Upcoming Agenda


March 6, 2018

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda; Kim Stacey-Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion approved.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes of February 20 and 27th, Kim Stacey Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion approved.



A. Policy Governing Access to Public Records

The Town Administrator stated that one change was made to the Policy Governing Access to Public records, based on recommendations from the Town Attorney. Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the updated policy; Kim Stacey-Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion approved.

B. Flat Ground Road

The Town Administrator stated that she is still waiting to hear back from the Town Attorney regarding Flat Ground Road.

C. Buzzell Road

The Town Administrator stated that the Road Committee was supposed to meet Monday night to discuss turnarounds. Cindy Hart stood to speak on behalf of the Road Committee; she stated that because the proposed location of the turnaround on Buzzell Road is on a private part of the road, it would need to be discussed at the town meeting. Elise Miller stated that she believed that if it was a private part of the road, it would have another name. She believes that Buzzell Road is a town road all the way to Lakeside Drive. She added that at the previous meeting they were just asking the Road Committee to obtain an easement for a turnaround at the last house on Buzzell Rd. Ms. Hart stated that in her opinion, the Board should ask the Road Committee how far they would like the road plowed. She added that this location may not even be the best option for a turnaround and that it may make more sense to go a little bit farther down. The Town Administrator suggested looking through minutes of previous meetings, she believes there is some confusion. She said that it was her understanding that the Board had instructed District 1 to plow until the end of Buzzell, and that the Road Committee would be working on a turnaround at their upcoming meeting. The Town Administrator also said that she had contacted the Road Commissioner for District 1 and let him know that once that turnaround was in place, he would be plowing to the very end of Buzzell Road. The District 1 Road Commissioner told the Town Administrator, he would not be plowing to the end of Buzzell until the turnaround was signed. Ms. Hart said she must have misunderstood because she believed they were talking about all the turnarounds, not just for Buzzell. Ms. Hart stated that if they were going to one they should go ahead and get all of the easements done for turnarounds. Kim Stacey-Horn said they needed to get this one done first, they needed it done so it could be plowed for the next snowstorm. Dennis Long stood to speak, he stated that at the end of Buzzell Road where it turns into Lakeside Drive and Foley Way, there is no space for a turnaround. He stated that years ago when they plowed down there, they would go down Lakeside Drive to Ron Crawfords, where they had a turnaround. He said unless they stop plowing and turn around at 500 Buzzell Road, the next possible turnaround is down Lakeside Drive and turnaround at Ron Crawfords driveway. He said it's just imposable to turn a plow truck around anywhere in that dip. The Town Administrator suggested bringing in the District 1 Road Commissioner to discuss the turnaround, Elise Miller suggested the Road Committee chair as well as Dennis Long attend.

D. Hazardous Waste Collection Day

The Town Administrator presented the contract Hazardous Waste Collection Day with EPI scheduled for April 28th. Ed Walsh made a motion to sign the contract; Kim Stacey-Horn seconded that motion. All in favor, motion carried.

E. Budget

The Town Administrator asked the Board if they could meet one more time before the meeting with Warrant and Finance scheduled for March 24th. She said that the Treasurer would like their opinions on a couple of things. The Board agreed to meet on March 19th.

F. Dog Warrant

The Town Administrator stated that the list of unregistered dogs is down to only 10, and that the ACO has been door to door and left door hangers reminding people to register their dogs. She added that up until today the fee was $25 but after the Board signs the Warrant the fee will be $50, and in 7 days they will start issuing court summons for unlicensed dogs. The Board signed the Warrant.


A. June Warrant Article

At the last meeting there was a conversation about a question for the voters regarding marijuana. The Town Administrator said that the Marijuana Committee will be meeting March 16th to discuss the question. She added that the deadline for the Draft Ordinance is April 17th so the Board has a date to keep in mind. She also recommended after getting the Draft, having a few public hearings to discuss and get public input.

B. Nomination Papers

The Town Administrator stated that nomination papers will be available at 9:00 AM on Friday, March 2. They must be returned no later than 4:00 PM Friday, April 13th. There is a minimum of 25 signatures and no more than 100 needed for the June 12th election. The following seats are available; Board of Selectmen with a 3 year term, 2 School Committee seats and District 2 Road Commissioner.

C. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

The Town Administrator handed out a Draft Agreement for Atlantic Broadband. She asked the Board to review, and added that Mike Corey would be available at the next BOS meeting to discuss the Agreement.

D. Fire-Rescue Ordinance

The Town Administrator passed a copy of an ordinance the Fire Chief would like on the June Warrant. He asked that the Board review and he will be available at the next meeting to discuss the possible changes.

E. Medical Reimbursement Services

The Town Administrator explained that the contract the town has with their current medical billing company is expiring. She said the Treasurer and Fire Chief have been discussing new companies, Medical Reimbursement Services comes highly recommended. The Town Administrator passed a Draft contract to the Board for review; she added that she will add it to the agenda for next week for discussion.

6. PUBLIC COMMENT: Rollin Waterhouse asked for the hours for the Hazardous Waste Day. Elise Miller answered that it will be from 9AM-12PM. He then asked what will they be collecting. The Town Administrator apologized for not having the flyer in front of her, she said that now that the Board has signed the contract Bob Mann will start advertising the flyer.


03/08/2018 - Selectmen Office Hours 7:00pm - 8:00pm

03/15/2018 - Blood Drive Fire/Rescue 12:30pm - 5:30pm

03/15/2018 - Site Walk - Planning Board 6:00pm

03/15/2018 - Selectmen Office Hours 7:00pm - 8:00pm

03/24/2018 - Acton Shapleigh Lions Club Dinner 4:00pm - 6:00pm


03/08/2018 Warrant and Finance 6pm

03/13/2018 BOS 5pm

03/15/2018 Planning Board 7pm

03/15/2018 Rec. Committee 7pm

03/16/2018 Marijuana Committee 6pm

03/20/2018 BOS 5pm

03/24/2018 Joint Workshop BOS & W/F 9am

03/27/2018 BOS 5pm

03/29/2018 Cemetery 5pm

9. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller, Kim Stacey-Horn

10. OTHERS PRESENT: Jennifer Roux, Cindy Hart, Dennis Long, Rollin Waterhouse