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April 24, 2018

KB Enterprises/Willy's Liquor License Public Hearing

The Board reviewed KB Enterprises/Willy's license application and Sheriff’s Department calls for the area and found no issues. The Board asked if there were any comments to be made. Hearing none, the public hearing was closed.


Jennifer Roux indicated that Lois Michaud asked to be on the agenda and she had failed to do so, so if Madam Chair would be so inclined, please add as G. under new business. So added. Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda as amended; seconded by Elise Miller. Motion carried, agenda approved.


Board decided to table minutes as they are not ready yet.




A. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

The conference call with the attorney regarding Atlantic Broadband Agreement was postponed; to be rescheduled for next week. Agreement to be moved forward until next week.

B. Flat Ground Road

This will remain as old business until all the survey results are in. The letters have gone out.

C. Marijuana/Planning Board Update

Richard Nass approached the podium to present an update. Three members of the Marijuana committee met with members of the Planning Board committee. Broad discussions took place. The only report Mr. Nass had was they recommended to the Planning Board committee members to read the report as all are waiting for the June 12, 2018 election.

Secondly, Mr. Nass inquired of the Board on proceedings of the public hearing. His primary questions were: Will you allow non-residents to attend public hearing? Are you going to set time limits on speaking? What role do you want the Marijuana committee to take at the public hearing as they can make an upfront statement and/or answer questions as they arise?

Board responded that they were not sure why this was brought to Planning Board committee. Mr. Nass's response was that conversations morphed into discussions around the issue and thus moved forward. No one asked them to be involved and that until vote happens on June 12th there is no need to pursue.

The Board also had concerns regarding remarks made about zoning and enforcement of zoning ordinances. The Board indicated that the CEO Department is doing a good job and that these remarks were unnecessary and uncalled for. Mr. Nass responded it was he who made remarks, but feels that our collective ability to enforce ordinances is difficult. He indicated that he got the reaction as he wanted and when he gets a chance he will flesh that out. Mr. Nass said it was not a criticism but something he wanted to work out. Jennifer Roux pointed out that the Board found that these comments have been made at several other meetings and they need to stop. The Board thanked Mr. Nass for the work he has done.

D. Warrant/Finance Committee Meeting Recap

The Town Administrator, Jennifer Roux related that the Warrant Finance committee met last Wednesday and got through about ½ the warrants. There are a couple of things needing discussion. Two of the articles were not voted in favor of due to lack of information. Mrs. Roux asked the Warrant/Finance Committee if they would reconsider the warrants if provided more information as they are meeting again tomorrow (April 25, 2018) at 5:30 pm. They did not commit but, they will consider it. The two articles are the Fire Depart and the Town seeking to add $5,000 into their Capital Improvement funds. The committee didn't feel they had enough on the projects in front of them to consider.

Next, the Warrant/Finance Committee inquired about more information on EMA Director. They stopped at that article because they weren't sure if the appointee was qualified. Mrs. Roux indicated she had that one taken care of with State statutes.

Back to the Fire Department article. After reaching out to the Fire Chief, he did not believe the article was written as intended. He indicated that after speaking to the Treasurer, he would propose the article to be changed to read as such that the town would vote to establish a fire rescue department grounds and building emergency repair fund and to raise $5,000 to that fund; not capital improvement. Question to Board is, are you interested in changing the article? Secondly, on the Town's portion do you want to share more information on how you want the capital improvement fund spent? The idea in the past was to build up this account for circumstances like the furnace dying. Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that they are just appropriating funds; it would need a town meeting vote to spend. Ed Walsh asked if Fire Department warrant was necessary since there was $15,000 in an emergency fund available. Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that the Warrant/Finance committee will be meeting tomorrow so they need to decide on any changes. Ed Walsh said we should pull Fire Department warrant.

Next, Jennifer Roux asked about the Town Capital Improvement article. Discussion ensued. Jennifer Roux will take a list to the Warrant/Finance committee of possible projects to be considered and planned for next year.


A. So. Maine Veterans Memorial

Jennifer Roux indicated we will table this tonight as Mr. Bachelder is not here.

B. Betty Smith, Program Director for Acton-Shapleigh YCC

Foremost Mrs. Smith thanked the town for their support over the years. As a collaboration between the Mousam Lake Region Association and the ASYCC the Watershed survey was completed. End result was to apply for federal grants. It was a 2-step process which is now complete and approved.

Mrs. Smith was here tonight to inform the Board about the grant being written in collaboration with the Mousam Lake Region Association and the York County Soil & Water Conservation District. The total grant value falls between $97,000 to $98,000. Part of the grant is to allot $15,00 to $17,000 to the Town of Acton to fix some of the road sites identified in the Watershed survey. If granted, there is a matched component to this grant. Any dollars spent hiring contractors to do the work can be put toward the match, allowing the construction funds to be used for materials purchased to fix some of these sites.

In addition to providing this information, the ASYCC is requesting the town to provide overall general support to this grant. They would like to have someone from the town participate on the Steering Committee; they would like post on the website; and utilize town space for meetings. They would also require a commitment to addressing and fixing some of the road sites on the list attached to the grant.

In order to be competitive in the grant process, a cash match is customary. The ASYCC would like to take $3,000 of the support funding that has already been allocated to them and put it into the grant as a cash match from the town. A Board signed letter of commitment stating all requests and submitted with grant are supported is also required. Templates can be provided, they just need Board signatures. RFP's (proposals) are due June 1, 2018.

Jennifer Roux asked for purposes of the warrant article submitted will there need to be changes to the warrant. Response was no.

Discussion of the grant ensued. Clarifications made are: no additional monies are being asked for; general support of Board is only things needed.

If grant is awarded, the way tasks are build into the grant, there is a road improvement task listing high impact items that the ASYCC wants addressed. The grant will cover the materials for these tasks but Acton will need to provide the labor as their portion of the match. The Board felt the Road Commissioner should review.

Ed Walsh reminded the Board that we can't apply for or take a grant that obligates the town in any way. So, this can be a problem. Private roads would need to come off the list. Due to this constraint, Jennifer Roux requested a copy of the grant and letter for the Treasurer to review and the town to do further research on the impact and constraints of this issue further.

C. Winter Road Overdraft

Jennifer Roux notified the Board that the town is allowed 15% overdraft for roads (snow plowing) and general assistance. The town had a budget balance of $705 which they were allowed to use to finish out the season. However, a salt invoice for $3,800 was just received. This puts the town over the allotted budget amount. In order to pay this bill, there will need to be held a special town meeting. Mrs. Roux also noted that there was a question proposed on whether this bill could be paid out of the road's general maintenance fund. This question has been proposed to legal and she is awaiting a response. Elise Miller asked Mrs. Roux for a breakdown of costs for salt versus sand purchased in 2017/18. She also asked if the guys or the Road Commissioner is watching this budget line item. Jennifer Roux will ask them to next week's meeting to review.

D. Road Committee Appointment

Per Board request, the Town Administrator advertised the Road committee opening longer and received no additional applications. Mrs. Roux explained the only candidate to step forward was qualified and they should give him a try. Elise Miller read the appointment of Charles Gregory to become a Road committee member until June 30, 2019 as proclaimed by town proceedings. Ed Walsh made a motion to appoint Charles Gregory as Road committee member, Elise Miller seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried.

E. KB Enterprises/Willy's Liquor License Vote

The Board reviewed KB Enterprises/Willy's license application and found no issues. Ed Walsh made a motion to approve KB Enterprises liquor license; Elise Miller seconded. All approved. License granted.

F. Mass Gathering Permit

Acton Fairgrounds has a policy to require mass gathering permits to coincide with Town of Acton ordinances. Deadbeat Customs is going to have a rally event at Iron Tails on July 28, 2018 and will utilize the Acton Fairgrounds for tenting and camping. They have met all fairground requirements; they have paid their fees; and they are experienced at doing these events before, just not in our area. Between 400 to 500 people are expected to camp out at the fairgrounds during this event. Ed Walsh asked if this was run past the Sheriff’s department? The Board also inquired how other events went and if there were any issues. The Board would like this to be looked into further and tabled to the next meeting. The Town Administrator will do some research and get back to the Board.

G. Lois Michaud – Walking Trail Update

According to Mrs. Michaud there is contention on whether this can be done and/or if people want it done. There was a survey sent out. Only 22 people received the survey; 11 have replied, 6 of which were against. Some consensus is: If it does not bring in any income, they do not want it; If it's going to change the environment, they don't want it. Jennifer Roux reminded everyone that we have not yet heard from the Forest Conservation Committee. The last time they were heard from was to give permission for the survey's to be done. Mrs. Roux indicated we should invite all parties involved in and have a round table discussion with Maple Grove. Mrs. Roux reminded the Board that the attorney did review the documents before the survey was sent in case there was contention, so it is best to get everyone together to communicate and discuss. Board will review surveys.


Lois Michaud:

  • On May 5th at the Acton Shapleigh Historical Society is having a gathering at 1:00 pm for a murder that happened back in the 1900's and buried in Acton. The public is invited.

  • Ms. Michaud then offered caution on grant funds and matching in regards to June vote. However grant paperwork will not be done until September.

Dennis Long:

  • A real simple way to resolve the land issue on Hebo Hybo is to sell it and put it back on the tax rolls.

  • Next comments were related to the capital improvements regarding the siding to be done this year and the furnace replacement should be done now as the past furnace has outlived it's usefulness.

  • Last comment was regarding private roads receiving funds from grant being applied for and the amount being lowered to $50,000.

Cindy Hart, Road Committee

  • Before anyone does anything on Hebo Hybo Road, someone should go up there and take a look. The road conditions are dangerous. She would also like to see a list of the roads cited in the grant.


BOS Office Hours First, Second and Third Thursday of Each Month 7:00pm - 8:00pm

04/28/2018 Hazardous Waste Day, 9am - 12noon

05/15/2018 Public Hearing - Marijuana Ordinance


04/25/2018 Warrant & Finance, 5:30 pm

04/26/2018 Cemetery Committee, 5:00 pm


Board members present were: Ed Walsh, Selectmen; Elise Miller, Selectmen and Jennifer Roux, Town Administrator


Others present were: Cindy Hart, Dennis Long, Lois Michaud and Betty Smith

Elise Miller wanted to thank the community for coming out to help at the Mary Grant day and supporting the Odyssey of the Mind team at their Pancake Breakfast fundraiser. Ed Walsh motioned for the meeting to be adjourned; Elise Miller seconded. All in favor. Meeting closed.