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June 19, 2018

Election Results for the Town of Acton June 12, 2018:

Selectmen Miller reported that there were 612 ballots cast. Results are as follows:

  • Selectmen, Assessor, Overseer of the Poor (3-year term) – Ed Walsh elected

Tally: Ed Walsh – 240, Jay Ward – 217, Rollin Waterhouse - 98, Write-ins/Blanks - 57

  • School Committee Member (3-year term, vote for 2) – Linda Cote and Mary Stanton elected

Tally: Linda Cote – 396, Mary Stanton – 386, Write-ins/Blanks – 442

(Note – Votes could be cast for 2, however not all ballots had 2 votes on them.)

  • Road Commissioner, District 2 (3-year term) – David Winchell Jr. elected

Tally: David Winchell Jr. – 493, Write-ins/Blanks – 119

State Top Winners (Acton only votes):

  • Republican Ballot:

    • Governor - Shawn Moody – 160

    • United States Senator – Eric Brakey – 153

    • Representative to Congress – Mark Holbrook – 213

    • District 34 State Senator – Robert Foley – 214

    • Representative to the Legislature District 20 – Theodore Kryzak – 197

    • County Treasurer – Bradford Littlefield - 208

    • Register of Deeds – Michael Thomas Provencher – 204

    • Sheriff – Roger Hicks – 206

    • County Commissioner, District 1 – Robert Luther Andrews – 212

  • Democratic Ballot:

    • Governor – Adam Cote – 102

    • United States Senator – Zak Ringelstein – 159

    • Representative to Congress, District 1 – Chellie Pingree – 198

    • District 34 State Senator – Thomas Wright – 172

    • Representative to the Legislature District 20 – Daniel Lauzon – 179

    • County Treasurer – Bobby Mills - 176

    • Register of Deeds – Rachel Sherman – 115

    • Sheriff – William King Jr. – 184

    • District Attorney, District 1 – Kathryn Slattery - 183

    • County Commissioner, District 1 – Sallie Chandler – 183

  • Question 1 – Rank Choice Voting: Yes – 293 No – 313 Blank - 6

Selectmen Ed Walsh thanked everyone for coming out to vote and for their support for another 3 years.

Election of Chair

Selectmen Miller nominated Ed Walsh as Chair for the Board of Selectmen; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor. Motion carried. Ed Walsh will lead start of next Board of Selectmen's meeting.


Selectmen Walsh moved to accept the agenda; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor. Agenda accepted.


Selectmen Walsh moved to accept the minutes of the last meeting; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor. Minutes accepted.




A Atlantic Broadband Agreement

Town Administrator has not yet heard back from Atlantic Broadband on changes to agreement.

B. McManus - Property Maintenance Questions

Mrs. McManus approached the Board to notify them that she did not have the questions prepared, but wanted to comment on some things that developed since approaching the Board initially. These were primarily regarding comments made via postings on “What's Up in Acton”. Mrs. McManus indicated the importance of forming a group is to get different viewpoints (opinion is fine) but thinks the people should get their facts straight. Mrs. McManuus recapped the content of the postings. The BOS and Town Administrator indicated that no BOS member or town employee either wrote or commented on these postings and therefore these topics were irrelevant. Mrs. McManus indicated she felt very emotional and strongly about this issue and these postings were the reason behind why she did not prepare the questions to be presented to the Board tonight. The Board suggested moving forward. Discussion ensued regarding putting the questions together, platform for addressing the issues to the people and what the BOS deemed appropriate. Mrs. McManus will address her comments in the Public Comment forum at the end of the meeting. Mrs. McManus will also redraw up the questions to be presented to the BOS and the BOS will keep the item on the agenda until Mrs. McManus presents her draft. Once questions are accepted for survey, the Town Administrator will advertise on the website that this survey is ready for completion.

C. Siding

The Town Administrator presented the quote received from a Bangor company interested in doing the Town's siding project. Discussion regarding the details of the proposal ensued. The BOS decided to hold off, let the money go back into the General Fund and go out to bid at a later date.


A. Fire Department Purchase

The Fire Chief Steve Johnson approached the BOS for permission to purchase a UTV trailer with monies that were available in the Fire Department's budget. The overall safety of said trailer is in question. Quotes have been gotten for both steel and aluminum trailers. Mr. Johnson presented the upside to purchasing a more accommodating trailer and the differences between both types of trailers for durability and longevity. The BOS posed the question on whether this expenditure could wait until July 1st. Mr. Johnson indicated that his department's spending was watched throughout the year, the money is available and after the last service call, it now is important to replace this trailer. If the trailer is purchased in the next budget year, the department will be leading that new year off in a deficit and whatever occurs in that budget year might not be able to be afforded. Selectmen Walsh commented that the Fire Chief was being responsible with the departments budget and if they the Board was approached a month to month and a half ago, they would approve the expense, so the Board should approve it now. The current policy was discussed as it related to this request. Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the purchase a UTV trailer for the Fire Department in the amount not to exceed $4,050; Elise Miller seconded. Vote 2 -1 in favor. Motion carried. The Town Administrator clarified that 3 quotes will need to be provided from 3 separate vendors, the Treasurer will need to confirm the numbers before any purchase is made.

B. Fencing at Balch Dam

Nicole Herbert reached out to the Town Administrator seeking payment for one-half of the expenses to repair the Balch Dam due to vandalism. Kimberley Stacey-Horn made a motion to pay the expenses, Ed Walsh seconded, but opened it for discussion. Ed Walsh asked if the expense could be

expended after July 1st. The Board deliberated on this. Elise Miller amended the motion to approve the expense of $67.50 to have the fence repaired and the invoice paid after July 1, 2018.

All in favor. Motion carried.

C. Letter from DEP Cameron Adams

The Town Administrator received a letter from Cameron Adam, DEP commending Ken Paul, Brenda Charland in their duties in the CEO Office in Acton. Selectmen Miller read letter aloud.

D. Jeanne Achille Letter

Selectmen Miller read aloud a letter from Jeanne Achille's. This letter confirmed that she will not continue in an official capacity once her term is complete on June 30, 2018. Selectmen Miller thanked Jeanne for her service.

E. BOS Liaisons

The Selectmen reviewed the BOS liaison positions and reassigned as follows:

  • Ed Walsh, Chair of BOS will take Town Hall, Planning Board and Transfer Station;

  • Elise Miller will take the Recreation Department, Warrant Finance Committee and Road Committee; and

  • Kimberly Stacey-Horn will take the School Department, Forest/Conservation Committee and Fire Department.

F. Great East Improvement Invite

The Board of Selectmen have been invited by Great East Improvement to attend their annual meeting on July 7th from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm at Weeks Park, North Shore, Wakefield. A letter will be sent. Members of the BOS will try to attend if available.

G. Appointments (1 year term)

        • Ed Walsh made a motion to appoint Brenda Charland as Deputy Code Enforcement Officer for 1 year until June 30, 2019; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded; All in favor. Motion carried.

        • Ed Walsh made a motion to appoint William Catseney as EMA Director and 911 Address Coordinator for 1 year until June 30, 2019; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded; All in favor. Motion carried.

H. 2018-2019 Warrant

The Town Administrator asked the BOS how they wanted to proceed regarding some of the purchases approved at the Town Meeting with regards to the purchasing policy enacted.

        • Fire Truck, $70,000 – can go out to look for bids

        • Rowe Bridge, $20,000 – can go out to look for Engineering Firm bids

        • SCBA, $56,000 – need Fire Chief's input

        • Transfer Station Parking Lot, $63,000 - done 2 month's ago, can award to lowest bidder.

        • Road Association Funds – Need to put policy in place. Research what other towns have done. Until something is in place there will be no expenditures.

        • District 1 - schedule a meeting to sit down and review amendment.

I. Transfer Station Purchase

Skid-steer loader needs two tires; they are dry rotted and it can not be utilized as is. Cost is $2,000. Selectmen Walsh made a motion to approve the purchase of tires up to $2,000; Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.

J. Smoking Policy

Selectmen Miller believes there should be a policy in place that restricts smoking and vaping for the Town of Acton inside and outside town facilities. The Town Administrator will provide some examples of polices accepted by other public facilities. Discussion continued on what the Board is looking to implement and where. This item will be tabled until further information is provided.

K. Meeting Times for Board of Selectmen

This agenda item is still being discussed. The Board will provide further information as soon as it is available.


Dennis Long approached the board regarding the timing of the fencing of Balch Dam and the liability with it missing. The Town Administrator and the Board assured him that it will be done immediately, that only the payment will be generated in July.

Secondly, Dennis Long brought up concerns about properties being developed in tree growth. Mr. Long indicated that there are properties developing tree growth properties and are not being assessed a penalty. The Town Administrator informed him that the Assessor has a handle on these properties and after the meeting she would be happy to go over the records with Mr. Long. Any findings will be brought to the BOS next week.

Leslie Berlan approached the Board to tell them that the Planning Board Site Walk is tomorrow, June 19th not the 21st.

Karen McManus approached the Board to continue her comments regarding the “Town of Acton” postings. Emphasizing there are rights on both sides and is seeking a civil conversation regarding issues in the Town of Acton. She was engendering support for her cause and hit the time limit.

Selectmen Miller recapped that facebook was not a good platform to discuss town business. The page was initially created by someone who wanted to know what was going on and available to do in Acton. However, conversations should be kept moving forward with open sessions bringing people to the table to discuss.

Carol Ward approached the BOS about how to shut down the Facebook page. The BOS has no control over this page as this is not a town supported or managed site. Any discussions regarding the sites use needs to be handled by contacting the site's administrator.


BOS will not have walk-in hours for the summer. Appoints can still be made. Call the BOS to

arrange. The Town office and Transfer Station will be closed on July 4th.

06/19/2018 Conservation/Forestry 7:00pm

06/19/2018 Planning Board Site Walk 6:00pm

06/21/2018 Planning Board 7:00 pm

06/21/2018 Recreational Committee 7:00 pm

06/26/2018 Board of Selectmen, 5:00 pm

06/26/2018 Road Committee 6:00 pm


Ed Walsh, Selectmen; Elise Miller, Selectmen; Kimberly Stacey-Horn, Selectmen and Jennifer Roux, Town Administrator


Leslie Berlan, Dennise Long, Steve Johnson, Karen McManus, and Carol Ward.