comes. The Board decided to let the town vote on the ban of commercial marijuana on the June 12th ballot. The Town Administrator stated that she would prepare some sample questions for review at the next meeting.


A. Bill of Sale / Title - 2005 Ford E450

The Town Administrator stated that last week the Board sold the 2005 Ford E450 Ambulance. She asked the Board to sign the title for the sale; she added that the purchaser has already paid for the Ambulance.

B. Joint Workshop / BOS & WF March 03/17/2018

Ed Walsh asked if the joint workshop scheduled for March 17, 2018 could be rescheduled for March 24, 2018. The Board agreed to change the date to March 24.



A. Stove

The Town Administrator stated that one of the things the Insurance Company had requested was that the old commercial gas stove in the kitchen of the town hall be replaced. She asked if the Board was ok with her just replacing the stove with a regular residential cook stove and pay for it out of money that has already been budgeted for building and maintenance. She added that she priced out some stoves and it will end up being between $500 and $700. The Board agreed that the town hall needed the stove and that a residential size stove is fine. The Town Administrator asked if anyone knew where the current stove came from could let her know.

B. Policy Governing Access to Public Records

The Town Administrator handed out a copy of the Policy Governing Access to Public Records with recommendations from the town Attorney at Bourque and Clegg. She asked the Board to review the Policy and respond at next weeks meeting.

C. Abutter Notice

The Town of Shapleigh sent a certified letter to the Town of Acton, notifying them of a subdivision that is to be built on the Acton town line in Shapleigh. The letter explained that as a property owner abutting the proposed subdivision, the town is invited to attend a planning board meeting to discuss any questions or concerns. This meeting is planned for Tuesday, February 27th at 6:00pm.

D. Quit Claim Deed

The Town Administrator stated that at last weeks meeting they discussed the Right to Redemption letter that was sent to the heirs of the property owner that was in foreclosure. She said that the heirs have responded and that the taxes were paid in full as well as the fee. The Town Administrator asked the Board to approve the Quick Claim Deed to return the property to the heirs. Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the Quit Claim Deed; Kim Stacey-Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion carried.



02/23/2018 - Cheering for Charlie Spaghetti Dinner

02/24/2018 - Republican Caucus - Biddeford Middle School 1pm

03/01/2018 - Planning Board Public Hearing - Subdivision Regulations

03/04/2018 - Democratic Caucus - Acton Town Hall 3:30pm

03/15/2018 - Blood Drive Fire/Rescue 12:30pm - 5:30pm



02/22/2018 - Cemetery Committee 5:00pm

02/22/2018 - Rec. Committee 7:00pm

02/27/2018 - BOS 5:00pm


9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Horn


10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Richard Nass, Jerry Knowlton, Mike McCrumb, Lois Michaud, Brendan Meehan, Rollin Waterhouse, Eric Dewalga, Charles Gregory, Mrs. Gregory, Susan Meehan