Upcoming Agenda


May 29, 2018


Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor. Agenda approved.


Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor. Minutes approved.


Selectmen Miller congratulated the Odyssey of the mind team for placing 16 out of 54 teams.

Department Head/Committee Chair Updates – None.


A. Whitney Baker - Mousam Lake Watershed

After the Mousam Lake Watershed presentation, Town Administrator Jennifer Roux sent an email to Road Commissioner, Mrs. Cindy Hart and the Board. The Board thinks that it is a good plan and should be followed through. Awaiting reply. Mrs. Hart asked for Mrs. Baker's contact information in order for their committee to lend Mrs. Baker assistance. The Board agreed to give meeting participants 1 week to set up meeting. Tabled 1 week.

B. Cemetery - (Hobbs Farm)

No update available. The Ham's have been unable to look at cemetery and provide a response.

C. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

Atlantic Broadband agreed to many of the requested changes. There were a few major changes that Broadband did not agree upon and Attorney asked for more time to review further.

D. Siding Project

There has been no further response to bid requests. Advertisement for bids will continue but it will be removed from the Board of Selectmen agenda.

E. Mousam Watershed Dam Coalition Member

Board of Selectmen met with Adele Scritchfield. Coalition duties are to meet and receive updates from Town of Sanford regarding dam. Mrs. Scritchfield was still interested in becoming a member. The Board of Selectmen read the appointment for Mrs. Scritchfield to become a Coalition Member. Ed Walsh made a motion to appoint Adele Scritchfield to Dam Coalition, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor. Approved.

F. Mileage Policy Update

Board of Selectmen reviewed Mileage policy and responses received. The Board did not agree to move forward on changing the Mileage policy. The Board will revisited in 6 months with the new addition of a Deputy CEO.

Mr. Greg Vermette approached the podium to speak to the Board on mileage tracking. Discussion ensued. A daily total was discussed as a compromise and recommended. The Town Administrator will notify and discuss with the CEO.


A. Zoning Ordinance

A resident proposed a question to the Board of Selectmen regarding updating zoning ordinance with a property maintenance ordinance. Board was not in agreement with proposal but considered a poll of the Town's property owner's for their input. Karen McManus approached the board and discussion ensued on improving town ordinance in by adding categories and protections into place.

Property value consideration comes into play with these ordinances and that is why these protections should be put into place. The Board asked Mrs. McManus in preparation to a possible poll of town residents to draft up 5 to 10 yes or no questions for such a poll. The Board will then review these questions in 2 weeks at their stated meeting.

B. Agenda / Public Comment

Discussion ensued regarding parameters set around Public Comment. Public Comment will remain at it's allotted slot and the 3 minute time parameter will remain in force. If more than 3 minutes are needed, then it should be placed on the next agenda.

Discussion ensued regarding placing the Agenda on the website by noon time on Fridays prior to Tuesday's meeting. The Town Administrator will work at making this happen.

Selectmen Miller also commented that the Board was elected to make decisions on behalf of the town. It is great to hear public comment, but it may or may not have an impact on how the Board votes.

C. Maine Farmland Trust / Goat Hill

Meg Quinn, Event Manager at Maine Farmland Trust is reaching out to the Board to hold a farm party to celebrate the protection of Goat Hill and the Romant property. Mrs. Quinn, working with Three Rivers to organize the event, is looking to do these events twice a year to celebrate land protection projects. Mrs. Quinn is reaching out to see if the Board was interested on the town's side of this event and proposed September 11 or 12 as event dates. The Board thought the event was a good idea. The organizers of the event will need to obtain a mass gathering permit (fee waived if for non-profit and on town land) and proof of liability insurance.

D. Court Judgment

The Court made a judgment on building permit non-compliance. Attorney needs Boards approval and support prior to filing with court and property owner notification. Penalties, fees and compliance dates were read. Discussion ensued. Attorney Len Kowski will be notified to move forward.


Lois Michuad approached the Board with comment updating code on property maintenance ordinance.

Mr. Bruce Flagherty from Augusta, Maine commented on Spirit of America Volunteer Recognition. Mr. Flagherty asked if the town had yet picked their recipient. Town Administrator Jennifer Roux indicated the fiscal end year was June 30th and the selection would happen after that date. Mr. Flagherty indicated that he needed name by June 30th. Board will review and supply name.

Mr. Williams approached the Board regarding the Court Judgment. Mr. Williams felt the Board should also take into consideration and penalize the offender further to recoup cost of CEO time and expenses in pursuant to compliance.


BOS Office Hours First, Second and Third Thursday of Each Month 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

06/05/2018 Board of Selectmen, 5:00 pm

06/07/2018 Planning Board, 7:00 pm

06/12/2018 State and Town Election, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm; no Board of Selectmen's meeting

06/16/2018 Annual Town Meeting, 9:00 am (School)

06/19/2018 Owls Luncheon, 12 (noon)

06/19/2018 Board of Selectmen, 5:00 pm

06/21/2018 Planning Board, 7:00 pm

06/21/2018 Recreational Committee, 7:00 pm

06/26/2018 Board of Selectmen, 5:00 pm

06/28/2018 Cemetery Committee, on hold until September.


Selectmen: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller and Kimberly Stacey-Horn; Town Administrator: Jennifer Roux


Bruce Flaherty, Cindy Hart, Karen McManus, Lois Michaud, Greg Vermette, Rollin Waterhouse, and William Williams