Upcoming Agenda


February 27, 2018

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda, Elise Miller seconded that motion. All in favor, motion carried.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of February 20th are tabled.


A. Marijuana Bans

The Town Administrator stated that based on the conversation from last weeks meeting, she did some research and found that only two towns have a 100% ban on commercial marijuana sales, Shapleigh and Lemoine. The Town Administrator passed out sample ordinances for the Board for review. She then asked the Board to clarify the question they would like on the secret ballot regarding commercial marijuana sales. Elise Miller brought up the recommendation from the marijuana committee to add a preamble reminding voters what passed in November 2016, what is currently going on at the state level, and that even with the moratorium the ban will strictly be with commercial marijuana. Richard Nass stood to say that he would work with the committee to draft this preamble and have the lawyer review it. Elise added that in the mean time the Board will read the samples provided by the Town Administrator. The Town Administrator stated that she would add this topic back to the agenda for next week, and have the deadline dates at that time.


A. Budget / Joint Workshop / Warrant

William Williams spoke with the Town Administrator in her office earlier in the day, and notified her that most of his committee will be able to meet on March 24th. Mr. Williams also added that he wasn't sure that there would be enough time at the meeting on the 24th for each department head to speak and then for questions to be answered. He wanted to make sure that the department heads knew they may be called back in to answer questions. Mr. Williams also mentioned to the Town Administrator he would like to see a finished Warrant from the Board prior to the meeting. Elise Miller asked if Mr. Williams was expecting a draft of the Warrant or a finished and signed article on the 24th. The Town Administrator said that Mr. Williams was just expecting a draft with finalized numbers. Elise Miller said that they should be able to do that by the 24th.

B. Old Stove

The Town Administrator stated that she hasn't heard any information regarding where the old stove came from so she was putting it out there again to see if anyone knew of anything. She said they would give it about a week and if they didn't hear anything or if no one wants it, it would be disposed of. She added that they have received a quote for the new stove from Central Furniture and that the Town's heating contractor, Mousam Valley Tech would be doing the install.

C. Policy Governing Access to Public Records

The conversation for Policy Governing Access to Public Records will be tabled until next week.

D. Cheering for Charlie

The Town Administrator thanked all who donated, contributed and came out to support the family at the Cheering for Charlie fundraiser held Friday night at the Town Hall. She stated that $5000 was raised to help the family and that they are extremely grateful.

E. Recovery Fee - Dog

The Town Administrator stated that the Town has recovered the fees from the Lebanon resident who refused to pay the ACO for recovery fees on 2 dogs. She added that she will notify the courts that the fees have been paid.

F. Flat Ground Road

The Town Administrator explained that a couple of weeks ago, the Board met with Joe Lenkowski, one of the Town Attorneys to discuss Flat Ground Road. She handed the Board a letter from Joe Lenkowski with his recommendations for what the Town should do regarding Flat Ground Rd. Elise read the letter out loud, which suggested initiating conversation with property owners on Flat Ground Rd. through Dennis Long. The goal would be to offer a repair maintenance plan acceptable to the Town. The plan would require all property owners on Flat Ground Rd. to be on board, then craft an agreement contract which would essentially, create a status for the road that falls somewhere between a town road accepted way and private way. The Town Administrator asked the Board if they are ready to give permission to the Town Attorneys to start researching, and to take it off the June Warrant in hopes that the residents can come to an agreement. Ed Walsh said yes. Dennis Long asked for the Board to clarify what was happening. Elise Miller explained that they are working toward a contract between the Town and the residents of Flat Ground Rd to get the road up to a plowable condition and then start maintaining the road.

G. Buzzell Road

The Town Administrator indicated the survey for Buzzell Road would probably be between $5000-$8000 to find the end of the Town road. Cindy Hart of the Road committee stated that she believed the cheapest and easiest way would be to get the 2 easements they need to plow the road and it would be free and it wouldn't matter where the end was. Elise mentioned that they may need to create a turnaround. Ms. Hart added that they would just need to get a driveway turnaround easement. Elise asked Ms. Hart if they could have the easements soon. Ms. Hart stated that she has the stuff ready for it. She also added that she understands that there have been some changes in the Warrants and would like to take a look at them before the meeting with the Budget Committee. Ms. Hart brought up some concerns regarding bridges, Elise mentioned they could set up a time and talk about it. In closing, the Board authorized Buzzell Road to be plowed all the way down, as soon as easements were in place.



A. Dog Warrant

The Town Administrator stated that there are still 40-50 dogs unlicensed in Acton. She turned the list over to the ACO who will be going door to door. She added that next week she will have a list for the Board to sign for court summons.

B. Hazardous Waste Collection Day

The Town Administrator stated that the Transfer Station Superintendent added a hazardous waste collection day to his budget last year. He has been working with the company EPI to keep it within the budget of $10,000. The Town Administrator gave the Board a contract that needs to be signed before the hazardous waste collection day can move forward. The Board will review the contract and talk about it at the next meeting.

C. Town of Milton Notice

The Town received a letter from an attorney representing all the abutters for the expansion of a campground in Milton. The Town Administrator stated that she read a lot of the fine print and can't figure out if the town of Acton is considered an abutter or an individual property owner. The Town Administrator stated that there are a lot of legal documents included with the notice, and the attorney would like to have a conference call with the Board. Dennis Long stated that he is familiar with the area they are speaking of and Acton and Milton are separated by the Salmon Falls River. The Town Administrator asked the Board to just read through the notice; she added that these attorneys as well as the abutters they represent, have a lot of concerns regarding the doubling in size of the campground. Ed Walsh suggested having the CEO take a look at the notice.

D. Winter Overdraft to Date

The Treasurer submitted the Winter Overdraft to date. Currently the town is $25,901 overspent in winter, the town is allowed to go up 15% of the entire winter budget. Of the overdraft amount, $18,720 went to sand and salt and $7181 went to labor.



03/01/2018 - Planning Board Public Hearing - Subdivision Regulations

03/04/2018 - Democratic Caucus - Acton Town Hall 3:30pm

03/15/2018 - Blood Drive Fire/Rescue 12:30pm - 5:30pm



03/01/2018 Planning Board 7pm

03/06/2018 BOS 5pm

03/13/2018 BOS 5pm

03/15/2018 Planning Board 7pm

03/15/2018 Rec Committee 7pm

03/20/2018 BOS 5pm

03/27/2018 BOS 5pm

03/29/2018 Cemetery 5pm


9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller


10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Dennis Long, Richard Nass, Cindy Hart, Eric Dewalga