Upcoming Agenda


March 20, 2018

1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Elise Miller made an adjustment to the agenda and added Forestry - Conservation to the list of Committee Updates, no objections.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes from May 6, seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn. Motion carried.

Elise Miller announced the unveiling of the dedication of the 2017-2018 Town Report to Thomas Cashin. After reading Mr. Cashin's dedication the Board thanked him for all he's given to Acton.


A. Fire Department (Ordinance Review / Efficiency Maine Contract)

Chief Johnson went over the proposed changes to the ordinance of the Fire-Rescue Commission. The Board to review for next week. In regards to Efficiency Maine, Chief Johnson indicated that when the original quote was given to the Town, it was missing a portion of the building, therefore he was submitting a new quote. After decision the Board signed the updated contract for $2800.00

B. Marijuana Committee (Ordinance Review - 4/17 Order Deadline)

Chairman Nass discussed the proposed ordinance they are moving forward was a consensus of the committee. He advised he was not an attorney and asked for it to be reviewed. The Town Administrator indicated she has already sent it over to legal for his review. In closing, Mr. Nass thanked Jennifer and the Board for getting the marijuana committee reports online.

C. Road Committee

Chairman Hart spoke to the Board regarding the RSMS program. Mrs. Hart feels like this would be a good program for Acton as it will store important data. The cost of said program is 250.00. After discussion it was approved for purchase.

D. Recreational Department

Chairman Whitman spoke to the Board regarding the thought surrounding raising the recreational fees. The committee was hoping to raise the registration fees and also he wanted to put a flagpole for the Rec Fields. After discussion, the Board supported the purchase of a flagpole but weren't sure how they felt about the increase in funds. Additionally, the Board indicated that because they cut their budget, it didn't really make sense to increase the fees.


A. Flat Ground Road

The Town Administrator stated that the agreement drafted by Joe Lenkowski is in the hands of Brad Morin now, per his request. As of now a 2nd opinion has not been given.

B. Buzzell Road (Meeting Follow-up)

Chairman Miller stated they were looking into a vote from June 2010 which could affect how Buzzell Road now stands. The Town Administrator is in the process of verifying that and more information will come next week.

C. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

Tabled until next week.

D. Medical Reimbursement Services

Attorney Morin reviewed the Medical Reimbursement Services and made a couple of minor changes which he moved forward to the Board in an addendum. Also, another change was made by the Treasurer regarding payments being mailed directly to the Town of Acton. After discussion, motion was made and seconded to sign said documents, new company will start April 1.


A. W/F Email Questions / Concerns

The Town Administrator wanted to be sure the Selectmen have seen all the W/F questions and emails and that the Board knows the Committee feels like they need more time to review the warrants. Additionally, the committee wanted some guidance from the Selectmen regarding the Social Services.

B. April 3 School Warrant (No BOS Mtg)

The Board of Selectmen reviewed and signed the April 3 Special Town Meeting Warrant for April 3.

C. Iron Tails Saloon Liquor License

The Board set the public hearing for Iron Tails for Tuesday, April 10 at 5pm.

D. Mass Gathering Permit

The Board reviewed a mass gathering permit for Volkswagen Vacationland Association on Sunday Aug 5th. Motion was made and seconded to approve the permit.

E. Appointment

Bridget Whitman was appointed to the Recreational Committee until June 30, 2018.


Dennis Long asked the Board to deny the request of the Rec to increase the registration fee to the kids in Acton.


03/24/2018 - Acton Shapleigh Lions Club Turkey Dinner 4:00pm - 6:00pm (Shap Church)

04/13/2018 - Deadline to file Nomination Papers (Selectmen, Dist 2 RC, School Comm. x2)

04/28/2018 - Hazardous Waste Day 9:00am - 12:00noon


03/20/2018 Conservation Committee 7:00pm

03/24/2018 Joint Workshop BOS & W/F 9am

03/27/2018 BOS 5pm

03/29/2018 Cemetery 5pm


10. OTHERS PRESENT: Donovan G. LaJoie, Gavin Maloney, Brendan Meehan, Jon Ross, Judie Shain, Amanda Cobb, Richard Nass, Gregory E Vermette, Steve Johnson, M.R. Macrum, Chris Whitman, Joan Nass, Tom Cashin, W.L. Williams, Cindy Hart, Chuck Gregory, Susan Meehan, Rollin Waterhouse, Leslie Berlan, Karen McManus, Joseph Ruma, Carol Ward, Andy Brazier, Paul Poyant, Carl Davis, Prabodh Bakshi, Joyce Bakshi.