Upcoming Agenda


June 5, 2018


Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor. Agenda approved.


Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor. Minutes approved.


Department Head/Committee Chair Updates – None.


A. Whitney Baker - Mousam Lake Watershed

The Town of Administrator Jennifer Roux sent out a follow up meeting schedule email. No response was received. Cindy Hart approached the Board. Mrs. Hart has had communications with all parties and will further coordinate meeting efforts after the election. The Board of Selectmen will take this item off of their agenda until further notice and the Road Committee contacts them to revisit. Road Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 26th at 6 pm.

B. Cemetery - (Hobbs Farm)

Mr. Robin Hamm has agreed to step up and do the minimal maintenance to preserve the Hobb's Farm cemetery and veteran’s grave. Mr. Hamm is volunteering to donate his time and efforts. Thank you! The Board applauded him for this. Three Rivers has been notified.

C. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

Atlantic Broadband was sent attorney's changes to the Atlantic Broadband agreement. The Town Administrator provided a summary of changes accepted for the Board to review. According to this document, most of the changes were accepted. The attorney did have two items of concern, those not in the best interest of the town, and communications between the attorney and Broadband on these items will be further conducted. In the interim, the Board can review the other items and confirm support on changes. Once confirmation is received from the Board on acceptance of changes, the Town Administrator will send agreement back to attorney to finalize negotiations with Atlantic Broadband.

D. Zoning Ordinance

Mrs. McManus will be drafting questions for an open poll of the resident's of Acton. Mrs. McManus is out of town this week and this item will be tabled until next week. The Town Administrator notified the Board that she did receive approximately 6 to 8 calls from town residents who generally do not get involved in the town. Recommendation was that the Board publicize when this open poll goes out as callers were not in favor of restrictions and property regulations. The Town Administrator will advertise when open poll goes out.

E. Agenda

The request was to make Selectmen Board meeting agenda available by Fridays at Noon. A link was placed on the Town's website under Board of Selectmen.


A. Appointments

The Town Administrator brought forth appointments needing signed for the primary election. Both parties are required to submit to the Clerk's Office a list of names of who they want to nominate to work as election of ballot clerks. Most on list provided were nominated; Town Clerk filled in names for those not provided by contacting others that had been trained and used in the past. Before acceptance of nomination, Town Clerk verified that candidates had no direct interest in any of the questions and were not related to any of the candidates. Moderator will be elected that morning. The following names are appointments:

  • Deputy Moderator – Patrick Demers (morning) and Virginia Shea (afternoon)

  • Check-in Table - Republican and Democrat together (morning) – Marita Lowell and Nancy Ruma; (afternoon) – Estelle Gore and Mary Yeaton

  • Overseer of Ballot Box (morning) – Jeanette Bearse and Joyce Bakshi; (afternoon) – Dawn Binsydrome and Walter Scott

  • Ballot Clerks to count hand ballot (required with a rank choice) – Democrats are William Lotz and Julie Gallagher; Republican's are Elias and Jane Thomas

  • Town Table will be also manned to help register parties for those who are designated as unenrolled.

The Board also presented Town position appointments expiring at the end of the month:

  • Ken Paul, Code Enforcement Officer/Local Plumbing Inspector (1 year)

  • Wayne Ham, Animal Control Officer (1 year)

  • Michelle Rumney, Treasurer (3 year)

  • Jennifer Roux, Town Clerk/Tax Collector (3 year)

Appointment terms were decided on past warrant articles. The Selectmen can change 1 year terms if placed on future warrant article.

Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the appointments of Ken Paul, Code Enforcement Officer/Local Plumbing Inspector and Wayne Ham, Animal Control Officer for 1 year (June 30, 2019); Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor.

Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the appointments of Jennifer Roux, Town Clerk/Tax Collector and Michelle Rumney, Treasurer for 3 years (June 30, 2021); Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor.

The Town Administrator will provide a list to the Board of the other Town appointments nearing expiration and interested in remaining by July 19, 2018.

Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the appointments of Virginia Shea, Warden and Patrick Demers, Deputy Warden until June 30, 2019; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor.

Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the election/ballot clerk appointments of Marita Lowell, Nancy Ruma, Jeanette Bearse, Joyce Bakshi, Estelle Gore, Mary Yeaton, Donald Vansinderen, Walter Scott, William Lotz, Julie Gallagher, Elias Thomas, and Jane Thomas until June 30, 2019; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion, all were in favor.

B. Fireworks Reminder

The Fire Marshall's Office released a general guide for use of fireworks. Selectmen Miller read these guidelines. The Town Administrator will place guidance document on the Town's website. Selectmen Miller reminded all to be safe and respectful of others.

C. Absentee Ballots

Reminder – State law changed about 5 years ago. The last day for Absentee ballot requests is three days before the election. For the Town of Acton, that is Thursday, June 7th at 8 pm unless you meet special circumstances as defined by the Secretary of the State's Office. If circumstances are met, ability to vote via absentee ballot can still occur on Friday or Saturday. Monday the Town offices are not open due to elections.

Process for processing absentee ballots:

  • Polls open at 8 AM

  • People come in and vote

  • Posted at all notices are times when the town will process absentee ballots during the day.

  • The town will take their lock box of absentee ballots that is received back

  • These ballot's names will be checked in and marked off the voting list just as if they were here to vote.

  • The ballot will then go through the process just like everybody else would.

  • This process occurs throughout the day until all ballots are processed.

  • The Town will not hold up the line. If a designated time slot shows a long line, it will be delayed until there is an opening. Worst case, all will be done at 8 pm.

  • At 8 pm, when counting starts, all are welcome to be present as it is a public session, but there is no talking. The town also follows a strict guideline state law requires, counting state ballots first and turning everything over to the Secretary of the State's office is the town's priority on election night. If all goes smooth, the town should be done by 10 or 11 pm depending on voter turnout..

Rules and Regulations for the day of elections:

  • 250 feet from election door, not counting private property, there can not be anything that will influence a voter. Candidates are allowed to stand outside and meet and greet. The most that can be said is Hi, my name is…….. thanks for coming out to vote. Candidates can not tell voters what they are running for; they can not discuss the ballots; no small talk, and no gathering.

  • This is come in, vote and leave, very black and white.

  • If you are coming for the day, don't have anything on your car, any campaign stickers, buttons, etc. Buttons are only allowed if you're coming in to vote and leaving, but if you are going to stand out there you can't have anything with your name or identification.

  • It is in and out, we do put people throughout the day to test. The Town Administrator will pick random people, little old ladies you would never expect, will come see me afterward and if Johnny is asking for them to vote for them out front, be assured you will be found out and the Warden will ask that you be removed from the premise and the day will continue.

  • Table set up regarding marijuana is allowed, as is gathering signatures and selling girl scout cookies and the handing out of related paperwork, but it can not disrupt the election and those tables have to make sure that the focus of conversation stays on table's subject.

D. Maintenance Misc

The Town Administrator received a call out of the blue from a contractor in Bangor interested in doing the Town's siding project. Google research has not been done yet. Contractor is driving down on Wednesday for a 4 pm appointment to see project and give a quote. This company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. If the town can get one side done before the June deadline, maybe it is worth it.

The other item this year in the budget is the Stanton's donated sign. The town will put electricity to it. District One side will be digging the trench. The electrician will be running the wire out. It is scheduled to start Thursday. It was already appropriated out of the current budget.




BOS Office Hours First, Second and Third Thursday of Each Month 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

06/07/2018 Planning Board, 7:00 pm

06/09/2018 Library Pie, Plant and Book Sale, 9 am to 12 (noon)

06/12/2018 State and Town Election, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm; no Board of Selectmen's meeting

06/16/2018 Annual Town Meeting, 9:00 am (School); Town Hall and Library are closed. The Transfer Station will be asked if closing or not.

06/19/2018 Owls Luncheon, 12 (noon)

06/19/2018 Board of Selectmen, 5:00 pm

06/21/2018 Planning Board, 7:00 pm

06/21/2018 Recreational Committee, 7:00 pm

06/26/2018 Board of Selectmen, 5:00 pm

6/26/2018 Road Committee, 6 pm


Selectmen: Ed Walsh, Elise Miller and Kimberly Stacey-Horn; Town Administrator: Jennifer Roux


Robin Ham, Paul Poyant, Greg Vermette, Dennis Long, Cindy Hart, Jay Ward, Carol Ward, Rollin Waterhouse