Upcoming Agenda


August 7, 2018


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. All in favor, approved.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the minutes of July 24th and July 31st; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. All in favor, approved.




A. Road Association Funds

Selectmen Miller sat with Mr. Murray and received clarification she needed. Selectmen Miller will have a new draft out for review.

B. Property Maintenance Survey

Town Administrator reported 232 surveys have currently been passed out. Surveys are still available until end of August.

C. Lincoln School

The Town Administrator had a brief conversation with Mrs. Lois Michaud. Selectmen Walsh has not had an opportunity to reach out to Mrs. Lois Michaud or Mrs. Hannah Phillips, only Mr. Dick Neal. Selectmen Miller offered to reach out to Mrs. Phillips for Selectmen Walsh. The Town Administrator will get together a conference call between Selectmen Walsh, Mrs. Michaud and herself.

D. Route 109

The Shapleigh Board of Selectmen met with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding Shapleigh's concerns, especially the speeds coming down 109 and the corner turn. They are discussing all possible options of what Shapleigh can do. The DOT representative kept reiterating that if there is no crosswalk, the vehicles have the right away.

The Town Administrator was able to ask the DOT representative to review the Town of Acton concerns and issues. Here is a recap:

  • The Administrator discovered that the town line shows that the Town of Shapleigh actually owns the entire bridge. The Town of Shapleigh will be responsible for replacing the much needed signs and has no issues doing so. The Town of Acton can assist this effort by replacing the worn “No Parking” signs after the town line and located on Acton property.

  • There is a possibility of pulling together a joint meeting of both Select Boards to do something about some bridge fencing on the bridge if the DOT approves it. This will eliminate jumping off the bridge.

  • As far as where the store is concerned and the speed in the area, Deputy Dan Shaw recapped the accidents happening in this area. After discussions, it was not clear whether a speed study is warranted to drop the speed limit. The DOT representative did not say no to a study, but did not seem very confident that a speed change would happen.

    Selectmen Miller asked if it would hurt to put up a “High Traffic Volume Area” or a “Reduce Speed Ahead” sign just to get those people that are paying attention to slow down.

  • The DOT will return in 3 weeks to revisit; the Town Administrator advised the Board join that meeting

  • Selectmen Miller asked about fishing off the bridge. The Town Administrator did not know what the Shapleigh ordinance was regarding fishing. The Shapleigh Board is looking into that and they are not even sure if a bridge fence would be approved by the DOT. The signs are something the Town can do immediately and then Officer Shaw can enforce them.

    Selectmen Walsh did not like the idea of the fence due to visibility and obstruction of view of cars approaching from the right.

  • Mrs. Cindy Hart approached the Board and asked to be included in this meeting because the Road Committee also had concerns.

E. Transfer Station Parking Lot

The Town Administrator was able to confirm that the Transfer Station Parking Lot will be paved starting Tuesday, August 28th at the recommendation of Mr. Mann. A sign announcing closure will be posted.

The Transfer station will be open regular hours on Monday the 27th and closed on Wednesday the 29th; then as it happens, the Transfer Station will also be closed the following Monday, September 3rd for the Labor Day holiday. The Town Administrator commented that there is just no way to get that paving, reclaiming, or related tasks done without 4 days in a row to complete.

Selectmen Miller asked about the Labor Day closing and Transfer Station schedule on Saturday and Sunday preceding Labor Day. The Town Administrator confirmed that the Transfer Station will be open regular hours on the Saturday/Sunday preceding Labor Day. The policy confirms Labor Day as a closed holiday.

F. Tax Rate

The Town Administrator reviewed differences in Tax year numbers with the Board. A paper copy of those breakdowns was given to the Board. The Treasurer recommend a tax rate of $12.05, a $0.15 increase. After discussions, the Board accepted the tax rate commitment of $12.05. The Town Administrator will prepare the “Commitment” paper work to be signed at the next meeting.


A. Abatement

Selectmen Ed Walsh read the granted tax abatement for Map/Lot 246-008. Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the tax abatement for Map/Lot 246-008; Selectmen Walsh seconded. All in favor. Approved.

B. Resignation

Selectmen Ed Walsh read Mr. William Williams letter of resignation from his Warrant and Finance Committee duties. Selectmen Miller made a motion to accept Mr. William Williams letter of resignation as a member of the Warrant and Finance Committee; Selectmen Walsh seconded. All in favor. Approved. The Board thanked Mr. Williams for his many years of service.

Before next week, the Board will review the ordinance and decide how to replace someone into committee member position.

C. Beano/Bingo Application

Selectmen Ed Walsh read key points of Beano/Bingo application received from the Sanford Elks Lodge 1470 to hold Beano/Bingo at the Acton Fair. Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the application of the Sanford Elk's Lodge 1470 to hold Beano/Bingo at the Acton Fair; Selectmen Walsh seconded. All in favor. Approved. Application was signed.

D. Additional Contract Deputy

Sheriff King has asked the Acton Board to visit the possibility of taking on an additional contract deputy. This would permit the addition of the Town of Newfield to the circle of coverage for Acton/Shapleigh/Newfield. The two officers would receive 40 hours and split duties at different times to cover all three towns while on their shift. An estimated cost of $25,000 - $30,000 with a car would be Acton's increase. The Town Administrator explained to Sheriff King that the Town is on a fiscal year and the budget has already been approved, so it was not likely to be considered at this time. Sheriff King asked that the Board consider having a public hearing or provide input on whether they would support moving forward with this initiative. Selectmen Miller would like to hear input from the Contract Deputies. The Town of Newfield would need to be on board with this alignment before further consideration can be taken into account. Consideration has been tabled at this time.


Mrs. Cindy Hart approached the Board stating that the transfer station should be opened on Labor Day out of respect for the tax papers and increased influx of visitors over the 4 day weekend and the amount of trash they will generate. Selectmen Walsh will speak with Transfer Station Manager regarding this feedback. Posting of holiday closure will be held until further instruction.


Upcoming meetings will be posted on the website.

08/08/2018 Blood drive @ Fire Station 12pm - 5:00pm

08/28/2018 Owls Luncheon 12 noon


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


Leslie Berlin, Patty Dutil, Robin Ham, Cindy Hart, Dennis Long, Karen McManus, Paul Poyant, Greg Vermette and Rollin Waterhouse