Upcoming Agenda


July 31, 2018


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the agenda; Selectmen Elise Miller seconded. All in favor, approved.


Tabled to next meeting.




A. Road Association Funds

Selectmen Miller received feedback from Mr. Murray; there is a question regarding number 3 that she wants to pursue clarification. Mrs. Cindy Hart approached the Board indicating that she spoke with Mr. Murray as well after receipt. The goal is to make it ironclad and available for other towns to use. Mrs. Hart asked the Board to place on hold until a meeting with Mr. Murray could commence and a response is brought back to the Board.

B. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

The Town Administrator Jennifer Roux gave the Board 2 copies of the Atlantic Broadband Agreement for the Board to sign. Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to sign the Atlantic Broadband Agreement; Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor, approved. The Board signed the Agreement.

C. Property Maintenance Survey

Tabled until end of August.

D. Lincoln School

Selectmen Ed Walsh has talked with Dick Neal a couple of times regarding what is in the school. Selectmen Walsh still needs to talk with Mrs. Lois Michaud and Mrs. Hannah Phillips as well for their input. Mrs. Michaud has history to share.

E. Route 109

The Town Administrator informed the Board that Tim Soucie (the representative the Town fist reached out to) is no longer in the position at the Department of Transportation (DOT) to respond on this matter. The new representative is quite backlogged with outstanding projects and has promised to move this item up on his list so that he can come out and take a look at it.

From another perspective, the Town of Shapleigh has had an individual reach out to the Department of Transportation to also look into this matter and they are currently discussing the possibility of a crosswalk at the foot of the Lake on the Shapleigh side. Mr. Pat Adams who is higher up in the ranks at the Department of Transportation has agreed to meet with Shapleigh Selectmen on August 2nd at 1 pm to look at the area.

During discussions with DOT representative Mrs. Roux indicated that while she was wearing her Town of Shapleigh's Selectmen's hat, she would also seek information during this meeting for the Town of Acton too. DOT representative saw no reason not to proceed in this fashion. Mrs. Roux will tell Mr. Adams about Acton's concerns and seek his input for the Acton side as well.

Mrs. Roux also inquired about the “No Jumping Off the Bridge” signs. DOT indicated that it was a local sign and the Town of Acton should really be replacing it. It is not enforceable if not stated clearly. With the Board's agreement, the Town Administrator will speak to the Road Commissioner regarding the sign's replacement. The Board indicated there is a need for two signs to be ordered and the Town Administrator can wait until after Thursday's meeting to order the signs.

F. Bridge Maintenance Update

District 2 Road Commissioner will be contacting the Town Administrator to draft a bid for presentation at Town Meeting. No work will be started until the project can be looked at it untouched, unfixed, with no band-aids, but the intention is to put in a guard rail and hire a contractor to assist in removing the brush.

During meeting, discussions ensued regarding the West Shore Bridge items such as culvert, slip lining, purchase of a new guard rail, rocks missing from pilings, structurally soundness and about getting another 10-years out of the bridge.

The Town Administrator will take off the agenda and await to hear from Mr. Winchell.


A. Transfer Station Parking Lot

Transfer Station Parking Lot paving project went out to bid in February. Bid's were received from Pike, F.R. Carroll and Dayton. Pike was the lowest bid at the time. 1 month after bid went through, the Superintendent realized that Pike did not bid a portion of the project by the entrance so the bid was adjusted to $62,000. Town Meeting occurred with an article for $63,000 which was passed. After town meeting, Pike was contacted that their bid was approved. At that time, the liquid asphalt pricing had gone up drastically. Pike entered a new cost of $67,700. Time was spent with Treasurer to see where extra financing can come from and bids were reviewed. Pike was still low bid based on work. Pike has agreed to honor the $62,000 bid and do it at that price. Pike is anxious to get work done because liquid asphalt continues to rise. Pike will need the Transfer Station to be closed over a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in order to get the job done. That will occur within the next 2 weeks.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept Pike Industries bid of $62,210 to be started within 2 weeks; Selectmen Elise Miller seconded. Motion carried.

In closing, there is a culvert in front of the Transfer Station that needs to be immediately replaced. Definitely prior to Pike's work starting. The Town Administrator, with the Board's permission, will ask the Road Commissioner to replace the culvert in front of the Transfer Station ASAP. The Board asked that the Road Commissioner also be notified in writing. The Town Administrator will comply. Note, this will also need done on a day with the Transfer Station is closed.

B. Cemetery Appointments

Selectmen Walsh read the 3-year appointments of Cemetery Committee Members Gerald Carter and Tracy Levasseur.

Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to appoint Tracy Levasseur and Gerald Carter as Cemetery Committee Members until June 30, 2021; Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor, approved. Appointments signed.

C. Planning Board Jr. Alternate

The Town Administrator presented to the Board the names of 2 persons interested in the position of Planning Board Alternate. After discussion, Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to appoint Dennis Long as Planning Board Jr. Alternate until June 30, 2020; Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor, approved. Appointment signed.

D. Tax Rate

The Town Administrator notified the Board the numbers presented by O'Donnell's. The Town is currently looking at a 25 cent tax increase. Next week the Town Administrator will have some more stable numbers on what the taxable valuation was (whether it has gone up or down) to the Board. The Board was reminded that they have an undesignated fund balance policy that they created and signed with the Treasurer, so $300,000 is going to keep them within that, but the Town Administrator will get the Board a balance of exactly what is in there so that a decision can be made on whether you want to go up or down. If the Board goes down, the rate goes up higher; if too much is taken out, that is your savings. The Town Administrator reminded the Board that the general government did not go up, municipal management did not go up, it was the special projects such as, transfer station parking lot, road association private fund articles, that was added on that this 25 cent increase is based on. The voters supported those items, this is driven by the Town voting on these articles. The Town Administrator will present all numbers next week on a spreadsheet for the Board to consider in their review.




08/02/2018 Planning Board 7:00pm

08/03/2018 Mousam Lake Dam Meeting 8:00am

08/07/2018 Board of Selectmen 5:00pm

08/08/2018 Blood drive @ Fire Station 12pm - 5:00pm

08/13/2018 Aquatic Workshop 11:30am

08/14/2018 Board of Selectmen 5:00pm

08/16/2018 Rec Committee 7:00pm

08/16/2018 Planning Board 7:00pm

08/21/2018 Board of Selectmen 5:00pm

08/28/2018 Owls Luncheon 12 noon

08/28/2018 Board of Selectmen 5:00pm

Selectmen Miller announced that the Acton Public Library had two museum passes available.

1. A 50% off pass for admission into the Children's Museum and Theater in Portland

2. Free admission for 2 adults and up to 4 children at the Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth with free parking.

Selectmen Walsh commented that the Acton Fair was coming up on August 23 through the 26th.


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


Joyce Bakshi, Cindy Hart, Dennis Long and Joe Ruma.