Upcoming Agenda



JULY 1, 2008

1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Deferred until next week when Mike can be present.

3.      WARRANT: Approved and signed.


 a. ASSESSING: All new assessments for this year have been entered.

b. OIL BID: Brian Beeler said the last bid price was 4.97 per gallon. They are waiting, hoping prices will stabilize. Selectmen have asked that the bid for the Fitness Center be included with the school bid.

c. RECONSIDERATION OF MINUTES OF JUNE 17: Because Mike was not present, action was tabled until next week.


(A) JULY 4& 5 CLOSING: All Municipal Offices will be closed on July 4 and 5.

(B) ROGER ROY'S REQUEST FOR USE OF DESK & PHONE FOR THE COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT: Nancy stated she believes this cannot be allowed because the taxpayers cannot be required to support a group not approved by the Town Meeting. Action was tabled until next week. Roger Roy asked that he be furnished a decision in writing.

(C) SCHOOL COMMITTEE REQUEST TO DISCUSS BUDGET AND TIMELINES: Superintendent Brian Beeler, School Committee members and Warrant and Finance Committee members were present. Brian distributed copies of the latest budget reductions made by the School Committee and asked if anyone had any other suggestions where budget cuts could be made. Nancy said she feels if there is no increase in tax rate this would satisfy the public. Tom Chase said he doesn't feel quite enough has been cut. It the total budget can be reduced to under $5,000,000 this may be the magic number. Dennis Long does not want to see any more cuts in the sports programs. They can reduce the art program to 4 days a week and cut the computer teacher. John Moore does not think Spanish is necessary until grade 8. He suggests a reduction in the art program and possibly combining the principal and superintendent duties. Dick Weymouth feels because he is new to this job, he is not yet qualified to make recommendations for cuts. Tony said he feels the budget is close to approval but maybe a few more cuts are needed. Brian thanked all for their suggestions and said the School Committee will take it under advisement. Brian announced that the Warrant and Finance Committee will meet July 10, the Town Meeting vote will be at the school on July 22 and the validation referendum will be on July 29 at the Town Hall.

(D) APPOINTMENTS: Selectmen made the following appointments: Animal Control Officer Frank Shippee; Code Enforcement Officer Kenneth Paul; Deputy CEO Steve McDonough; Robert T. Gore EMA Director; Peter H. Smith, Deputy EMA; Victoria Ridlon, Treasurer/CFO; Tom Cashin, Percival Lowell, John Moore, Robert Meyers, Roy Trafton, Larissa Crockett, members of the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee; Randy Godwin, Planning Board Member, for three years, Keith Davis, Alternate Planning Board Member for three years; Conservation Committee Member for three years, Lois Michaud.

(E) AMENDMENT TO PERSONNEL POLICY: On a motion by Tony, the following amendment was adopted: “Health Insurance Benefits are available to Selectmen through the Town of Acton's insurance carrier. Effective July 1, 2008, the Town of Acton will not make any insurance contribution for the Health Insurance premiums for the Selectmen.”

6. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 pm.

7. MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Tony Cogliandro   8. OTHERS PRESENT: Richard Weymouth, Cheryl Carpenter, Ann Germon, Roger Roy, Debbie and Mark Rix, Linda Whitman, Jennifer Goodwin, Patti Dutil, Richard Neal, Richard Ham, Irene Kerrigan, Irene Davis, Virginia Deboer, Bob Cronin, Vicki Ridlon, Jennifer Roux, Karl Hodgdon, Mary Yeaton, Millie and Ray Leary, Chip Venell, Jim Driscoll, Chuck Hefferon, Dennis Long, John Moore, David Cote, Tom Chase,  Brian Beeler, Jeanette Bearse, Judie Shain, Richard Michaud, Mary Stanton, Lorraine Yeaton